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Villages of Piracy and Serenity (job/plot)

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Job Name:Oda Village and Benkei Village
Job Rank:C
Job Location:Kou
Job Reward:7,000 huang, 100xp
Job Prerequisites:none
Job Overview: These are two nearby villages that share similar cultures. The Flame's Reach goal is to burn these two villages quickly in order for them not to warn each other. Also to gather any survivors.
Enemy Name:Oda Pirates x3
Enemy Tier:C
Damage Required to Defeat:C
Description:Former pirates that had no luck at sea so they quit and went to live a peaceful life in a small village of Oda. They are armed with knives and large sabers.
Parry:The user parries a c tier or below attack with their sword
Duo slash:Two pirates swing their blade overhead to deal b tier damage in 2 slices

Enemy Name: Benkei Warrior Monks x3
Enemy Tier:C
Damage Required to Defeat:C
Description:These are monks who are trained in the art of combat and are armed with monk spades.
Aura Defense: the monk stiffens and hardens their mucles to absorb and block c tier damage.
Thrust: The user lunges thrusting their weapon at the target dealing c tier damage.

The Order of the Flame's Reach was once again in their war room in the old, run down warehouse that they were currently holed up in. They were currently going over the plans for the upcoming invasions of the nearby villages once again. They were planning to try to strike each village one after the other. Since they were all in the same region chance of them catching word of what Gilles was doing was too high so they would have to do this quickly. The plan was to attack three villages in quick succession and to try to recruit two of the villages. With both of the villages they would try recruiting they would have a total of 50 people that were not children o the elderly, all fight worthy members. There was this and also the survivors they would capture from each burned village and "retrain" for the beliefs of the Flame's Reach. The first two villages that they would be paying a visit to were right next to each other so these were the most crucial to burn as quick as can be. These two villages were the villages of Oda and Benkei. Oda was a village that was made by former pirates that had no luck at sea and somehow even moored their ship on the land. They had decided to just make a village their by using parts of their ship to make houses for them and their families. Village Benkei was one founded by a small order of monks. These monks have lived in this village for years having a secluded life and trying to reach an elevated presence in life. Since the Oda village had been made they both have been on close terms despite their varied lifestyles. The plan of attack would be to infiltrate the Oda village in the middle of the night and begin burning there. While that is happening the 5 hidden flame will move to the Benkei village and start a second fire there. They were to use whatever means that they can to start those fires. Gilles would gather some of the alcohol bottles that the other flames had purchased for their personal use. While other religious groups may have bands or limitations of the use of alcohol , The flames reach did not. To them alcohol was one of the holy items of their great god due to the fact that it is a highly flammable substance and since part of the Flame's Reach is to have fun. Once all the plans were figured out they would leave their base and start advancing towards the two villages by the river. It would take them a day or so to actually get to the villages, which it would be nightfall by the time that they have arrived.

WC 472/1000

Name: Dusk
Description: Dusk once
Was a proud warrior of the Kou army. That was until one day when it all changed, since this day fourth Dusk followed Gillies into battle being the shield to her sword. The man wears shinobi styled clothing and a white demon face mask these days.  Though missing a leg the warrior does not let this discourage him, while he must hop around and often gets knocked over he always finds a way to get back to his foot.   This man knows no bounds to the fall of committing vile acts, while he is just starting down the path of someone who has fallen, the longer he stays on this road the less of his humanity remains forging him into a great killing machine. Dusk stands at 2 meters tall and weighs in at about


One Leg One Stance: Learning how to deal with the disadvantage of only having one leg when it comes to being a front liner, the user is able to always find a way to roll back to their footing and stand up again.  The user is unable to be knocked down unless hit by an ability higher than C tier, or if is pin/held down by someone/thing.

(D tier)Weapon Proficiency Crutch: The user is able to turn a handicap into a viable weapon. A crutch with a round shield attached is simple to use as a normal shield to the owner of this trait. They may treat any Crutch with a shield as if it were a normal shield.


Curved blade: A 1 meter long sword with a slight curve in the blade, something typically found with assassins from Kou.  The Sword is  equal to that of the Owner. (Useable by NPC Dusk Only)
Crutch Shield: A normal wooden Crutch crafted to fit the brave warrior fitted with a round shield near the hand grip of the crutch. This is treated as a normal shield for Dusk and functions as normally as a shield would for combat.  The Crutch is 1.5 meters long while the shield portion is 80 cm in diameter.


Block: The user lifts their shield to block an incoming attack that is of D tier ability damage or less.

Parry: The user swings their blade making contact with an incoming attack with their sword parrying it as long as it is D tier Or lower.

Spin 2 Win: Stretching both arms out the user uses the lack of balance in their favor as they swing both arms at once spinning about like a battle top his, both sword and crutch shield dealing D tier damage for a total of C tier.

Rolling out: The user leans in any direction using their single leg to spring like a spring moving 5 meters in that direction by performing battle roll before getting back to their foot.



When they would arrive the group would actually stop in some nearby foliage to go over the mission and plans one more time. The plan was for them to split into two smaller groups and sneak into both of the villages lighting them up in flames around the same time. Gilles would be leading Dawn and 3 for the hidden flames, targeting the village full of monks. While Dusk and Husk would lead the other two hidden flames would attack the village across the river that was made by pirates. Once they had talked they would go their separate ways with their accelerants that they had brought with themselves.

Gilles and her group quickly made their way to the closest village. They would then spilt up and use the alcohol that they brought as an accelerant to start fires in 4 separate locations while gilles kept an eye out for those that may stop them. The fires would start up quickly and spread evenly across the village followed shortly after by the sound of screams. However the sounds of shouts and footsteps would soon be heard by gilles as she watched. Three monks would be seen heading over to the nearest hidden flame when she would swoop down in the middle of the group. Seeing her land two of the monks aura defense but the 3rd monk would not have time as Gilles leaps on him biting into his throat with her teeth. She would turn to the other monks in time to take a thrust into the gut from one  of the monks. She would gasp and stumble back while creating he hair armory blade around her left arm, using it to cut two of her fingers to shoot 2 finger pistols at the monks shooting them both in the face. SHe would grin and retrieve her fingers, looking across the river to see the other village in flames as well.

Dusk was currently being chased down a narrow passage way between two houses. He was moving as fast as he could but it was difficult while he was on one leg. THe reason he was running in any capacity was because he was being chased by three of the pirate villagers that had spotted him. It would seem like he was running but this had been part of his plan. He would soon find himself in a small opening that was just wide enough for the three pirates to surround him.Before the pirates had a chance to react he would use spin to win, spinning on one leg while using his sword and crutch to attack the three pirates making them drop to the floor. He would smile like his priestess had and go about to continue his task.

After they had their battle the groups would go back to their jobs making sure that the villages burned completely. They would fine 5 survivors from each village and consider these 10 survivors as new chosen ones. Gilles would send Dusk and 3 of the hidden flames back tot heir base in order to retrain these survivors to become true followers of the Flame's Reach. Gilles and the remaining 4 members that were with her would head off two the next set of villages in order to spread their reach.

WC 1000+/1000


Abilities used.:
Hair Armory:Blade
Tier: d
Class: Body Manipulation
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: The hair can be destroyed easily by bladed weapons, acid or flames.
Scaling: none
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 1 post
Cost: 10 stamina

The user has their hair wrap around their left arm and hardens into the shape of a .5 meter long sword extending from the users arm. It lasts for 1 post and deals d tier damage

Finger bullets
Tier: C
Class: BM
Type: Offensive
Range: medium
Requirements/Drawbacks: loses a finger and can only be used 10 times, once for each finger.
Scaling: 1 more hit for every 10 stamina
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 2
Cost:20 stamina
Description: The user builds up pressure in a finger of their choice with blood. They will then cut their finger open causing it to shoot off for 8 meters in a chosen direction dealing c tier damage.

Spin 2 Win: Stretching both arms out the user uses the lack of balance in their favor as they swing both arms at once spinning about like a battle top his, both sword and crutch shield dealing D tier damage for a total of C tier.

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