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Helping monks[Solo job]

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Enemies and abilities:

Enemy Name:Bears
Needed damage to take down: C
Abilities: Deals D rank damage through his claws and fangs.

Enemy Name: Wolves
Needed damage to take down: D rank
Deals C rank damage through claws and fangs.

"Hurry Tai!" a boy with red hair would say to his bird companion a irritated look on his face. The two had left  the monks temple that sat atop one of the many mountain within the Zou empire. The boy,Daisuke was drawn to the place because of a rumor he heard about the monks knowing a mystical recipe that is said to induce a powerful meditative state that can help one a find the answers to any problem that they may have. Daisuke would stop and turn back to the Tai,"Sigh, I don't know where to find any!"He says as he falls to his knees and looks up at the sky, they had been searching for some flowers that the monks needed for about twenty minutes. Daisuke would look at Tai wanting the bird to find them, Tai would suddenly fly into a tree. The bird would scan the area for any of the flowers they needed. His eyes would grow large as he finally spotted one,Daisuke would notice this and run to the tree Tai was in."You find something Tai!?!?" Daisuke asks as he waited for the bird to give him a response.

Tai would nob his had before jumping out of the tree, starting to walk in the direction he spotted the flowers.As Daisuke followed Tai his hands were in his pocket and he would start to whistle. Tai would stop and quickly grab something; turning to Daisuke he would be holding his hands out with five purple tinted tulips. A smile would come across his face as he grabbed the flowers and put them into the basket on his back. Tai would strike a posse thinking Daisuke was going to praise him for finding some of the flowers they needed. Daisuke would look at Tai with a confused look, and then slap him in the head."I hope you don't think I'm going to praise you for something you should have already done! We still aren't even half way done finding everything we need!"Daisuke says as he would begin walking into a random direction, resuming their search.

Tai would sigh as he followed his master, feeling that
Daisuke should of at least said good job or something. They walked for a few minutes before Daisuke would be knocked down, a wolf standing over him ready to strike. The wolf would howl, which gave Tai who was right next to Daisuke time to react. Leaping forward Tai would jump kick into the wolf's face, moving at 10m/s. Tai took advantage of the wolfs blind spot when it hollowed. Tai was able to knock the wolf back into a tree, and it would get to it's feet and run away.

Tai would hurry to it's master and help him up, looking to see if he was wounded. Daisuke had a smile on his face as blood trickled down his face. The wolf was able to slash Daisuke's face with it's claws when it knocked him down. Daisuke would pull out one of the bandages he had in his pocket and put it on his wound, whipping the blood with his hand. "Good job Tai. I could have been killed."Daisuke says as he licks the blood on his hand. Tai would jump in join after hearing his masters words. Daisuke didn't pay mind to what the bird did as he bent over and grabbed some flowers. He had grabbed a total of ten green flutes, putting them in the basket."Almost done..."Daisuke says as he begins to walk,Tai walking closely to his master not wanting a attack to happen again.

The both would stop and jump into a bush, seeing a bear fight two wolves. And behind them were the last flowers they needed. One of the wolfs was the one that had attacked Daisuke earlier. Daisuke and Tai watched as the bear would make the wolves have to retreat. Daisuke would notice the bear lay down, tired from the confrontation it had with the wolves. "Now Tai attack it." Daisuke would whisper to him. Tai would jump out of the bushes and take flight. Tai was going to attack the bear from the sky first. Tai would stop flying and fall on the bear, kneeing it in the head. But that didn't do much as the bear would seem to be unfazed as it stood up and slapped Tai away with it's paw. Tai would be knocked back a few feet. Luckily the bear didn't rush at the down Tai, being injured from the confrontation from the wolves. But it would stand it's ground as it waited for Tai to attack or retreat. Tai would stand to his feet and get into a fighting stance, and then rush at the bear at 10m/s. The bear would stand on it's two feet to attack better, but Tai would use that to his advantage. Using his talons Tai would hit the bear with six rotating barrage of kicks that moved at 15m/s. Tai targeted the bears neck area and it's  midsection. Only three to the midsection would land, but was enough to make the bear be stunned for a bit. The wounds of the bear was to much for it to continue fighting right away. Daisuke would rush out of the bushes and grabbed the remain flowers they needed,"Hurry Tai before it tries to attack back." Daisuke says as he runs in the direction of the monks temple, Tai following right behind him.

They made it back and gave the herbs to the monks, and retrieved treatment for their small wounds. But Daisuke would leave the place irritated, the monks wouldn't let him use the herb and go into a meditative state. " Sigh, Well will never help them monks again Tai..."Daisuke says as they make their way home.

Moves used to fight the Wolf and Bear:

Name:Big Kick
Tier: D-tier
Cost:10 stamina.
Beast Type: Brute
Duration: Instant
Cool-Down: 2 posts
Description: This is basically Tai performing a jump kick into the opponent's face, moving at 10m/s. Tai is known to throw something, mainly a small rock, at the enemy to distract them while he takes advantage of their blind spot in order to land the blow. The attack deals D-rank damage.

Name:Uzamawashi Zanrin Geri ( Decapitation Swirl Kick)
Tier: C-tier
Cost:20 stamina
Beast Type:Brute
Duration: Instant
Cool-Down: 3 posts
Description:Using his talons with a rotating barrage of kicks(six kicks in total that each deal D-tier damage)) ,that move at 15m/s, Tai targets the opponents neck area or their midsection. If the talons connect they  can pierce skin and cut about halfway through muscle.


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