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Returned! Part 3 [Solo]

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1Returned! Part 3 [Solo] Empty Returned! Part 3 [Solo] 01/09/18, 01:24 am

Hyperion Tol Baelsar

Hyperion Tol Baelsar

Eight had finally recovered from his wounds and his disorientation, making a makeshit cave of snow to sleep in. He kept warm in the night sand fed himself on game by daylight. As he gained his bearings he created a sundial, and figured out how to orient himself. He managed to get back to on the trail, and he could even see the Imuchakk at long last. He wasn't even sure how many days he had gone by, but now he was happy to go to a familiar place, even if he had only spent a few weeks there, but it was his home, since he was soon to be without one altogether.


Returned! Part 3 [Solo] UwPVdcs

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