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Sasan Kingdom Crusades VI: A Night Out At The Casinos

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Job Name: Finding the infection
Job Rank: C-tier
Job Location: Balbadd
Job Reward: 7,000 Huang | 100 XP
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: Some of the stealthy Knights have managed to work their way deeper into Balbadd. People have noticed that some of the Knights have been going to the Casinos in order to harass citizens, demanding they repent and change their ways.

Sasan Knights:
Enemy Name: Sasan Knights x5
Enemy Tier: C-tier
Damage Required to Defeat: C-tier
Description: Sasan Knights are equipped in a blue-tinted steel armor which covers most of their body but their heads. Well trained soldiers who've dedicated their lives to fighting for their nation, being able to jog and move at a decent pace. Each Knight is equipped with with a 1.6m long lance which does C-tier damage, a 1m long shortsword and a C-tier tower shield that is .75, wide and 1.5m tall.

  • Brigade Block- The group of Knights, needing 5 or more forms a wall that can block one attack up to A-tier in damage.

  • Lance Charge- A Sasan Knight charges forward 3m dealing C-tier damage with their Lance if they strike someone.

  • Toss- While blocking with a shield or intercepting an incoming attack the Sasan knight tucks and uses their shield to throw their opponent behind them 3m.

The city of Balbadd was great as it was when he first left it, for the most part. It was an early morning and Trently had decided to go out for a stroll and take a look at how Balbadd has been. The sun was just rising as people were waking up and starting to walk about outside. Trently smiled at sight of more people populating Balbadd's streets, despite what had occurred in Balbadd's slums just days ago. He needed to take his mind off that horrid day, and wind down a bit. Trently would think back to his first day in Balbadd, and how he used to often help out the locals in need. He was very inexperienced back in those days just years ago. It had been quite a bizarre adventure since those old days, he thought. It were much simpler times back then. Seeing the nation of Balbadd again was great.

"Man, seeing Balbadd again sure brings back the memories."

Trently were to sit atop a building and look at the city from up above, thinking of years ago when he had first began his journey. The trading centred city beside open waters, dozens of ships would line its coast. Trently relaxing, breezes of salty ocean air were to fill his nose. He were to appreciate Balbadd and just lie in the morning sunlight for a little while and do nothing. Trently would eat some bread and eggs he packed himself for today morning, and enjoy the scenery.

His blue locks of hair gently blowing in the wind as he stood up, Trently were to return to his temporary guild fort to do some reading of any reports in regards to the Sasan Crusades. The young guild master had sent a small boat of his men to Reim for reconnaissance purposes a couple days ago. He sought to gain some intelligence on the Sasan Crusades in the lands of Reim, to decide if to travel there next once the Miracle Crusades of the Balbadd nation had been completed. It was important to know the enemy well and to be one step ahead of them.

"Hey, any new reports?"

Said the blue haired man to his general upon arriving back to the guild fort. Trently rolling up his carpet as he were to land at the step of his tent, he would listen to Guaiwu give him the reports. The red haired general entering the tent beside his leader, he would update him. A lower ranked soldier were to follow behind the two, a man in charge of all the reports on the Sasan Crusades and the like. Trently sat at a table with written reports atop it in the middle of the tent and would listen to his general keenly. Guaiwu told his young leader about how reports of knights of Sasan were coming in but in lesser numbers than before when they first arrived in the republic of Balbadd. Trently nodded his head, and would rub his chin. His general would speak on further about how the mercenaries who had been sent out to the nation of Reim had yet to report anything back and may not for a little while. Trently sighed, taking a look at the few new reports lying upon the table before him. He would read some reports of how knights have been lurking near trader and traveler dense areas of the Balbadd nation, likely trying gain information on the dungeon.

"Okay, that will conclude our meeting then for now. I am heading out to the casinos for some good fun, now does anyone care to join my gambling?"

Trently clasped his hands together as he were to pose the question to his general and report man, staring on at them with a pair of sparkling blue eyes. The only man who would accept such an offer would be Trently's general, Guaiwu. He were to say yes to Trently's question and accompany him to the casino where the both of them were to have some fun and gamble. A sunset greeting Trently and his general upon leaving the fort, night would begin to befall the Balbadd city.

Lamp lights lined the streets of the city as Trently and Guaiwu would set foot outside the marvel that is the casinos! Together, both guildsmen were to enter the casinos, bags of huang in each hand as they smiled and smirked. They would begin to gamble away, ordering food and drinks. Trently conversing with a young woman as he ate, a commotion would be suddenly be heard nearby. Some armored fellows were to be harrasing a couple of drunk gamblers. Trently would squint at them, trying to discern them from afar, until he were to realize it was a team of knights of Sasan.

"Oh , come on.."

Trently said to himself, having wanted to wind down and have fun. He were to sigh, and tell the woman by him to move aside for a moment. It could get dangerous around here. Trently were to shout and charge at at his knight emissaries, gearing up for a punch. His metal arm cocked back, Trently would attack the enemy.


Roared the blue haired warrior, striking an armored knight who would tuck under his shield and try to toss him over his head. The knight were to fail however as Trently would let loose on his shield and punch him with such force (A-Tier strength) he was knocked down onto the casino floor. Four other knights who witnessed what Trently had done would charge forward with lances from every direction, trying to skewer Trently. He would quickly duck and roll across the floor though beside the knight coming from his front, and were to grab ahold of the charging knight with an strong (A-Tier strength) hold. Trently would throw the knight with great power (A-Tier strength) at at another knight on his right, and defeat the two knights by throwing one at the other. Then there were to be two left.

The last two knights standing would come at Trently side by side in an attempt to perhaps get Trently now. However, Trently had not let his guard down just yet. He would sidestep very quickly out of a Lance Charge that would be coming from his right which he would be grazed by a small cut, and lean into the Lance Charge coming from his left. The smiling swordsman quickly drawing his katana as he leaned in, he were to spin and slice his opponents within his blade's range. With a clean spin and slice, Trently yelled "Dansu Toru!" and would cut down his armored enemies. As his enemies would fall to the floor, he would sheath his katana.

"That should do it.."


Ability Performed:

Dansu Toru [Scaled to B-Tier]
Tier: C-Tier
Specialization: Warrior
Type: Offensive
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: Must be able to swing a blade with enough space. This will not work if the user is tightly surrounded and or is arms are being restrained.
Scaling: Damage
Sustain:  0
Cost: 20 Stamina / 10 Stamina to Sustain

    With Trently's blade sheathed and or out, he puts his hand on it's hilt and motions the blade in a swift 360 cutting spin that cuts anything within it's radius. Delivering D-Tier wounds to anything caught within the radius of this attack. At the end of the 360 spin in which Trently finishes, Trently strikes his blade into the air to complete the Dansu Toru; dealing D-Tier Damage to anyone caught by the blade's dance.

Magic Tools:

Lion's Pride [Magic Item]:

Sasan Kingdom Crusades VI: A Night Out At The Casinos E9WnSEJ
Name: Lion's Pride
Tier: A-Tier
Type: Magic Item - Artificial Arm
Magic Type: Strength
Cost: 10 magoi to activate | 5 magoi to sustain
Appearance: A standard prosthetic arm, made up of 100% pure titanium. The arm seems to adjust it’s size and weight to fit any user. The magic circle is directly on top of the hand, and will glow a faint black color when fed magoi.

  • Force - By feeding magoi into the arm, the user is then granted a powerful form of telekinesis; via strength magic. The telekinesis allows for simple radial movement but lacks the accuracy to perform any complicated tasks. Any inanimate object they may have touched within their last post becomes eligible to be controlled by them. As long as the object is within exactly 40-meters of the user, they are able to control it freely, moving it anywhere within the set range. If the object is to go past the set range, the user will lose complete control over it.
  • Handy - As long as the user has at least 20 magoi left in the current thread, this magic tool will work as a fully functional arm. If the user is below the 20 magoi threshold, the arm will no longer function until their magoi is restored. Additionally, this arm is capable of applying A-Tier basic damage equivalent to A-Tier enhanced strength. This arm does not feel pain, but will take damage like any other item would.

Kutter's Katana [Magic Weapon]:

Sasan Kingdom Crusades VI: A Night Out At The Casinos Latest?cb=20140415221134
Name: Kutter's Katana
Tier: A-Tier
Type: Magic Weapon - Sword
Magic Type: Razor (Wind + Strength)
Appearance: This 100 cm long katana once belonged to Kutter, an adventurer from Kou who lost to against Caim's traps. The body of the adventurer was swallowed up, but the sword remained, absorbing the magoi of the dungeon and eventually gaining powerful magic. With a 75 cm blade length, 1.5 cm blade thickness, 25 cm handle length, and a 15 cm guard diameter, this sword is indeed as beautiful as it is sharp.

  • Subatomic Slice - The user feeds magoi into the sword using two hands, causing the sword to coat its blade in an immeasurably sharp razor edge. The next slash of the blade will send a flying edge of razor magic up to 20m through the air severing things with A-Tier damage. Things cut with razor magic are unable to be put back together again regardless of healing spells used on them for a minimum of 3 posts.. 10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.


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