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Changing Tides, Carving Fate [ Solo | Job | Ask ]

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Tokoro Higona

Tokoro Higona

Tokoro sighed as she perched in a tree about a day out from returning home holding her weapons at the ready. She made good progress but the more time passed the harder it would be to finish what she needed to do. And the more likely her parents would find out her plans and try to kill her first. For now she needed to get some food. She leaped down about to perform a strike on the boar under her and as she sliced into the beast and arrow shot right through her forearm and into the boar. She gasped in pain as she landed on the boar dropping her scythe in the hand that was striked.

A girl rushed over a bit older then her. “Shit sorry kid, you’re pretty good at hiding I didn’t even see you there!” she said with an apologetic smile despite having shot an arrow through her arm just now. The girl's hair was long and black and her eyes a striking green. Her clothes depicted that of a mercenary. “Alight here, lemme help” she said as Tokoro watched her carefully before looking up to see a few others in similar clothes walking over, a group of mercs?

“My solomon kid did you really do what I think you just did?” The older man called out as two others rushed over. One stopping the woman shaking their heads annoyed as the woman rubbed the back of her neck.

“I mean… probably…?” She offered with a shrug as one studied Tokoros arm as the other snapped the back end of the arrow making Tokoro let out a small yelp followed by one other as they pulled her arm off the arrow quickly wrapping it tightly and quickly.

The man wrapped her on the back of the head looking to Tokoro “Sorry hun I dropped her a lot on her head as she grew up.” He sigh pointed to a clearly signaling the others with some gear over there as they started unpacking they likely planned to camp there THey flashed apologetic smiles to her before doing so though. The man pinched his temples calming himself before passing the other two a small box. “Well get you patched up… If you wish you can stick around we can share some of our meat with you too. The boar though you can keep as an apology.” He said respectfully looking to the woman again “Seriously Lila I swear one of these times you're gonna get us all in some serious trouble.”

He said shaking his head walking off as the others tending to Tokoro opened the box to show some medical supplies. Lila mouthing ‘Sorry’ before scurrying off to help the others. They finished wrapping up her arm soon enough and Tokoro stared at the boar for a moment before looking up to see the stale looking ration bars they were passing out. She looking down to her scythes before looking back over speaking up.

“Do you have cooking tools…?” She asked the others looking at each other before smirking and waving her over as one person walked over.

“I’ll cut the meat for you!” Tokoro smiled a little before getting up and walking over to join the rest of the group that now had a campfire going. The group shared stories of their travels and their life. They seemed to be a family of mercenaries that traveled the lands doing jobs and sometimes joined their ranks kids or people they called strays that have nowhere to go but had good hearts. Tokoro smiling and enjoying their stories of the group called ‘Wolves’ all while taking her time cooking all the meat letting them pass out the pates as she finished them she passed the last one to Lila smiling a bit to her to tell her she foraged her for the shot.

Lila though reaching over and ruffling her hair with a laugh to thank her for the kindness. Tokoro sat on a stump with her own plate and looked about as they all took their first bites humming at the flavor she was able to bring out a stark comparison to the usual dried out ration bars they had been eating. Tokoro blushing a bit but smiling softly looking down towards her food, it really did make her feel wonderful knowing that others could enjoy her food so much. Food was important, it was the life line to all life… but also one that could bring true warmth and joy to those who did not know of such things prior. Food was a true gift from solomon. She started to eat with her own hum as one asked. “Hey are you a chef or somethin?” They asked excitedly.

Tokoros smile faded a bit, shaking her head “No…” She wished she was though over what she really was.

“Oh? Well you should be your cooking is amazing” The one she learned was what the leader said to her.

“I can’t…” She said a bit sadly looking up just in time to see Lila’s face inches from hers with a squint.

“Whatcha gotta do to do it? You clearly love it and have the skills so it can't be something to do with that?” She asked with suspicion all over her face. Even if Tokoro had nothing to hide such a look could easily make her feel like she had her hand in a cookie jar right now.

“I uh… I currently do similar work to you all…” She bit her lip a little before speaking again “I can't stop until I take down the people who employ me...but it has to be me to do it.” She said as they others calmly listened, some level looked like they understood. “I lack the ability to do so but I’m running out of time.” They nod a bit before Lilia sighs, chews her food and speaks.

“Then strike.”

“It’s not that-”

“Hun… it never is… but sometimes you have to just make a plan and stick to it. Do what you gotta but if you keep stoppin yourself with buts, cants, or unables you’ll be dead before you can even look to see the cause.” She said seriously as the others nodded.

“Solomon gives us fate and destiny that we will achieve one day. He gives us an outline of what it could be but in the end it is down to us to care exactly what that is using what we were given. If you are given death as a base you could turn it into the death of animals to fuel your cooking, those you have to attack by following the orders of those who control you… or your own death for carving things wrong or in your matter at all. Fate is a beautiful thing, but only if we make it that kid. You seem smart so I’m sure you’ll think of something.” He said softly making Tokoro look at him thoughtfully as he stretched.

“I don’t know how to surprise attack them yet, I lack the ability to stop them with my skills alone so I-”

“Then don’t surprise them, even if it is a perfect plan in theory means nothing if you can’t actually do it kid.” The man said as Lila nodded.

“No one is perfect, which means everyone has faults… this meaning not to your shortcomings but theirs. Figure out what they can’t do, learn how to do it if you don't know how… then do it. I am great at ranger things and up close fighting. Well rounded yes but If someone were to use magic on me I wouldn’t beagle to counter given I don't know how even if I did have magic. So I would have to find a way around their magic to strike. And they likely can’t fight back against both magic, ranged based things and up close. So i would just have to figure out which and use that to strike back. They could be a god, but if they have no ability to stop one good arrow all it would take is one good shot.”

She said softly gently caressing the side of Tokoro’s head, smiling softly to her. “And no matter how impossible it is to make that hit you already miss every shot you don't take so why not fire everything you got and hope at least one lands and you win? Don’t let them carve your fate hun… you carve it and shove it straight up their-” The man cleared his throat to hush her she though smirked and shrugged going back to her food. Tokoro nodding and looking back to hers thoughtfully. Her life had been for her parents will to alter and mold as they saw fit.. But her ultimate fate was hers. ‘Determination and patience were the keys to a successful mission… right mom? … dad?’ she thought to herself going back to her food

Tokoro Higona

Tokoro Higona

”Job Details”:


“Well turns out your father figured out I gave you that gem… but we agreed you could keep it. But remember only to crush it if you are in desperate need of help. Alright?” Her mother asked as Tokoro smiled a little and nodded looking down to the gem before pocketing it. “Also your father sent you a letter!” Tokoro sighed of course he did. She though took it and read it.

“Daughter, Go to the library and do research on the kingdom of Reim. Do not return until you know all the basic information on it. Do me proud.” She sighed but nodded to her mother headign off.


Tokoro sat at the back of the library and pulled out some paper slowly sliding out a pre written one under a blank one looking over it. On her way back to the house a courier had been trying to drop off a letter to her house but was in a rush so knowing she lived there he had just passed it to her. It was just labeled with her family’s last name. Normally she wasn't allowed to read any letters unless they were passed to her so she didn’t open it. Though when she got home no one was there so she turned on some lights and had moved to set the letter down but some blurry letters faded through the light through the overlapping letters. But one she could make out was ‘target’.

Call it a hunch, call it twisted curiosity, she used the light and some paper to copy over everything she could before tossing it to the side waiting for her parents to come home. What she had now as garble but to her parents… it was  someone's life they had to take. So on the new paper she slowly untangled the letters to make words the best she could by figuring out each other the letters there would be from each garbled one then broke them into words. From those she tried to figure out which set of words went in each order till she had the letter. She is reading it over in full now. ‘The head of the nearby town between us has grown too loud for our client’s liking. Below are a series of dates they will be making their presentation to rally their town to work together to make more food to send to those still recovering from the war.

We have already informed your husband of the plan and he will return soon to go with you to the town to ensure the task is complete. You have 1 month to complete this task.’ She frowned her brows. Why would they want to kill someone like that…? W- wait her father knew… and this town’s location was a bit of ways away… they couldn’t have her with them on the mission so they must be sending her to reim in hopes to keep her out of things. She now knew of their mission… they would kill a man only hoping to help others… and if she didn’t do something about it…. She was no better then them… ‘We carve our fates.’ The merc groups words rang in her head as she pocketed the paper after using her Photographic Memory to memorise the papers.

She would have to come up with a plan later on how to deal with this. So long as she was around her parents couldn’t strike. They would be busy traveling to get any letters that she wasn’t on the boat until it was too late to double back in time to investigate and get to their targets. So she could use her tools to get there faster before them and try to… do something she’d figure out what later but that would be her only chance to get there safely first. She looked over the Reim book though next she would likely still go to reim after, she needed to stay out of kou until she was certain no one else would come for her after the situation would pass later. Reim was a power house for economically and militarily but apparently suffered due to Kou…  

They likely may not take too kindly from obvious natives of Kou unless the issues have mostly passed since then but they still may hold some prejudice towards Kou natives so she should likely keep that information to herself on where she's from unless needed to be shared. Then a familiar name popped up… Lagi…? He was a big name here a king… she didn’t want to have to name drop but if something serious came with officials she may beagle to ask them to send word to lagi in hopes to get her out of it. Though the fact her abolished slavery here… he really was a good person huh…? Or at least better than some. They seem to also be shifting how their government works.. Or at least were when this book was printed. The way Lagi was written here seems less than good though…

So maybe she shouldn’t name drop him unless she was totally desperate. Oh and they had a coliseum too! Maybe she could go there for training. The rest she tried to imprint in her head with her Photographic Memory Rather than thinking over and reading it for now so her parents didn’t question how long it was taking her to do her research compared to how long she normally takes. She then put the books back and made her way back home.

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Tokoro Higona

Tokoro Higona

"Job Details":

Tokoro was about to go on a walk when on her way out he mother passed her a letter she opening it to read it. “Dearest Daughter, Go get groceries for your mother. She is busy today. Please do not return home until tomorrow.” He brow twitched reading the tomorrow line looking up to her mother “... He’s home right now isn’t he…?” Her mother gave her a cheeky smile and shrug. She sighed “Alright give me the list…” She said taking the grocery list and made her way out. The list was pretty simple… easily her mother could get these a day of and be fine. She squinted her eyes a bit making her way out of the house’s sight. Her parents had gotten that letter and time was nearing when they would have to leave before they would run out of time… They must have needed her out of the house to make plans. She stopped walking and looked back towards where the house before slowly making her way back staying out of sight staying by one of the windows listening in quietly.

“But I don’t want roast tonight.” He father said in an annoyed manner

“You are such a brat! I already have to tolerate you during this mission coming up. You will not make things more frustrating for me when it comes to damned food!” Her mother angrily shouted back at him. Tokoro’s eyes wide a a little disturbed she had neer heard her parents act in such a way before…


“NO KURO! Now sit down before I slit your throat I swear.” She growled out.

She heard the chairs shift as they would likely be sitting down. “You know it’s times like these i was asked to marry someone els-” She could feel her father’s flinching even from where she was now. It seemed almost as painful as the realization that her parents likely hated each other and were only together to follow orders. But pretended to be something else around her and others… they likely did the same to her too to keep her in check….. She closed her eyes hugging her knees but kept listening.

“Lets keep this simple we send Tokoro to the docks and send her orders for a job I’ll have you find in Reim when we are finished with our task in that town, we should be done by then. When we are there we know just where and when they will be showing up so I’ll need you to pose as one of the guards so you can keep the other ones out of my sights while I used a ranged strike to take him down. We bail and report back sound simple enough for you tiny little brain…?” She didn't hear her father's reply but he likely nodded in silence. She made her way out from the window then and into the forest where it was safe. Based on when she showed up she could try to warn the guards of the plan but she needed to alls fails get the front row of the crowd, and get ready to intercept.

Maybe her being there would stop her parents…. She sighed, she knew it wouldn’t… her parents taught her that the mission took priority over all… and they had killed her siblings for disobeying. She would be disobeying, and getting in the way… if she hesitated… she’d be just as good as dead as well. She would have to go for the kill for her father… then help the town head get away while her mother would likely be debating retreating and returning for a second attempt or coming at them right away. So she’d have to stay close as much as she could.  She rested in the forest with her new plan in mind. In the morning she got the groceries from the store and took a deep breath, she would have to try to pretend all was normal for the next few days…

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Tokoro Higona

Tokoro Higona

"Job Details":

As Tokoro entered the house her mother smiled at her passing her a note after taking the groceries from her. Tokoro opened it to read.  “Dearest Daughter, I know you were expecting to see me but I can not allow it just yet. I need you to help your mother prepare dinner. After she will have another note for you.” She looked up to her mother who happily motioned her over to the counter Tokoro walked over setting the letter down on her way by the table and stood next to her mother washing some carrots  placing them on a cutting board for her as she spoke. “You know hun I’ve noticed a change in you.”

She said as Tokoro tried to contain herself but she could feel sweat building on her back as she brought the carrot over to the center of the cutting board slowly cutting each piece of it the slicing a soothing sound in her ears as her mothers invaded it like an assault in hopes to find a crack, a reason to strike. “Relax it’s not a bad one.. You're just coming into your own as an assassin and I’m proud of you.” She said softly and lovingly… like always… but she couldn’t tell if this too was fake or not.

“Thank you mother…” She said as she stopped the blade a hair from her mother’s finger that slid in place over the carrot. Her mother smirked leaning forward to whisper in her ear. “See? Your reflexes are even getting better.” She said softly in her ear like a spike slowly pushing through the air through her being trying to crush any life it touched. She gently kissed Tokoro’s head as the invading thought entered her mind.

‘You could stab the blade right into her throat and be done with her and wait for your father to come home and hide before attack him next.’ She pushed the thought back as her mother pulled her hand away from the carrot.

“Thank you mother.”  She said simply as her mother hummed softly as Tokoro kept cutting but slowed more slowly looking over to her mother preparing the roast. That song… the one that haunted her dreams all her life and for her siblings she knew… and how many more that came before her. How many children before she handed her 4 other siblings had to hear that damned song… before dying. She looked back down to the carrot stopping the blade as she saw one of her youngest siblings face under it their throat where the blade would meet the carrot. Their modified face looking back up to her.

“Something wrong dear…?” Her mother asked as Tokoro slowly cut down making the face fade from her mind and her heart shatter.

“Nothing at all mother…” She said putting the carrots in the bowl  and putting the blade with the other dirty dishes. She carried the bowl over to her mother who gently took it, smiling to her with a sweet smile. Sweeter than usual… she always held that face when seeing the modified look any of them had heard that song. That. Damned, Song.

“Good, now.. Would you mind preparing the oven for me….?” She asked nodding to the oven. Tokoro nodded walking over, prepping the flame inside under the metal bars that would hold the roast when it cooked. Another intrusive thought entered her mind.

‘It would be so easy to trip and fall into the oven… it was big enough to fit someone of her stature inside, so easy for her to panic and get serious burns…. And die from complications… even a simple push. Could be made to believe it was a trip… a fall.’

Her eyes setting on a bent in the corner of one of the bars right where someone was tripping could have braced themselves instinctively from a fall and their weight denting the rack. One of her siblings had died from a fatal injury but they were never able to see them after the injury for weeks…. Is this- The hand on her shoulder pulled her from the thought. “Hun please move you're blocking the way.” Her mother said calmly. It took everything in her power not to run but to just walk calmly to the side letting her mother put the roast in.

‘Even someone with her stature, one push, could terribly injure her….’

The air felt heavier as she stayed in place for a while as the thought sank in. She walked over and placed a hand on her mothers back. “Father said you had another letter…?” Her mother stood up and smiled to her.

“I almost forgot thank you for the reminder dear!” She said walking off to get it. She was testing her… she was testing to see if she would panic and strike her down. Right then, and right there… Any of those opportunities she was ready to counter if she tried anything… all of it a trap, that Tokoro made it through by hoping death wouldn’t come… and through the fear that it would come no matter what shed do in that moment. But she was alive… and she passed… for now.

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Tokoro Higona

Tokoro Higona

"Job Details":

She looked over as her mother passed her the letter, she slowly opening it and it was a simple task “Dearest daughter, Survive for the next 30 seconds. Make me proud.”.


She heard a shifting looking up to see her father now dropping down towards her. Using his Drop Kick trying to hit her. He was her counter. He would have killed her if she had attacked her mother. Though the action of not killing her mother lead her to survive. She tuck and rolled away crumbling the letter up and throwing it at her father who batted it away both crouching low to the ground in the sae stance. Her father did teach her a lot of her moves. But she was confident in this moment, if all she had to do was survive… then shed succeed. She was a survivor. He whipped out a dagger then to use his Dagger Throw Aim right for her jugular. She dodging right out of the way as she grunted feeling him tackle her from his follow up Charge knocking the wind out of her with  - Tier damage.

She was the only one out of know knows how many. She was always the one to survive. And that is exactly what she’d do! Using her Pin Point Skill she used 3 of her fingertips to jab into 3 points on his right arm then his left making them go limp as she  pressed her foot to his chest and kicked off it to slide away from him and scoot him back a bit making him fall face first into the ground with a grunt. She knew learning pressure points wasn’t a waste of time. She panted as her mother helped her father up  and sat him in one of the dinner chairs walking over grabbing his dagger in the wall giving him a look that made him slink down into his chair now just to avoid its gaze and of the sight of the hole he put into the wall rather than his daughter. Her mother tossed it back at him as the hilt smacked him in the face making him fall out of the chair.

Her mother muttering “Making holes in my house I swear…” She said going back to tend to to the food. Tokoro slowly got up and walked over to her father looking over to him as he slowly sat back up.

“You got me good dear. You make me prouder every day.” He said with a bright goofy smile slowly standing up his arms still limp like wet noodles. “And for that I have great news!” He declared, she though knew what he was going to say by now… he was going to send her away with the gauze of it being for an assassination mission. “You're going to Riem tomorrow!” He said proudly, taking a stance, flapping his arms a bit. He sighed and wiggled his shoulders making his arms flap more. “Okay uh. Just pretend i have a cool stance going on dear. It seems your attack was a bit too… efficient for my liking.” He said as they both let a beat of sweat roll down their heads. “I have the ticket for one trip too right now buuuut I can’t grab it so I will give it to you once I can.” He said mumbling to himself a bit sitting back down in his chair waiting for his food.

She took her own next to him sitting and waiting, she hadn’t planned on it being so soon that things would move into action but she supposed it was good… she wasn’t certain how many tasks and tests she could bare through… but this would likely be her last and final one. She was able to see her fathers skill here first hand so she knew what to except at least slightly… but nothing from her mother beside her cunning tactics. She though knew she couldn’t be any further ready that there wasn’t any time she could spend any longer lingering. The next person she killed wouldn't be for her parents, but would be her parents themselves. After all this… she wouldn’t be forced to kill anymore unless she deemed she had to… whether that be because she was free… or dead… the feeling of such a thought was rather freeing.

It almost soothed her knowing it was almost over. Her fate was that of life. And she wished to carve it to be one that she could be proud of, not one forced upon her. She smiled softly and hummed the song, the one that haunted every shield these two ever hurt or killed. The two looking over to her a bit shocked. Seeing their expressions make her smile a bit more. She wasn’t as strong as them… so she’d have to play it smarter… and do things they wouldn’t expect. Shed either stand beside the town head feeling joyful he lived once more and maybe even after make herself a truly wonderful meal, write her first letter to someone, Tak most likely. And tell him his eyes were distracting but pretty and they should meet sometime so she could make him some really good ramen and she’d finally take him up on that rice wine.

Or… she’d die, and see all her siblings once again younger and older, be hugged and hug them. Tell them the parts of the world she got to see, the things she chose to do for herself, and her attempt to end the killing. She’d get to tell her younger siblings how she’d never leave them again, how she’d protect them even if it wasn’t needed anymore. She’d embrace them all and let them embrace her back knowing they were all together again and no one could use or hurt them ever again. This was to be her fate. And after all the pain and suffering through her life… it was all the more worth it. It would be something only she could wish for in a dream but she knew at least one of those paths would come to pass… and that thought, warmed her very being.

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Tokoro Higona

Tokoro Higona

Tokoro waited outside her home town in a tree well hidden her gear on and in a travel pack as she looked onwards one last time to the place she grew up in, and those inside who she neer truly got to get to know and let them believe she was rude and antisocial to protect them from her parents. The family of the boy she had to kill for her parents, her crush and his family who had mourned him years ago… this would be the last time in a long time that she would ever see it. She looked from the direction the docks were in where her father had taken her and she fled from before anyone noticed or took off. Then back to the direction where the town she had to go to was. She ate a filling meal before she left for a reason… for tonight to get as big of a head start as possible. She would making a straight shot there.

She readied her tools threads and got her spare spools ready. She’d likely use all her ammunition just getting there sos he’d have to use her scythes to fight later on but hopefully if she got there in time it will be all the more worth it. She then wing her arms forward and started to make her way there as fast as she could. It was a two day trip with rest usually but with her plan to make a straight shot there, and her tool she hopefully would be there within a day if she stopped to eat and such as well. But she wouldn't eat till a good bit into the trip to get as much ground covered as possible. Time to go save a towns leader.

Tokoro Higona

Tokoro Higona

"Job Details":

Tokoro walked into the town holding her head a bit, her body was pretty exhausted but she got here before her parents. Or at least before the gathering was supposed to happen. She had dozed off during one of her rests but it wasn't too long thankfully but she knew there was a chance her parents had gotten ahead of her during that time. She felt gross honestly from how much she exerted herself in combination with barely any sleep for 24 hours. She took off her Wire Wollus and put them in her bag as she walked looking about, where was the gathering going to happen…? She stumbled as some kids ran by her knocking her over laughing a bit. Wait they looked like  they lived on the streets based on their clothes and grime all over them.

Tak had said similar kids were out by the docks and always heard whispers of what was going on. This wasn’t a whispered sort of thing so they likely would know… She got up and hurried over gently grabbing one. “Hey do you know where the town head is having his gathering?” She asked the child's face moved from defensive to a grin when she asked he likely thought she stopped him to yell at him.

“Oh were on our way there now come on it’s starting soon!” He said with a laugh. Tokoro smiled and nodded to them.

“Thanks.” She followed after them running with them to a slowly gathering crowd as some guards were making their way on stage their faces shadowed party from their hats and the sun shadowing them. She couldn’t tell if her father was up there or not but she shifted her back pack around to her front sticking one hand in gripping her scythes handle to be ready to pull it out at any moment. She parted ways from the kids as she slowly blended into the crowd using her small stature to slowly make her way towards the front stopping when she was behind the front line of people in case her father was up there and could see her. She took a deep breath as her hands trembled a bit she contemplated voiding out all her emotions for this but… she needed to do this with everything on, she had to do this as Tokoro.

Not an assassin. The town head came out with a bright and warm inviting smile. Waving to everyone as two other guards followed after him he soon started to talk loudly to the crowd as she looked about and there she was. Her mother only a couple bodies away from her prepping her needles to strike from afar. She looking over towards the town head as she saw a small glint in a dagger she wouldn't have seen if it wasn’t for the sun she quickly  darting forward as he started to lift his arm up The other guards seeing her run over  towards the platform they were on and went to grab their swords not knowing her face as and seeing the two chained Scythes she was pulling out.

She  tossed her back pack to the side as she leaped onto the stage kicking the town heads leg from under him to make him fall as the needles were thrown the dagger came next with a Dagger Throw aiming for him on the ground. She twirling to move int he way of it  taking the dagger hitting her shoulder thanks to how he wasn't planning on hitting ehr so it hit no vitals but still badly hurting her shoulder making her drop her scythe in the affected arm as she gasped in pain. The other guards, seeing how they’re ally had been aiming for the town head before the girl came in and turned their swords at him.

She leaned over grabbing the dagger with her teeth and shouted in pain into the daggers hilt as she yanked it out and spat it onto the ground as blood poured out some blood the damage sever from how deep it was and where it hit but her arm still functioning as she had taking the A - Tier damage only surviving due to his unplanned interception. She panted before gasping but forcing herself through the pain that blow definitely had hit her bone directly. She though grabbing her scythe again with a trembling hand as she looked up to her father who looked shocked she was there. He though pulled out another dagger as his face melted to disappointment as she shot forward before the other guards could react.

She moving forward as he moved in for a Quick Strike his blade shooting in with quick speeds she just barely ducking under it only getting a small graze going along the side of her face barely missing the corner of her eye she moved in to strike but he performing a Spinning Kick that ended up hitting a guard he didn't account for for B - Tier damage throwing him into Tokoro knocking the wind out of her as they both were thrown 10 m away. The others rushed in to attack him and he cut them down as Tokoro got up catching her breath and got up feeling her body woosy but still pushing forth from all the adrenaline. She gritted her teeth and she needed to keep going. She just had to push a little harder! He was distracted so this was her one chance!

She sprinted forward reading her scythes she frowned her brows as she felt the blood on the side of her face trickle down her chin. She widened her eyes as she grew near leaping onto the back of one of the hunched forward guard's back before hopping off it over her father's head. She crossed her arms to link over the chains to perform her Over Head Stab Behind scaled up. The chains wrapped around his neck forcing him to lean backwards as she landed choking him. She then twisted around her scythes stabbing him deeply in his back for a total of B - Tier Damage. Blood spurting out of his mouth as the impacts effects finally hit him fully. Tears welled up in her eyes feeling her father's body go limp and fall over and off her blades that she jerked out of him.

She hunching forward as she panted her tears mixing with the blood on the side of her face looking to the guards and crowd that looked down in shock. She looking over to see her mother already making a tactical retreat. She could feel the adrenaline rushing out of her almost as effectively as the blood on her shoulder. “Who are you kid…?”

“Shit her shoulder!” Another called out as her vision got blurry but she felt a hand grip her shoulder and grip it to slow the bleeding. It shot her vision back for a few more moments as her body gave out on itself from everything she had done to it in the last 24 hours but was caught by the guard holding her shoulder.

“Everyone this will be postponed please return to your homes!” He said ordering some guards to go find the other guards to look out for any hidden attackers looking to the guards helping tend to their injured allies. “Take her back to my mansion. I need to speak with her about what happened and how she knew this was coming when she awakes. Make sure her injuries are tended to.” He said as a guard grabbed her bag raising a brow at her weapon inside. Tokoro laying limply in the guards arms, her weapon only not falling due to the chains and one side of the scythe now laying on her stomach suspended the other in the air. She felt her eyes slowly betray her from their weight as she passed out. She was alone and so was the town head… for now at least.

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Tokoro Higona

Tokoro Higona

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Tokoro slowly stirred awake as the sun was setting several hours later they looked startled seeing her away already but her body refused to rest any longer when it had gotten enough to function and notice the plotting pain in her shoulder that was stitched up by now and patched up it was cold from blood loss but thankfully something to bounce back from with enough time but the pain was coming still from the damaged bone it didn't feel broken so it was likely cut deeply it would probably break if it took too heavily of a blow before it healed the rest of the way. “Go get her some food.” She heard the town leader say as she slowly shifted to sit up a bit more looking about. “It's okay.. I made sure all my guards inside are my own this time… are you okay…?”

He asked, holding a face that said she took back his question when she flinched from slowly shifting her shoulder. “Right… how did you know about all of this attack…?” He asked gently he likely knowing she meant him no harm given the harm she got when all she gave him was a bruised shoulder and leg from knocking him over trying to get likely another attack they didn't see coming from hitting him.

“I intercepted a letter coming to your two assassins after you…” He looked shocked at the two part confirming a fear that they didn’t know her mother was here as well yet.

“How did you manage that…?” He asked though her avoiding of eye contact told him enough that she didn’t wish to say for whatever reason. He sighed as the food came in and was placed beside her. She tasted a bit too paranoid and in pain to really savor the food right now but when she tasted no poisons she started to eat more. “So there’s another coming…?” She gave him sad eyes that made him nod. “Alright… I’ll increase my guard… you need to rest up so-” He held up a finger as she opened her mouth to retort. “I’ll be in the next room over… rest and I promise you’ll likely hear if she gets too close.” He tried to joke but the reason as to how they would wasn’t too funny given the guards that would likely signal by their screams were only a few steps away. “sorry...

“He gently patted the bed she was in knowing she'd likely be sore and should pat her directly. “Your blades are at the foot of your bed… we had them cleaned did you know the first attacker…?” He asked on a hunched and her saddened eyes answered it, she not only knew him but seemed to have a personal connection. “We’ll hold the body so you can say goodbye before we bury him…” he assured her before leaving. The guards followed him out as she closed her eyes letting her arm rest as she looked to her blades then to the stripped gloves her father had given her what felt like a lifetime ago for her birthday… he didn’t have to… and despite their test before he was shocked to see her which likely meant her mother had the hunch to test her… did he… did he actually care for her or-

She clenched her good hand before relaxing it and going back to eating she needed to be ready her mother was on a deadline and that came tomorrow. She seemed to heavily dislike her father in private; his death likely wouldn’t slow her down so she couldn’t let it slow her down… not yet.. Not until this was all over. She rested for a few hours before she heard shifting about on the outer walls  of the mansion. Her eyes grew wide as she got out of her bed shifting the blankets to look mostly covered and pureed her bag that had her weapons over with her to under the rooms desk as she saw the shadowed figure of her mother look into the room. If her mother striked first without any back up she would have a definite kill strike… she couldn't afford her mother seeing her in bed and strike her before she could move.

She shifted her shoulder and bit back a wiper of pain to not make a sound. She still couldn’t move it right. Which meant her scythes weren’t going to be all too useful given their link between them meant deadweight and a  free swinging scythe that could swing back into you if you weren’t careful if you only used one side of it.  Or at least would hinder her if she didn't come up with something to work around it which she had no time for. She did know a few moves that required no weapons… she'd have to use those. She saw the figure slick away and quietly but quickly moved to the room next to her and opened the door as the figure crashed through the window waking up the town head her mother used her Poison Blade To stab into the guard closest to her killing him with the A - Tier strike.

She then threw her Poisoned Needles at Tokoro and The Town head Tokoro wincing as her veins around the spot turned green as the first wave of the poison hit her for D - Tier damage. Her mother always had an antidote on her. She ran forward as the other guards distracted her and yanked the needle out tossing it to the side as she closed the gap starting to ramp up and scale her I’m Not Touching you, I’m Hurting You. She rushing in striking a few points on her arm with her middle knuckles making her mother shout in pain as she dropped one of her arms she ducking under her leg as she went to kick Tokoro hitting the points on that limp the same way with her good arm making her mother shout and fall to the ground.

She shifted and hit her for the final 3 along her mother's torso, locking eyes with her mother as she looked at her with nothing but disgust and hate making Tokoro almost glad she didn't have to see her father’s face as she killed him. The shock hit her mother's heart and stopped it as the B - Tier damage set in. She panted but quickly searched her mother as the next wave of poison hit for another D - Tier Damage making the veins spread. She looking through the antidotes, knowing this poison by heart from her childhood training she pinpointed the antidote and rushed over to the town head passing him a vial that he with shaky hands and a weak look on his face downed as Tokoro downed hers. The veins retract to nothing. The town head looked to the woman and his dead guard with sad eyes. Tokoro slowly fell to her knees, it was over… it was all over now finally.

She started to sob there on her knees as the Town head moved over and gently pulled her into a hug being careful of her bad shoulder. She slowly slid her good arm under one of his to hold onto him as she sobbed. She was finally free… but her parents were now dead… and somehow despite everything… It still hurt worse than her shoulder. The other guards mourning their fellow guards and Tokoro her parents but they once again were all safe now… for at least a while.

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Tokoro Higona

Tokoro Higona

"Job Details":

Tokoro later that night slowly finally managed to tell the people the truth, who her parents were, what they planned to do, and the letters. She didn’t know their source but she knew they had been real and knew if they were targeting such a nice person she had to stop them. She told them how she was trained but not going too far into it. The people were very understanding, they were inclined to believe her after everything she had done. They even letting her stay with them while she rested and slowly healed up and even invited her to tink about possibly just living in the town with them since she seemingly couldn’t return home from her story.

She agreeing to stay until she was better and honestly it was just as much of an odd feeling as it was a beautiful one knowing she could just enjoy being with the people, not having to hide how she acts or who she was. The kids even were exited to have her around talking about her actions like some sort of hero from a story. She didn’t quite feel like one but she did appreciate the genuine praise and kindness they all held knowing it was just that… genuine praise and kindness. She deciding to write one of her only friends a letter, knowing there was nothing to fear now. And as she sat down to write it with her off arm given her usual arm she wrote with was still in a sling to help it rest and heal, she realized she had never written a letter to anyone before as just a friend. And it felt…. Nice.

Hey Tak,

I hope this letter gets to you alright. I need to talk to you knowing now that I can without fear and since you aren’t here this will have to do. From a young age my parents would kill those I got close to.. Or make me do it. They wanted to train me to be in their eyes the perfect killer. Recently I had learned of their plans to hurt a leader of a town who was trying to do genuine good things for people who couldn’t help themselves and needed assistance. So for the first time ever, I defied them. I fought them, and killed them. It’s odd I feel numb yet sadness… but somehow also just free. Knowing I can be who I want, what I want, and I no longer have to push others away.

I could cook all day and night if I wanted to, I could try some drugs I honestly had wanted for some time, just some mild hallucinogens that makes your brain feel warm, happy and fuzzy. I could have a real conversation with you tell you how stupid distracting your eyes are cause they’re pretty… and drink rice wine with you knowing it didn’t matter if I was caught doing so caus eit was just for fun. I’m still healing up from the fight and I’ll have to go to Riem for a while to wait for things to settle down and see if anyone comes after me for what I did but knowing now that I can live a live my parents never wanted for me or my countless siblings they killed for disobedience… and i can live it to the fullest and tell them one day in the afterlife about it, about you, about silly drugs and rice wine. Despite the pain… it now feels worth it.

I want to thank you for being so kind and apologize for any bit of rudeness I sent your way to push you away out of fear. Oh! And your tip about kids on the street? It helped save a man’s life Tak. Keep doing what you’re doing.

- Tokoro Hignoa

She signed it and would send it out on her way out of town. She was going to stay longer but honestly she felt it was time to leave. It was nice but she knew it was better to leave for now to avoid anyone showing up that was the cause of why she needed to be in Riem. She made her way out of the building and delivered the letter to be sent out with a smile and made her way to the gates passing by someone who felt…. Off. She slowly came to a stop and looked back towards the person she staring as they slowly looked back before sprinting forward. Her eyes widened before she sprint dafter them. The person using a Dagger Throw At her that she barely dodged. She knew it! They must have sent this man thinking she’d be gone by now.

She picked up pace as he tried to make his way to the mansion. She seeing the kids in the distance who looked over jus tin time for her to shout. “Bad guy!” The kids smirking as some started throwing rocks at him making him try to shield with his arms as another ran forward and ducked down using their body to trip the man. She leaping over the kid and landing on the mans back making him grunt in pain as she slid down to  straddle him using her I’m Not Touching you, I’m Hurting You also known as her knuckles to strike 9 points in total up align his back and ending on his throat causing B Tier Damage taking him down. She wanted as he fell limp looking to the kids who all cheered excitedly running circles around her with fists up in the air.

She smiled slowly and held up her fist of her good arm into the air and shouted with them in victory smiling now brightly as she did so closing her eyes, cheering for herself… and declaring victory to her siblings who she hoped were watching from where ever they were now. She later on after the guards helped her move his body to be with the others found some clues as to who this guy was with and gave it to the town head to do with as he pleased. Though before leaving this time she looked to her parent’s corpses that would be buried soon and walked up to them giving the two a gentle kiss on their cheeks before leaving. She had a ride to catch, and a life  to live.

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