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Sasan Kingdom Crusades II: The Miracle Crusades' First Night

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Job Name: Troubles Keep Coming
Job Rank: C-tier
Job Location: Kou
Job Reward: 7,000 Huang | 100 XP
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: It seems late at night there have been groups of Knights taking to the town to interrogate people or guide them away from their destinations. You've been hired to keep guard and deal with the knights if they show up.

Sasan Knights:
Enemy Name: Sasan Knights x5
Enemy Tier: C-tier
Damage Required to Defeat: C-tier
Description: Sasan Knights are equipped in a blue-tinted steel armor which covers most of their body but their heads. Well trained soldiers who've dedicated their lives to fighting for their nation, being able to jog and move at a decent pace. Each Knight is equipped with with a 1.6m long lance which does C-tier damage, a 1m long shortsword and a C-tier tower shield that is .75, wide and 1.5m tall.

  • Brigade Block- The group of Knights, needing 5 or more forms a wall that can block one attack up to A-tier in damage.

  • Lance Charge- A Sasan Knight charges forward 3m dealing C-tier damage with their Lance if they strike someone.

  • Toss- While blocking with a shield or intercepting an incoming attack the Sasan knight tucks and uses their shield to throw their opponent behind them 3m.

In his office, he would rest his hands upon his desk as he sat wondering of where to find the other crusaders dispatched to this area. He could wait for more reports to come in but Trently did want to wait, terrorists were entering the nation and stirring trouble. The young leader would stare outside of his window with a worried expression upon his face. The morning light shined upon this new day as Trently thought long on what happened yesterday. He and his friend fought valiantly yesterday in the name of their fallen comrades, and as request of people being harassed and attacked by the crusading knights. Trently clenched his fist as he thought of the innocent people being thrown into this mess. He did not want anyone to go through this damned crusade. Trently had to learn more about these crusades if he sought to put an end to them. This was a sort of war Trently had never encountered or ever heard of before until now. It was an invasion, one definitely with not the best interest of the world in mind if these knights were causing trouble for the people of the lands they are encroaching upon. Trently would investigate and learn more about these foreign crusaders, for his fellow man.

Forth he went, with a wavering of his kimono in the windy weather, Trently departed for the world to do some detective work. It was a begining of a great holy war, that of Miracle versus the nation of whom sent out these crusading knights into the world on some crusade. Trently was surprised and somewhat bewildered that the Kou Empire had not made much action to combat these foreign invaders. Perhaps they have been but not of what Trently has known of. Thus, he had to take action into his own hands. With his equipment and some food, Trently would set out and begin questioning villages and towns nearby here near the mountains for the bulk of today. He found that a lot of people had come across some of them. Nobody had much of an idea of where they are though or are being frequently seen as of late. Trently dispatched the batch seen in his area but perhaps there were more in the area or even somewhat further from where Trently was. Trently received different reports of where they were with varying times of last seen. It appeared that the knights were almost always on the run, and widely dispersed in low numbers. Trently were to stumble upon a village of rice farmers however that were to tell him of the crusaders often visting them, trying to convert their village and others near them and extorting them for rice and other crops for the past week. Furthermore, they are interrogating them and other nearby villages about the whereabouts of a dungeon. However, more frightening, it was said to Trently some have been trying to be guide people away from their destinations, but why? Trently finally had a lead to them though and this is just what he wanted. Upon of hearing of these concerning reports from people, Trently were to decide to stay the night and help these folk out. He would try to capture the knights for information.

It was nightfall, and Trently would stay in the village awake until sunrise. He would trust the reports from the village that the religious knights had been coming through to this area to extort and raid them for food rations to help fuel their crusades. It was rumored that even one knight had badly beat an elderly man who rejected the religion, saying he did not need it in his life. Other rumors present in some villages were that the knights referred to the people as "dirty" and "unholy". This was pretty upsetting for the young man to hear at first. Some people did convert to the religion though the knights had been trying to spread, with a couple of villages that should be in the path of their crusades saying they had not heard of any invaders or either talking highly of them. Perhaps not every one of the crusaders were as bad as first seemed but still, a lot of reports said otherwise.

It would be hours into the night before anything were to occur. Trently would lie wait in a haystack that had a good view of the village, and sit patiently for any potential crusaders to come entering the village to raid. After much waiting though, they were to appear! However, just not from where Trently had imagined. They were to march together as a small brigade of five past Trently to start pillaging. Trently quickly looked over to his left to where he saw the knights clad in a silver blue metal armor just asking to be shocked by Trently, in more ways than one. Trently were to grasp his shuriken and ready his ambush on the knights. He were to capture these ones for information! Trently would slash his shuriken twice pointed to the ground and channel magoi into his shuriken, casting a magic ability. As electricity were to begin crackling along the blade of his shuriken, he were to jump out of the haystack and rush for the knights 5m far from him. The storm child would run out but somehow fail to do the running part. Trently accidentally fell face first onto the ground, making a sound that the knights would hear and react to fast.

A knight closest to Trently seeing him falling flat on his face, he were to take notice of his weapon in hand and decide to attack him before he were to get up. The other knights behind him would be cautious of Trently and ready to strike him down. "You are trying to ambush us, huh!? Well, it looks that God is not on your side, young one!" The knight who would try to Lance Charge him would say out loud. Trently would react quickly however and lift his shuriken while on the ground and lunge his equipped arm toward the man and send out sparks of electricity. The man being stunned and hurt by the electrical burns, he were to fall flat on his face. Guess the tables had turned. Trently got up fast, and confused the knights behind the fallen one with what just happened. They did not stand there confused for very long however, they attacked. Two of the knights would charge at Trently tucked behind their shields and try to Toss him over his head while their conrades behind them would Lance Charge him while he is mid air from the Toss. Trently would strike both knights though with his shuriken up close and shock them before they could Toss him. They would be paralyzed and fall, electrocuted from the attack. The last two knights would hesitate attacking after what just happened but would make an attempt to Lance Charge him from his left and right. Trently would jump back though as he wove his shuriken at the left knight, then following the right knight. The blue sparks from his shuriken flew through the dark night, electrocuting and paralyzing the last of the knights. He did not know if they were still alive however. The two knights who were hit from behind their shields must have been alive but he did not know. He really just had to check.

MAGOI: 320

Shuriken of Storms [Magic Weapon]:

Sasan Kingdom Crusades II: The Miracle Crusades' First Night FOQtMLY
Name: Shuriken of Storms
Tier: A-Tier
Type: Weapon | Throwing
Magic Type: Storm [ Wind + Lightning ]
Cost: 10 magoi to activate | 5 to sustain
Appearance: This shuriken is approximately .5 meters across and the magic circle is inscribed on the blue gem in the center of the blades. The blades appear to have streaks of lightning through them.

  • Stormfall - When the user throws the shuriken after feeding it magoi, it causes a 2m diameter disc of storm magic to spread from its center. The shuriken will stop above the target and the disc of storm clouds will glow brightly for a brief moment. The space directly beneath the shuriken is then struck with a giant lightning bolt capable of covering the entire 2m diameter. Anything caught by the bolt is dealt B-tier damage and electrical paralysis that lasts for one posts. The range of this attack is 10m.
  • Tempest Zone - The user activates this function by keeping the shuriken held in their hand with its center placed against their palm. Feeding magoi into the tool with that condition met causes thick storm clouds to form around the user. The clouds grow to cover a 10m diameter spreading throughout the area blocking the vision of anything within the area unless they are at least 1m away from each other. The electricity within the storm cloud detects the electromagnetic fields of living beings and informs the caster of their location.

Ability Performed:

Arashi Denki
Tier: A-Tier
Type: Supplementary
Range: Long
Requirements/Drawbacks: The user needs to slash downwards twice to activate the move.
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 4 Posts
Cost: 20 Magoi

    The user conjures a thin supercharged storm cloud layer around his Shuriken of Storms that lasts for a total of 4 posts. The user can discharges electricity sparks from his Shuriken of Storms that will go as far as 15m, dealing B-Tier electricity damage and 2 post paralyzation when the user performs a basic action. Things struck by the electricity sparks are knocked back 5 meters every time each time they are hit if the user so chooses.


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