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Odd Jobs 2 [Solo/Job/Part 2]

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1Odd Jobs 2 [Solo/Job/Part 2] Empty Odd Jobs 2 [Solo/Job/Part 2] on 19/09/15, 05:34 pm


As I walk through the city, headed to the market place, I notice something strange. The streets seem empty for some reason, as though the city had become a ghost town over the last night. It seemed as though there were something missing; everything was completely quiet on the street, and it felt odd. However, I couldn't figure out what it was, at least not until I passed the spot where two children played with a ball nearly every day around this time. The eerie silence confirmed my suspicion... those kids were missing. But where had they gone, and what had happened to them?

The sound of soft sobbing could be heard off to my right, and as I looked over I saw a group of parents, none of which I knew, talking quietly in a circle next to a house. The one that was sobbing was a woman who looked like she had lost everything. I walk closer, trying to hear, but not let them see that I'm eavesdropping either. I can faintly begin to pick up the conversation, and thankfully they were all too focused on it to notice me standing nearby, my gaze intently set on them as they spoke.

"Hapthet, oh Hapthet, where have you gone?" one of the other mothers says, her husband's comforting arm around her as she muttered this. "Please, please don't leave me. Come back, Hapthet... I can't live without you."

Another woman, a bit older than that one, looked less in grief but still very solemn. She was holding the sobbing woman who I'd first heard, and now that I was closer I could hear there were words intermixed with her sobs.

"My baby, my baby!" she cried, the tears cutting her words short. "Just give me back my baby, he was too young to be taken. Please, I'll do anything, just give him back to me," she mumbles through her sobbing, causing my heart to break.

There were other parents there, fathers and mothers who were grieving with the rest. It was obvious they'd lost their children, but what had happened? I had to find out - but that meant asking them personally. I take a deep breath and decide I might as well get it over with; every second I spent here was time I could be using to find these children. I near them, and the first person to nice me is the old woman who was comforting the sobbing mother.

"What do you want?" she says, scowling at me angrily and suspiciously, as a mother goose guards her ducklings.

"My name is Ivris, and I was just walking by but I managed to hear a bit of your conversation. I want to help you; I'm a magician, and if you can give me any information at all I'll try to help you the most I can."

"Why should we trust you?" she replies, obviously not trusting me in the slightest. I wasn't offended, for I understood how she felt, but it was still somewhat disheartening. This loss, it was tragic indeed, and now they had become bitter and resentful.

"You have no reason to, but I can help you get your children back. I promise," I say back, hoping she'd be able to see past her anger, sadness, and grief in order to let me help her. But instead, surprisingly enough, it's the sobbing woman who speaks up.

"It's the black witch!" she screams, in hysterics. "She took our children, and now I'm never going to see my baby again; you have to help us," she adds, sobbing once more.

"Do you know where she lives? I'll track her down and bring your children back, I promise."

"The outskirts of town, northeast of here. It's a deep dark cellar behind a house, and she'll kill us if we try to go in," the older woman, calmer now, says.

"Let me rescue my baby! I'll save him!" the sobbing woman says, trying to break free, but the older woman's grip was too strong. She comforted her once again as the woman broke down. It seemed like she was falling to pieces, and I couldn't bear to watch that go on. I'd save her baby myself.

"I'll do what I can. Just stay here, I'll be back soon," I say. And with that, I'm off. I race through the empty streets towards the witches' enclave, determined to get back those children. However, when I arrive, it seems there's someone already waiting for me there.

"I expected you would show up. A good for nothing idiot like you... I've heard about your deeds around town, and let me say, I'm not impressed. However, your little jaunt in magic ends here. I'll show you what a true sorcerer can do!" she cackles, casting Dark Blow. I'm not prepared for the attack, which shatters my borg before I can draw my wand. Oh, now it was on.

"A pity you had to block that, I'm afraid I'm going to have to make this painful for you," the witch says, an evil, toothless grin plastered on her face.

"Eat this, you witch!" I reply, casting Ice Spears.

"Not so fast," she laughs, casting Wall of Wind which tears my abilities apart. "You're not as powerful as you think, are you?" she says, smirking.

"Oh yeah? Then try this on for size," I mutter, the gloves coming off now. I cast Water Knife first, which strikes her from the left, also casting Ice Drill, which launches at her from the right.

She falls to the ground, defeated, and I smile. I'd definitely grown stronger since my start as a water magician.

Heading down into the cellar, I free all the children and carry the baby in my arms, heading back towards where the group had been standing with the children surrounding me, slowly filling the streets with life and laughter as they realized they were free at last. When the woman saw me walking towards her, she almost couldn't contain her joy as she ran up to me and carefully took her child, thanking me endlessly as tears, this time of joy, poured down her face.

The woman who'd been comforting her urged me to take a reward for my effort, and I did, thanking her in return. I'd need it for the journey ahead of me.

1063/1000 word count

130/200 magoi left

Name: Ice Spears
Tier: C
Cost: 20/10 magoi
Element: Ice
Class: Offensive
Range: 20 m
Cool-Down: 3 posts or sustain+1
Description: Caster summons 2 ice spears that are 5 meters long which travel at 15 m/s over 20 meters towards a target the caster points his wand at, each dealing D-Tier damage.

Name: Ice Drill
Tier: C-Tier
Cost: 20/10 magoi
Element: Ice
Class: Offensive
Range: 20 m
Cool-Down: 3 posts or +1 sustained
Description: Caster creates a drill made of ice which moves and rotates at 15 m/s, has a length of 10 meters and, at it's widest part, a width of 1 meter, has a range of 20 meters, and does C-Tier damage.

Name: Water Knife
Tier: B-Tier
Cost: 30/15 magoi
Element: Water
Class: Offensive|Supplementary
Range: 30 m
Cool-Down: 5 posts or +1 sustained
Description: Caster creates a single water knife which is .025 meters long and .01 meters thick. It can move at a speed of 20 m/s in a 30 meter range, and deals C-Tier damage and cause bleeding for 2 posts.


Odd Jobs 2 [Solo/Job/Part 2] 2014-09-06-korra

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