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Helping Her Nation [Job/Solo]

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1Helping Her Nation [Job/Solo] Empty Helping Her Nation [Job/Solo] 25/02/17, 11:02 am

Jingyi Hou

Jingyi Hou

Job Details:
Job Name: Rebuilding the Armory
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Kou
Job Rewards: 50 XP/3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: After the armory was destroyed in the Kou-Reim Conflict, the military is short on supplies. Do your part to help by delivery much needed ore to the blacksmiths and wood to the carpenters.

Jingyi carefully lifted the box full of precious ore, her knees bending so her back wouldn't buckle under the weight. After moments of adjustment, the woman started to carry it out of the supply tent, her gaze finding the path she needed to follow to the blacksmiths.

She quickly started to follow down the path, her fingers digging into the crate as she held it close to her chest. While the woman was rather strong, she was able to carry her own weight, but the box was still considered heavy in the woman's mind.

"But I can do this! I have to do this, the blacksmiths need that ore to work their magic after all! And I have to contribute something to help Kou," Jingyi thought to herself a nod, a smile growing on her face as the woman quickened her steps.

It wasn't too long before she finally spotted the tents that were set up for the blacksmiths. Black smoke leaked out of chimneys, and the sound of hammers clang throughout the small area.

"Hey!" shouted a man in an apron, the words "kiss the smith" embroidered across the front, his black-covered hand raising to point at a small pile of crates. "Put that down over there, and then bring back two more!" He yelled, his loud voice distributing the scene before turning back to his work and continuing to hammer out a sword.

Jingyi smiled in an affable way as her head nodded before walking towards the crates. She dropped the box onto the ground, her arms thankful for the disappearance of the weight. The woman quickly wiped her forehead with the back of her hand before heading back towards the supply camp.

Her second trips were much like the first, her back groaning at the weight of the boxes but that didn't stop Jingyi. She had to do it, and she wouldn't stop till she was certain that her job was done.

With that thought in mind, Jingyi grabbed onto some lumber, ignoring the splinters that stuck into her hands she lifted it. The woman stumbled backwards as she raised it, but she dug her heels into the ground before starting to walk. Her feet led her down another path, one that leads to the other side of camp where the carpenters resided.

A young man dressed in the uniform of an apprentice quickly spotted her before hurrying over. "Hey, are you the one bringing the lumber? Great, just set it down over there!" The apprentice garrulously said, his mouth rambling as he gestured towards a pile of lumber.

Jingyi stumbled over to the site before dropping the lumber onto the stack of wood, her hands resting against it before pushing away. "Thanks!" The warrior exclaimed, smiling as the apprentice continued to ramble on.

She nodded her head to his words before holding up a hand, "May I ask how much more I should bring?" She inquired with a tilt of her head, causing him to explode into another bought of chatter. Between his words, she caught, "3" before a polite smile graced her face. "Alright, thank you!"

After that point she quickly rushed away, her body finding renewed energy to escape the chatty bird so she could continue on her job.

It was late that evening before Jingyi finally finished her chores, her back aching in pain from the weights she carried that day. But it was worth it- the carpenters had more wood to work with and the blacksmiths had more ore to create life-saving armour and precious weapons.

WC: 597/500


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