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Death of Breaker - Kara vs Breaker

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1Death of Breaker - Kara vs Breaker Empty Death of Breaker - Kara vs Breaker on 24/08/17, 10:21 pm

Kara Satel Bane

Kara Satel Bane
Death of Breaker - Kara vs Breaker Urbicus
Enemy Name: Breaker
Rank: B
Needed damage to take down: A-tier
Abilities: An experienced gladiator with numerous fights under his belt. Breaker is feared by other combatants for his tendency to break his opponent's weapons. He runs at 7m/s and sprints at 12m/s. Breaker wields a C-tier gauntlet on his left arm, a B-tier shortsword in his left hand, and a C-tier tower shield in his right hand.

Brace ~  Breaker raises his tower shield and blocks up to 1 A-tier's worth of damage. He raises the shield at 20m/s.

Deflecting Parry ~ Breaker steps into an attack and flashes his left arm through the air using his gauntlet to deflect an incoming attack blocking up to 1 B-tier worth of damage. This movement occurs at 15m/s.

Crushing Rush ~ Breaker performs a wild downwards slash at 15m/s capable of dealing B-tier cutting damage.

The battle between the two incredible fighters had been going on for two hours and fifteen minutes and had the crowd buzzing in excitement as it was clear both had been giving it their all, though alas all battles must come to an end and with Kara having captured the sword of breaker and using it as her own, the fights ending was almost guaranteed. He's dead the announcer shouts as Breaker drops to his knees and then the ground with blood pouring down his face as the pool of his blood starts to grow, a few sections later Kara would use Breakers own sword thrusting it into the back of the dead Breakers skull. “Nothing personal but you had it coming”.

With Kara somewhat covered in breakers blood she turns her back to the corpse and starts walking towards the exit with her right arm raised holding her Bow of war; then suddenly as a strong rhythm started flowing from the crowd as they cheered for her victory with drums, guitars and even the odd violin. This would really lived her spirits and thus her body would answer the crowd as she places both her hands forward linking them together, pulling her shoulders back slightly as she started rotating her shoulders forward & back, her connected hands side to side with a elegant smile upon her face as she started shaking her hips while rotating around in attempt to make eye contact with everyone supporting her, and in the attempt to remember their faces.

Two Hours earlier

Breaker is barging forward towards Kara and while she is able to avoid his sword strike, he thrusts his tower shield with force into her stomach catapulting her several meters………..

287 words / 800


Death of Breaker - Kara vs Breaker JRbMRoE

Death of Breaker - Kara vs Breaker Bianca_Sheet

Kara Satel Bane

Kara Satel Bane
As Kara feels the pain of the shield thrusting against her torso that catapults her away, she fills as if she's been winded as she struggles to grasp her next breath, her eyes open wide in shock. This guy is relentless though I can win this for sure as Kara back hits the ground she lets herself fall into a sort of painful roll in order to increase the distance between them. Breaker continues to follow Kara realizing he has made a mistake putting so much force in his attack. The sound of flesh meeting steel echoes through the body of breaker along with a staining pain sensation, he is then forced to take a seat back as the second thumb strikes his tower shield.

During Karas painful roll that would highly likely cause bruises to appear later she was able to fire two arrows at Breaker; One striking his shield while the first ripped through his ankle with authority; she had broken through an artery and left quite the hole in his flesh on the inner side of the ankle and Breaker was feeling the pain. Hiding behind his tower shield he is able to quickly bandage the injury but not before half a gallon of blood poured onto the battlefield.

With this time Kara was able to increase the distance between them but she had caused Breaker to take this seriously; “You bitch, I am going to Murder you and then everyone you care about for that hmm he's threatened those I care about thus I must kill him myself[/i]… [this is no longer a battle of sport / this is no longer a battle of sport].

1 hour later.

Both parties have been lightly injured as they clash with each other and the environment though it would seem as Breaker is the more aggressive of the two with his incredible defences she Braces his shield blocking large amount of damage from Kara attacks, and even when Kara launched herself above him using the tower shield itself as a catalyst he is able to use his deflective parry to stop her attacks again and again all while he charges towards her swinging his blade. Kara had dodged death a total of 10 times during the match while only landing attacks that skim the flesh of her foe.  

50 minutes later - 10 minutes before the fight ends Kara pulls of something incredibly creative.

As Breaker uses an ability he called crushing rush swinging his blade downwards she rolls to the side and darts forward and fires an arrow back while taking a deep breath breaker was prepared with his tower shield but her aim was for his sword's hilt knocking it out of his hand; at this point she barges into his shield with all the strength she has;  a fanalis screaming with incredible anger on her face [Fanalis Roar]. With this, she staggers Breaker long enough to gain the time to pick up his Sword.  Kara would continue to dual wield her bow and his sword banging against the shield.

After some time she would find herself climbing his shield and her legs over its top using all her strength and weight to pull it from his hand as if performing an armbar on the shield; as it left his hand she would launch her last two arrows into breakers eyes killing him; and symbolically thrusting his own sword into his corpse.  
Presently - Kara exits the arena dancing  

582 + 287 = 869/800
abbility used:

Fanalis Roar

Tier: C
Specialization: Fanalis Racial
Type: Supplementary
Range: Short(3m)
Requirements/Drawbacks: User must inhale a deep breath before roaring.
Scaling: AoE
Sustain: -
Cool Down: 2 posts
Cost: -

    After taking a deep breath, the fanalis lets out a mighty roar to stun and intimidate enemies. The enemy does not suffer any actual paralysis, however, the noise is loud enough to cause pain and will stagger foes using basic actions or lower ranked abilities.

Damage officially is done - 3 basic B tier ammo.

weapons brung:

Death of Breaker - Kara vs Breaker Weapon_B_teir

Name: War Horse Bow
Tier: B
Type: Bow
Material: Carbon Steels + Tints of Gold
Appearance: The strong Carbon steel  of the bow is 203.2 centimeters (80") long with a bow draw of 81.28 centimeters  (32")
Ammunition Material: Steel
Ammunition Appearance:1.2 meters long


Death of Breaker - Kara vs Breaker JRbMRoE

Death of Breaker - Kara vs Breaker Bianca_Sheet

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