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Stack The Books... Right [Solo Job]

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Job Name: Assistant Librarian Needed
Job Rank: D-Tier
Job Location: Magnostadt
Job Rewards: 50XP / 3,000 Huang
Job Overview:
The magical school that helps bring so much joy to our country is short handed this week of librarians. They need a person to come in and help sort through some books and scrolls and put them back in their proper locations. Just show up to the library and help go through the giant mounds of backlogged books and scrolls and find their proper homes. The library is the largest in the world and is up to 30 stories tall making it a pretty long task to do.


- [ Leo De Dei Montem De Dei ] -

[ magoi: 200/240 ]
[ stamina: 110/110 ]


"I know the library is excluded from 3rd Kodor students, but... Please! Is there any way I can enter the library?" Ariel pleaded for what felt the thousandth time. Chilly disappointment frosted his skin as apathetic gray eyes scrutinized him. After a second of silence drifting through the hallways, the clock ticking once, silver eyes drifting to the side in slow motion, and the sun rising less than an inch, the monitor finally spoke. "No," she simply replied. Nothing more, nothing less. Without life and a steady beeeeeeep. As usual. He stood motionless. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. The steady rhythm of the clock dragged him into a state of relaxation. Silence except the constant, familiar ticking of the clock.




Spiraling downward and diving into a subconscious sea. Almost a touch there. The water lapped up his fingers. It ate away at the hand hungrily. It moved up. The arm fell away to the power of the sea. To the elbow now. Only a small portion remaining of the arm. To the shoulders now- "Stack the books." Closed eyes sprung open as a force jerked him out of the water and propelled him up. He watched in shock as the waves fell like hanging curtains and plunge into the main body. "Huh?" he mumbled stupidly. His ears, clouded by the misty fog and his mind lulled to sleep, the three words barely reached him. Owlish eyes stared intensely at the bookworm. A hand reached out and-

"Ow! What the hell!?" he exclaimed.

"Stack the books," the monitor repeated. She stepped away from the doorway and motioned to the library. Ariel stared at the monitor, stunned. No way! Was she giving him a chance to enter the library? He nodded understandingly at her pointed look. "Right," he mumbled. He stepped into the fantastic library. He gazed admiringly at the endless stack of books. His eyes sparkled, and a great grin spread across his face. In the atmosphere of spectacular words, he felt like a single blade of grass among many. A child among the wisdom of the books. The ticking and tocking of the clock, and his own footsteps summed up the noise inside the library. The disruption felt out of place in such a noble library with thousands of sage books. A sort of lonely tranquility echoed in his footsteps. A voice reminds him of the requirement which allowed his presence in the library, "Stack the books."

"Right," he mumbled again.

He stared at the horrendous mess helplessly. Surely he would not be organizing on his own? The clock ticked thrice before Ariel resigned to his fate. Obviously, he would labor alone. He did recall some mentionings concerning the decline of librarians. So it seemed they decided to lead the duty to poor students like him. He might as well get to work. Judging the glares sent by the monitor, he guessed he would be hanging around the library and stacking books until he finished the job. He flicked his staff up, and eight, light and thin books rose. They sped to their proper positions quickly. He weaved through the gigantic maze, picking up books and returning them to their proper place the rest of the day.


verbum comitem [ dxlvii // d ]
word count [ 547 // 500 ]



Blue Dragon:

Stack The Books... Right [Solo Job] If-40210
Name: Blue Dragon
Tier: D-Tier
Material: Iron. Handle is wood and velvet.
Appearance: In height, it is 183 centimeters. It is a thin staff of only 1.5 centimeters around. Decorated with gold paint. The top decoration appears to have four jagged wing like pieces that surround a pedestal. On the pedestal is a blue orb of 3 centimeters in both height and width. It get the name 'Blue Dragon' due to the fact that the blue orb looks like a dragon egg which the 'wings' of the dragon are guarding.
Abilit(y/ies) Used:
Kheyfets Derheybung:

Kheyfets Derheybung

Tier: C-Tier

Class: Magician

Type: Supplementary

Range: Medium

Requirements/Drawbacks: The user must first get a visual on the target(s) (this can be achieved by focusing on a target or create a mental image of his/her surroundings) and flick their staff/stave/wand up.

Scaling: The number of projectiles doubles every 10 magoi used.

Sustain: 0

Cool Down: 2 posts

Cost: 20 | 10 magoi + 10 magoi per sustainment


    By using gravity magic, the user can levitate and control the movements of objects in a 10m radius. The objects will move in sync with the staff/stave/wand of the user.

    • Faint rings will appear on the ground, under the object being levitated.

      • Due to being strength magic, the rings have a black glow.
      • They are 0.32m in diameter.
      • If these rings are touched by any foreign force, the control over the object it is under will be broken.

    • Two objects can be controlled at a time, unless scaled.
    • The total weight of all the objects being targeted can not weight more than user's weight.
    • The object can be held down by anything with C-Tier strength or higher.
    • Anything in a 10m radius of the user can be affected.

    • It does not effect anything of the following:

      • Plants/trees
      • Bugs/insects
      • People
      • Animals
      • Material set in stone
      • Water
      • Flames


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