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Finding Some Books [Solo/Job]

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Merari raised the slip of paper and looked through the list of books his Magic Theory professor had assigned him to find. Apparently, the man had a need for some reading material but was much too busy to search through the library himself. So, that's how the Magician found the job being passed down to him. He didn't really mind it if it meant that it would put him on good footing with his teacher.

With that thought in mind, Merari pushed the door open to the library and stepped inside. It was quiet as usual, with the only sounds filling the area being that of a ticking clock and the almost silent rustle of pages being turned. There were two or three Magicians within the sitting area studying tomes for some class, with the librarian and her aid sitting at their desks.

"I'll be able to find the books by myself. In and out and I'm done." Merari thought to himself as he walked past the front desk and towards the aisle that he believed the books he needed were in.

Stalking down the shelves of books, his ruby eyes were peeled as he read through the spines of the books. Pausing for a moment, Merari grabbed a book out from its place and held it. Comparing it to the list, Merari gave himself a nod as he confirmed to himself that the book was right before tucking the book under his arm. Fishing out a pen he stroked out the title of the book before continuing with his hunt.

The next books were somewhat easy to find, and by the time thirty minutes had passed he already had a stack of books for the professor. Already once he spotted the librarian giving him an inquisitory look, but she thankfully didn't come over to bother him.

Plastering a good-natured smile on his face, Merari pulled another book off the shelf and checked it. The front of the book was rather generic, with the title being no better, but off it went onto his stack of growing book. That was followed by its name getting a line through it on the list before both pen and paper was tucked away. He had just a couple left, and already the motions of looking through the aisle, get a book, check the book, put the book back or put it into the pile was beginning to peeve him.

But there was only three left, and he was confident that he would get them before the hour was up. It was either that or he would be wasting his time with how long he's been spending his time within the library.

Striking through two more names, one final book was left on the list. Unfortunately for him, despite the fact that the librarian said that it was still in when he asked, it was nowhere to be found. He walked up and down, up and down, up and down the aisle. Nothing.

Merari stepped into the next aisle and searched through it, checking each spine of each book. After a certain point, the spines started to mesh together and he had to go back to check once more.

Almost growling to himself, the Magician had to take a moment to pause and regain himself. His smile was cracking, and he could feel the sting of his nails digging into his palm. Stretching out his fingers, Merari closed his eyes and forced himself to take a deep breath. Getting back his composure, Merari opened his eyes and continued his search for the book.

After checking two aisles down on each side of the aisle where the book in question had to be, Merari returned to his starting point. Bending down, he went through the stack and double checked the aisle. Shaking his head to himself, the Magician then gathered his hair in a fist and lowered himself to the ground, careful to make sure that not a strand brushed the dirt beneath his palms.

Peering under the shelves, Merari squinted as he spotted something. Shifting his weight from his hand to his elbow, the Magician stuck a hand under the shelf and grabbed the something before pulling it out. Sitting up, Merari sat face to face with a tome. Sprawled across its face was the name of the very book that was the last one he needed to finish his book hunt.



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