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Down with the Flu Part 1 [Job/Solo]

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1Down with the Flu Part 1 [Job/Solo] Empty Down with the Flu Part 1 [Job/Solo] on 21/09/15, 02:38 pm

Fēng Xiang

Fēng Xiang
Job Name: Down With The Flu
Job Rank: D-Tier
Job Location: Heliohapt
Job Rewards: 50xp/3,000 Huang
Job Overview: The local forge has a problem; their driver is sick and can't make the trip to the nearby mines for a shipment. They need to ore to fill an order. You'll be rewarded if you take their horse and buggy to pick it up.

Fēng decided to check out the local forge in an effort to see if the tools they made were up to par since he was planning on getting another weapon soon .The reason was that even though he enjoyed using his guan dao and had trained to use it extensively he need some sort of closer ranged weapon for when it wasn’t convenient to use the guan dao. His musing on what would suit him best were cut short  when he heard some shouting, deciding that it wouldn’t hurt to check what was going on Fēng neared the two arguing men and begun eavesdropping. From what he was hearing it seemed the Forge was in need of ore for an order but the driver that was supposed to bring the shipment was clearly sick judging by the intense episodes of coughing he had and he was refusing to do it reasoning that it would slow down the order regardless if he went or not while in this state. Figuring out that he had nothing better to do Fēng decided to help them out and so with an awkward cough he approached them and said “I couldn’t help but overhear what you two were talking about and if doesn’t bother you too much I am willing to help out.” After letting out a few coughs the driver replied with a small smile “Ah yes I would really appreciate it if you do young man, of course you would be rewarded too.”

It took around half an hour to get everything arranged before Fēng could leave for the mines in order to pick up the ores that were requested by the forge. Since he mostly traveled on foot or in the back of the cart as a passenger Fēng wasn’t that used on travelling by horse so the few first miles were kind of awkward but soon he got somewhat used to it. The rest of the journey towards the mines was peaceful which in itself was surprising considering how many bandits roamed the deserts of Heliohapt. He really hoped that this unusual calm didn’t mean he was going to encounter something troublesome. Deciding that it wasn’t worth jinxing himself with such thoughts Fēng quickly switched his focus on just enjoying the scenery .After a few more hours of travelling he finally reached the mines and received the warmest welcome he had ever experienced from the disgruntled miners there. He could only let out a frustrated growl when he learned that the forge hadn’t paid for workers, meaning he was going to have to load everything by himself. Fēng let out a few more grumbles about how he should stop accepting jobs without asking for all of the details beforehand, yes he was completely certain that this just made it in the list of things he should never do  and it was just under the recently added “don’t remove ancient artifacts from pedestals“. After he finished loading all of the ores in the cart he quickly set off but not before offering a nod and wave to the nearby miners despite how cold they had welcomed him. The return journey also went smoothly and soon he found himself back in Heliohapt delivering the cargo to the forge.



Down with the Flu Part 1 [Job/Solo] Unlimi12

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