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Joining the cause [job]

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Merrze would walk forward into the doors that had sprung open before her. Inside stood a bunch of men and women armed to the teeth. They were sparring, working on armor, crafting new weapons. It was clear that they were preparing for war, anyone could see that. Standing there before the woman was a man who seemed to be of higher rank then most of the other troops. It was most likely the captain of the garrison or possible another officer. He was a tall kou man, his body slim and he had a sword on his side with a shield on his back. His narrow eyes had a piercing glaze to them, as if he was a some sort hawk. He glared deep into the face of Merrze He seemed to have doubts about her. Yet she did in fact have her troop of soldiers behind her. So it would be good oppurtunity for both of them standing there to see if Merrze was really all that she said she was. The woman clearly didn't look like a fanalis he though. If she wasn't then why would she be a superior officer in the fanalis corps. After he thoughts of doubt were over he would speak to Merrze.

"well I must say, you do not look like you are of such a rank, or even a fanalis. But you do seem to have an impressive amount of people following you so I will give you a chance to prove yourself. I will have you fight a four of my foot soliders. If you beat them then I will allow you and your men to officially join us in our war efforts. Seems like a fair deal to me as I don't have to test every single one of them and it gives you a chance to show off. So m'am, do we have a deal?"

She had a simple smirk on her face at this moment. She had only one reply in her head, and it was the one most people would go with unless they were scared to fight for te things they believe in. Confidently she spoke to the man. "Alright I'll show you what I got, just make sure to bring out some of your better men. You maybe judging my appearance but I can assure you that I am a fanalis, and our strength is as strong as legends say it is."

With this she would stand there waiting for her foes to appear before her, the captain went off to gather them it seemed. She waited for a good five minutes before he would return there with the four men like he had promised. They were all standard kou soliders, not a single one of them truly stood out, they did for some reason forma line. It was like they were going to take turns trying to challenge her to a 1v1 fight. That would be no fun for Merrze so she would simply gesture at them. "Come on, are you guys that afraid that you're holding off to fight me by going one on one. Why don't you try and give me a real challenge."

She was intentionally trying to rile the group of men up, after all she wouldn't have much fun if it wasn't a challenge. AS they would run towards here one of the soliders would try to slash] her. The fanalis would duck the attack and punch him in the rib cage. With one man down there were only three more to go and they dint seem all that intimidating. So she thought she would show them whats up by going on the offensive herself. With quick dash Merrze would move to the nearest man. With a swift movement of her arm she would punch him in the throat putting him out of commission. This would anger the other two men and they would decide to come and attack the woman. They would go in for a pincer formation running around from her sides. Trying to corner her in they would both attempt to use slash on her. Yet with a graceful movement she would leap in the air half a minute before they arrived at her.

Whilst in the air the fanalis would fall down on top of them. She would deliver a kick to the back of the neck on the man on the right. He groaned with pain and fell over. Now it was down do that last one of the bunch. He was trying his best but there were slight signs of fear. They were being taken down by a women with no armor, and no weapons. She had overpowered them with ease. So ti was time to finish the deed. She strolled over there, with a nonchalant aura. The cowering man would slash her. Yet the girl would take it. Then the white haired girl would grasp his arm. With a quick twist she would deal slight damage not to break it but to leave heavily marking and maybe slight fractures. With that he would cower to the ground in submission.

The group of men just laid there in defeat as they had lost this battle like it was a grown man facing children. The captain himself couldn't help but to look in awe as the woman had managed to defeat them like it was childs play. "Well I have to say you proved that you are a capable warrior. I hope that your strength will be able to hellp us win many battles. There is definite trouble ahead and all I can say to you is good luck Colonel Merrze. This is a fight that we cannot afford to l." With that the meeting would be over and she would be apart of the cause fully. Hopefully she would be able to make an important Many people would not be able to accomplish the stuff that she had done. And not many people would be stupid enough to join a war like this when they were an outsider.

word count ;1012/1000


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