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Joining Yoshiro's cause

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It had been a few days before Ani had chosen to support a side in this war, though she had just been doing a few small things to help out Yoshiro she realized that there was a more professional way to go about it. She had heard from one of her contacts that there was recruitment going on for both sides, and while she loved just running around and helping out Yoshiro whenever possible she also knew that if she was officially listed as someone who fought for Yoshiro it could lead to some support for her and her organization. Plus the chance to earn some recognition in the war excited Ani. It boiled her blood and made her think of all the possible battles she could encounter the war each thought that popped into her head made her almost drool with excitement. In the end Ani came to the decision that she would join the infantry and fight officially as a soldier of Yoshiro's side. Ani thought that she could provide some sort of unique assistance do to the fact that she could also act as cavalry with the assistance of her beast Hoyo. She wasn't sure how cavalry placements would work though. Regardless the Imuchakk woman had decided that when she would go to join up she would would bring her beast with her for the point of showing off her abilities of fighting with a weapon and with a powerful beast that had it's own bioelectricity for combat.

After finding out the precise location of where the recruitment process was happening she mounted her beast and left for it. She was wearing her standard leather adventuring clothes, the straps strapped tightly and her buckles were tightened along with. She was wearing the full set today, her leather shorts, leather shirt and brassiere, the leather gauntlets, and her leather sandals as well. With her spear strapped to her back she rode her beast of into the distance using the crudely drawn map she was given to navigate towards the camp, each stride of her beast making her smile wider as she thought about the people she would meet and get to train with.Soon enough she had finally made it to the camp using the map she had received to get in. She walked around a bit before talking to one of the officers in the camp. It was pretty simple what she was being told by him. The Imuchakk woman had been informed that she would need some training, she understood as they wouldn't be able to tell her proficiency just from looking at her. They were most likely concerned by the fact that one of her eyelids was completely closed with a scar through it. This assumption was confirmed when they asked her to make sure to stop by the medical tent to receive something from the medical officers that were stationed in the tents. She did so, and when she didn't leave the tent with anything to help her eye but she was given an eyepatch to cover the eye with. She chuckled and soon left to the training grounds leaving Hoyo behind with some of the other animals brought by tamers.

Soon enough Ani was there and saw whom she was supposed to train with, she was a bit surprised by their appearance seeing that they seemed to have very little experience in fighting let alone a serious battle. She sighed and determined that it was a good decision to leave Hoyo behind for this battle. After all it would be rather easy for her to take out the footsoldiers on her own. She knew that if she had taken Hoyo to fight these men that it would mostly likely end up damaging them to the point where they would have no use in the war. This may have been hubris, but the imuchakk was not taking her chances with that, she wanted to enjoy a worthwhile battle not make it to were the side she would be fighting with would be put at any disadvantage. She chuckled softly and saw them picking up their weapons and motioning for her to get ready for their sparring. She could tell that they were eager and all too passionate about their cause, but Ani didn't see this as a bad thing in fact it gave her a little hope when it came to fighting with these greenhorns. She smiled and stepped back holding her spear as she got into her stance ready to spar with them as if their lives depended on the outcome of the battle.

Ani danced around slightly a bit as she saw the men getting ready to strike at any time. She hummed softly and then saw they were signalling each other as if trying to decide which one of them would get the opportunity to attack her first. She then saw that they were going about the old trick that groups liked to do. All four of them soon dashed towards Ani each one of them using a slash on her to hit her in each one of her four limbs. She groaned out softly a bit knowing that this combined damage actually hurt her quite a bit. Though everything had gone according to her plan. She lifted her knee up into the air before slamming her thunderfoot into the ground creating a rather sudden shockwave. It soon knocked the men back onto their rumps and knocking them out successfully. She chuckled softly and talked with them afterwards. She talked with them about were they went wrong when they attacked her all at once. She smiled and was happy to learn that she passed the training, and was happy that she would get the opportunity to help out as a member of the infantry.  Some of the men she was talking to seemed interesting to her and it made her happy that she came here as she would be able to train  with them as well as make some more friends and allies as she would fight for Yoshiro.

WC: 1,012/1,000
Stamina: 315/335

Ability used:


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