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Through the Trees [Job/Solo]

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1Through the Trees [Job/Solo] Empty Through the Trees [Job/Solo] 23/07/20, 12:43 am



From on high, the pale maiden sits upon her lofty throne, and graces  this midnight forest of cherry blossoms with her sublime moonlight. Indeed, the scattered droplets of her silver glow pierced the blossoms' crowns, leading the way onward for her nocturnal friend, a vagabond and no good killer.

Khalik breathed in blossom's aroma, a refreshing change to the salty air of Balbadd, while he walked side by side with the cool gale which brushed up against his cloak. Beneath his feet, the grass politely interrupts the monotonous cricket symphony with a crunch. Those poor crickets, they have a vital audition tomorrow for Insects Got Talent and in there last chance to rehearse this, relatively, colossal world ender is stepping all over their hopes and dreams.

Well, at least there was karmic balance to be found in this injustice that was too high a concept for these atom-sized brainlets. Yes, this balance was achieved with one little known factor: Khalik had become lost in the realm of Kina.

It's true. In his excitement and haste to explore new and uncharted (by him) lands, he flung himself towards the forest before the Morihana. Why did he decide to take up quest to find the Morihana clan? Well, a few reasons; but, most notably, the talk which circulates their name. In other words, he's a tourist in need of a souvenir and a nifty wave board sounds like the perfect return gift.

Now, pathetic materialism aside, he had a valid reason to seek the Morihana out: their secret clan practices, particularly in the field of body modification. From opening the path to his Killing Art to slamming his family's curse shut— the door of experimental and morally dubious practices held many opportunities for the young assassin. Hell, even death during operation was an opportunity waiting in the wings... Hopefully not, but its hard to guarantee anything with these sketchy, spiritualist rituals.

Now, only two hours into his trek has he come to find a possible error in mindlessly tossing one's corporeal form into unknown territory. These trees seem to bend and twist without end to befuddle any errant traveler; and, more than likely, he's been pacing in circles around five or so different trees.

So, like any young man asked to do more than he bargained for, Khalik stretched his face with a yawn that broke through the idly ambiance of the night. He solemnly  unsheathed his dagger a bit disgruntled; and, as he continued to traverse this maze, he'd give quick slash to the tree. Nothing too major, just a tiny nick across the bark to keep his sanity about. He would continue this practice after every turn. So, if the trees bore any marks post turn, Khalik would know best to turn around and try elsewhere. It was quite a simple system which eliminated some of the guesswork of  finding the Morihana's temple.

By the crack of dawn, Khalik had traipsed his way through the maze. At its end a mildly excited yawn, departing from his own lips, would be the victorious jeer he deserved, and the only one he would receive.

"You got to be kidding me," Khalik managed to muster, his words meant only for himself as he took in the grand sight of the Morihana temple. "After all that blundering in a maze," his feet rose and rested upon the beginning of a new elevation. "You have the audacity to put steps on your temple?"

WC: 580/500

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