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Joining Gao Yuan Zu

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Jingyi Hou

Jingyi Hou

Job Details:

Job Name: Infantry!
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Kou
Job Rewards: 100 XP | 7,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: -
Job Overview:
Both Emperor Yoshiro and Gao Yuan Zu have been actively recruiting soldiers to their respective sides. You hear of the recruitment process and decide to join one of the sides, however you must first go through some basic training before you are ready to face the enemy! Report to the Guard Captain of your chosen side to start your training and before part of the Infantry! *+2 influence to the side you choose to join*

Enemy Name: Footsoldiers x4
Rank: D
Needed damage to take down: D
Description: These men hardly look like seasoned warriors, in fact they seem to be fresh off the farm! They hold their wooden swords in a sloppy stance as they face you in mock combat!
Slash ~ using the wooden training sword the footsoldier slashes at you aggressively, dealing D rank damage.
Defend ~ the footsoldier uses the small makeshift shield to block your attack!

WC: 1125

Jingyi quietly walked into the recruitment office, the normally excitable woman solemn as she looked around. The room seemed foreboding, but after finding out that the rooms that Yoshirou killed his own father, and even his sister, Jingyi couldn't force herself to support the man any longer.

Spotting a man dressed in armor fitting of a Guard Captin, Jingyi quickly nodded her head to herself, a forced smile finding its place on her face before she headed over to the man. "Hello, this is the recruitment office for Gao Yaun Zu?"

The captain only gave her brief nod, "I'm sure you know of the recruitment process, the papers and all that. But before you can officially join, you have to get basic training," he replied as he held his hand out for the papers that were clutched in Jingyi's hands.

At the hand, she quickly handed the papers over, but she couldn't help but asking, "Do I have to go through training- I already know how to fight." Jingyi patted the hilt of Grasscutter at her words as if proving that it alone vouched for her fighting capabilities.

"Sorry, but it's mandatory. Get a uniform from there," he quickly pointed to a nearby room, "and there'll be some changing rooms. After that report back and then we can get this underway."

Jingyi nodded her head before offering a brief salute. At her dismissal from the Guard Captain, the warrior briskly walked towards the room that he had pointed to earlier. Behind the door was a small room, with a woman standing behind a counter and handing out uniforms to the other soldiers.

"It'll be better this way. I can't support someone who hurt his own father for personal gain. I just can't! And not only that, Zoshirou might tear down our traditions and cultures? And hey, even if Gao Yaun Zu starts wars, that'll help with my military career.." Jingyi thought to herself as she got her uniform, thumbs tracing circles in the fabric.

After getting dressed in the rather itchy uniform, Jingyi met up with the captain before being lead to a training courtyard. There she was told that while she was allowed to use Grasscutter, she had to be moderate and not fatally hurt her opponents. Agreeing to the terms, Jingyi was allowed into the arena and she finally faced her first opponent.

The first footsoldier she saw was a man not any older than her, but yet it would seem that they were different with experience. His pose was sloppy and his wooden sword was dropping. Jingyi was sure that she would be able to defeat him with no problem.

She grabbed the sheath of her sword and drew her sword before rushing at her opponent. Her sword smacked against his shield and the former farmhand swung his own sword, only for it to be parried by her own.

Stepping back, Jingyi raised her sword before lunging forwards, closing the distance between them by a meter. With a ring, Grasscutter knocked against his shield as the foot soldier Defended himself. He managed to push her back, but only slightly as Jingyi regained her footing and slashed his sword once more. The tip of the broadsword nicked his arm, and the boy yelped, inexperienced to the pain.

Seemingly angered, the foot soldier lunged forwards, his sword swinging in a sideways arc in hopes of knocking into her side. But, using years of training Jingyi outstepped the attack before swinging her own sword, her sword slashing against his side, cutting through his thin shirt and leaving a shallow cut.

The man went down at that, his grip relaxing on the sword as it skittered away from him. Jingyi took the opportunity to kick aside the wooden sword and swing it in front of her opponent's face. At that, he was officially over, and Jingyi was allowed a moment to refreshen before her next fight.

Her next opponent was a foot soldier like the first, but he seemed to be stronger than his predecessor. But still, inexperience caused him to wield his sword and shield improperly, his stance just as bad.

It wasn't long before the two lunged towards each other, their swords clashing. Jingyi started to push back when suddenly, his sword knocked against her, sending her stumbling back. Gritting her teeth, the warrior quickly shifted into the Mamushi Stance. Her feet slid apart, knees bending as her sword was raised in both hands. Bracing herself, Jingyi quickly leaped forwards, her sword slashing down in her attack, Striking Cobra. He stumbled back, his shield dropping to grasp at the new shallow cut in his chest. At that, he dropped out, and Jingyi had only two more to fight through before her official military career began.

The third man offered a greater challenge, his pose being the best out of all her opponents that Jingyi had faced so far. But yet, like all his experience of fighting came from defending swineherds. Their fight commenced almost immediately, wooden shield Defending against her steel slashes. They pushed against each other, their attacks meeting together.

Huffing to herself, Jingyi raised her sword and gritted her teeth as she slipped into the familiar stance. He could only watch as Jingyi started to weave around, forcing herself to move faster as she started the beginning of her signature move. Stepping back, Jingyi raised her sword before lunging forwards. Her attack, Hypnotic Viper pierced through his wooden sword, and barely stung his flesh.

And with that, her third opponent fell, and Jingyi was given a brief moment to catch her breath and get a drink before she would face her fourth and final opponent.

"You got this.." Jingyi thought to herself as she jumped at her opponent, her sword slicing down, only for the other to Defend against it with his sword.

Jingyi was forced back, a Slash connecting with her side. The warrior bit back a yelp; she was sure that a small bruise would later form but that wasn't of importance now.

Raising her sword, Jingyi pushed her heels into the ground before leaping forwards. In an arc her sword raised before slashing down, Jumping Snake tearing through his defense and sending the man down.

With heavy breaths, Jingyi finally finished her fourth opponent. After that, she was led back to an office and her training period was officially ended and her registration into Gao Yaun Zu's was finalized.


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