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Part 3 of Phase 2! [Solo]

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1Part 3 of Phase 2! [Solo] Empty Part 3 of Phase 2! [Solo] on 20/03/15, 09:14 pm


Zadi and Joa finally arrived at the great walls of Magnostadt! It was a grand sight to behold. Rather plain though. Walls are just walls, but it was the size that made Zadi gasp in awe! However, now was no time to dilly-dally. Upon exiting Remano, Zadi quickly bought a special potion which would help give Zadi the "perfect disguise", so to speak. More so metaphorical as this potion physically changed a person's being into that of something else. Human hopefully, but there was the slightest chance that something else would change aside form one's face, which was the point of getting the potion in the first place. Zadi wanted to keep hidden within Magnostadt for his face was already heavily seen at the Remano. The potion would ensure that not even the most skilled of magicians would be able to tell that Zadi drank a potion! Or so Zadi thought. Zadi drank the fluid within the small bottle and...changed. For the better or worse was up to debate as not only Zadi's facial features changed, but also his...genitalia. His hair grew and slightly changed color, though still remained a bit "blonde" for all intents and purposes. His eye color stayed the same, too. Zadi's desire to still "be himself" must have triggered something else, however.

"I feel...strange. you notice anything strikingly different about me?"

Joa kept silent as his partner-in-crime had just...changed. Again, for better or for worse was up for debate. Joa scanned Zadi, rubbed his eyes, and scanned again, hoping to see something different on the second go. Unfortunately that wasn't the case. Joa still saw Zadi for who he now was, a female version of himself. That's right. Zadi's desire to keep fashion above most things must have triggered the potion to change such desires into what Zadi made himself feel like whenever he played "dress up", a female. Sure there were manly men that cared about what they wore, but Zadi kept thinking he was a bit of a "girly man" for caring as much as he did.

"Joa? Wait, friggin' way..."

Zadi suddenly grabbed his chest, butt, that order, hoping to feel what he usually felt when grabbing those places. Upon a second "touch and go" Zadi looked back up to Joa and calmly said, "FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU- Wait. This can't be ALL bad, can it?"

"Looks pretty "bad" to me, sir- I MEAN MA'AM!"

"SHUT UP! CALL ME SIR! Please...darn it."

The two stared at Zadi's new form, both blushing a little at the sight of Zadi's more bountiful chest. However, the blushing stopped when they both back up at each other and continued their pace towards Magnostadt's check-in point. They didn't look at each other but knew what the other was thinking;

"This is totally normal! This doesn't change the mission in the slightest!"

The two eventually made it to the check-in point, the main entrance to Magnostadt. There seemed to be a line formed with many people attempting to gain access to the great city, most of which were turned away for a seemingly obvious reason; they weren't willing to get smashed by a hammer. Made sense, but when Zadi saw a few people accept the "challenge", Zadi could tell what the hammer was meant for. One person stepped up and was able to block the hammer by means of a borg.

"Good test, but how would I get Joa inside?"

Zadi took a closer look at the people making it past the guards and noticed that they were carrying stuff with them, some concealed in bags, but the guards didn't check even the closed luggage! Within the cover of trees and bushes, Zadi told Joa to crouch down into a fetal position. Joa did as Zadi told in order to try to get over the sudden change in Zadi's appearance. Zadi then told Joa to stretch out one arm. Joa did that as well. Then Zadi used Zadi's Theatre to encase Joa in an illusion shaped like a bag that seemed too heavy to be carried other than dragging. Zadi then got in line and waited, dragging Joa by his single arm. Zadi was having a difficult time and not due to his new gender. Joa was larger than Zadi and therefore heavier.

Joa wasn't having an easy time either, but his training as a monk allowed him to stay still within the illusion, unmoving. His arm was getting very sore though. Eventually Zadi reached the front of the line and was asked if he were willing to be "tested". Zadi readily agreed, letting the hammer smash down upon his borg, unbroken! The hammer was unsuccessful in smashing Zadi's borg to pieces, putting a smile on Zadi's face. The guards let Zadi through without so much as checking his luggage since he just passed the "magician test". However, with so many people on the other side of the city walls, Zadi didn't think it would be good for Joa to rest just yet. The two of them would have to keep pretending that Joa was a piece of luggage for the time being. Joa steeled his will and pretended that he was training his core in an attempt to dull the ever increasing soreness through his entire body. It as tough, but Zadi had faith in his partner.

"Just a little longer Joa."

100+/100 words - Citizen of Magnostadt

290 Magoi/Stamina

Name: Zadi's Theatre
Tier: A
Cost: N/A
Element: Solid Illusion | Light + Strength
Class: Social
Range: 40 meters
Duration: Sustained
Cool-Down: 7 posts
Description: The caster can create up to 20 constructs of varying look, size, and even color. The constructs combined scales measure to be 15-25 meters in diameter, and can be moved at 25 m/s. They can each be freely moved by the caster as long as they constructs are within 40 meters of the caster. However, the constructs are unable to make sound as they are just solidified light. The main purpose of this ability is to preform stories either experienced or fantasied by the caster in order to entertain.


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