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Parasites! Part 2 [solo]

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1Parasites! Part 2 [solo] Empty Parasites! Part 2 [solo] 01/09/18, 12:52 am

Hyperion Tol Baelsar

Hyperion Tol Baelsar

Eight had gotten up, having lost his circadian rhythm somewhat. It was night time and he had drank water from a flowing stream, that somehow managed to stay moving through the cold weather. During this time, he could feel something was different, and he recalled the parasites that Tsuki used to study. And from the descriptions and the location he was at, it only made sense that he had gotten at least two parasites, and he was fully aware of what they were capable of. One was not meant for combat, but disguising, and it was quite a slime-involved entity, and the other would be perfect for taking over the minds of others, as a slaver.


Parasites! Part 2 [solo] UwPVdcs

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