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Sasan Kingdom Crusades III: The Miracle Crusades' Second Night

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Job Name: No time for Knights rest
Job Rank: C-tier
Job Location:  Kou
Job Reward: 7,000 Huang  | 100 XP
Job Prerequisites: Troubles Keeping Coming
Job Overview: Night number two, despite efforts the Knights keep returning this time with some assistance. Now a group of Sasan Hunters has joined now, deal with the group and protect the town.

Sasan Knights:
Enemy Name: Sasan Knights x5
Enemy Tier: C-tier
Damage Required to Defeat: C-tier
Description: Sasan Knights are equipped in a blue-tinted steel armor which covers most of their body but their heads. Well trained soldiers who've dedicated their lives to fighting for their nation, being able to jog and move at a decent pace. Each Knight is equipped with with a 1.6m long lance which does C-tier damage, a 1m long shortsword and a C-tier tower shield that is .75, wide and 1.5m tall.

  • Brigade Block- The group of Knights, needing 5 or more forms a wall that can block one attack up to A-tier in damage.

  • Lance Charge- A Sasan Knight charges forward 3m dealing C-tier damage with their Lance if they strike someone.

  • Toss- While blocking with a shield or intercepting an incoming attack the Sasan knight tucks and uses their shield to throw their opponent behind them 3m.

Sasan Hunter:
Enemy Name: Sasan Hunters x5
Enemy Tier: B-tier
Damage Required to Defeat: B-tier
Description: The Sasan Hunters wear their traditional blue-steel armor and a green sash around their waist. Carrying a normal Sasan Lance 1.6m long capable of B-tier damage and a composite bow with steel-tipped arrows capable of B-tier damage as well.

  • Distracting Charge- The Sasan Hunter shoots an arrow in the air to fall towards a target. While this distracts them he then charges forward 3m with his lance to do B-tier damage.

  • Gothca now- The Sasan Hunter throws out a bear trap up to 5m which can deal B-tier damage to limb crippling it.

  • Death from above-The Hunter unleashes a rain of arrows up to 20m away falling in a 5m diameter circle dealing B-tier damage, if there is 5 or more Knights the size is increased to a 15m diameter arrow fall dealing A-tier damage.

The morning sunrise would be met with an exhausted sigh from Trently as he barely got any sleep last night. Tired but knowing he has to get to work and head back to his guild hall for work, Trently were to sit up and begin to prepare for a long day. It were to be a struggle to stay awake during his flight back to his guild hall but he perserved. The young man could not be more exhausted. Upon his return to his guild hall, he were to knock out in his office and fall asleep for a couple hours. He would awake to find morning to be gone and it to be the afternoon. This was okay however, Trently was really only here to begin giving out orders to his guild to congregate the members of the guild here in town. It would take perhaps a week to have enough guild members here to form an army, but Trently would oversee that his army was created. Trently did not give too much details to his guild for now but would in due time.

Within his office, he looked over recent and new reports coming in of these knights. There were some reports but not too much more than from last time. Trently analyzed every report and job posting on these knights very carefully. He would take notice of one reported rumor of knights present in Balbadd but it was only a rumor as of now. Trently would have to later verify the reported rumor and then decide what to do from there. However, the rumor was quite very likely considering that they were crusading in Kou which was fairly close to the nation of Balbadd by ocean and land. Trently had Kou to focus on though. The seafaring republic of Balbadd can come after. Trently would be visibly bothered by what was occuring here in the east and hoped it was not going on in the west as well, though it was likely as the knights had a very western look to them. The knights most closely resembled soldiers from Reim but just not quite.

With the afternoon coming to a close very soon, Trently were to begin to prepare to return to the village he was at last night to protect them again in case more knights were sent out. It would not be good if more knights came and were violent to the village cause of their knights who had not returned. Trently would unravel his flying carpet and get on top of it, traveling to the village before the night fully set in. He would arrive at the village less than an hour before the sun was gone. Rolling his flying carpet up and storing it in his backpack, Trently were to decide to eat some food real quick, sitting atop a haybale, watching the moon come into full view. He was still tired though, and cause of that he was unable to do more when he was at the guild hall like make orders to purchase a bulk shipment of katanas for the guild members coming to the guild hall. It was okay though, he would do that the next morning when he returned to the guild hall. Trently hoped the knights come early tonight for he could get some rest; that would be pretty sweet to happen. Finishing the rest of his food, he would begin his stakeout.

The night was young, and Trently was doing a lot of thinking about who these knights were while he lied in wait. Where is it these knights have com from? Perhaps the west? It was likely considering the style of their silver blue armor. He did not have much of an idea though and it was still just guess, an educated guess at that. Trently would sit within the haybale really bored, unable to do much of anything but think and wonder. After an hour or two, some activity were to be finally be seen in the village. He were to witness five knights enter the village with five other knights but these ones with green sashes around their waist and bows. It looked like the five knights with green sashes were rangers. Trently had to attack carefully with the rangers in mind or otherwise he could get shot by them. Equipping his shuriken, he would channel magoi into it and slash with it pointed to the ground twice. A magic ability would be cast and he would now be good to go! Rushing out of the haybale he was hiding within, he were to successfully not trip this time. However, the knights were on high alert and would notice Trently very quickly. The knights were 12m far, and upon noticing Trently, would get in position. Five of the non ranger knights would set up a half a meter spaced defensive wall using Brigade Block where the rangers would attack behind. The hunters/rangers would fire an assualt of steel tipped arrows at Trently while he charged, using Death From Above. As he rushed at his enemies, Trently would strike the arrows with sparks of electricity that would knock them back five meters.

Charging the frontline, Trently would find the the Brigade Block close quickly. Trently would slash in an arc five meters before the knights, electrifying their wall of defense. The five frontline knights were to be paralyzed, but not very much damaged by Trently's attack. As this happened though, the five of the rangers behind the frontline knights were to disperse to Trently's right and left side and shoot arrows that were to fall toward Trently. Quickly rolling to dodge the arrows, the young man were to soon realize the arrows were just a feint attacks. He would react fast to the ranger knights charging with their lances and would charge the right side which had three men charging, slashing in an arc 3m before them and shocking and killing them with the sparks that would fly through the air at them. Trently were to turn his head over then to the last two knights charging from behind him, and slash at them in an arc as they were to get 2m of him. Sparks of electricity would fly at the last two knights, and fry them to their core, killing them. The final ranger knights dropping dead, Trently would have successfully defeated everyone. However, just not everyone was dead. Trently had managed to not kill five of the knights, the ones who somewhat defended against his ability and were only paralyzed. With the five ranger knights dead and the five warrior knights alive but just paralyzed, Trently would have his first captures to interrogate and question. He would take their armor off them and tie them up with rope and take them in the morning to the guild hall.

MAGOI: 320

Shuriken of Storms [Magic Weapon]:

Sasan Kingdom Crusades III: The Miracle Crusades' Second Night FOQtMLY
Name: Shuriken of Storms
Tier: A-Tier
Type: Weapon | Throwing
Magic Type: Storm [ Wind + Lightning ]
Cost: 10 magoi to activate | 5 to sustain
Appearance: This shuriken is approximately .5 meters across and the magic circle is inscribed on the blue gem in the center of the blades. The blades appear to have streaks of lightning through them.

  • Stormfall - When the user throws the shuriken after feeding it magoi, it causes a 2m diameter disc of storm magic to spread from its center. The shuriken will stop above the target and the disc of storm clouds will glow brightly for a brief moment. The space directly beneath the shuriken is then struck with a giant lightning bolt capable of covering the entire 2m diameter. Anything caught by the bolt is dealt B-tier damage and electrical paralysis that lasts for one posts. The range of this attack is 10m.
  • Tempest Zone - The user activates this function by keeping the shuriken held in their hand with its center placed against their palm. Feeding magoi into the tool with that condition met causes thick storm clouds to form around the user. The clouds grow to cover a 10m diameter spreading throughout the area blocking the vision of anything within the area unless they are at least 1m away from each other. The electricity within the storm cloud detects the electromagnetic fields of living beings and informs the caster of their location.

Ability Performed:

Arashi Denki
Tier: A-Tier
Type: Supplementary
Range: Long
Requirements/Drawbacks: The user needs to slash downwards twice to activate the move.
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 4 Posts
Cost: 20 Magoi

    The user conjures a thin supercharged storm cloud layer around his Shuriken of Storms that lasts for a total of 4 posts. The user can discharges electricity sparks from his Shuriken of Storms that will go as far as 15m, dealing B-Tier electricity damage and 2 post paralyzation when the user performs a basic action. Things struck by the electricity sparks are knocked back 5 meters every time each time they are hit if the user so chooses.


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