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Rebuilding a Great Nation: The Golden Pyramid [Solo Job]

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It was hot and sunny today, as per usual here in Heliohapt. But nevertheless Ivris made her way towards the temple, having decided to give back to the community by doing what she could in order to help rebuild the once-great monument. As a mage, assisting in a building project probably wasn't probably what was expected of them, but Ivris had a plan. As she walked towards the structure, which was beginning to more and more finished every day, Ivris grabbed her wand and prepared her mind. Having meditated this morning, her mind was focused, but what she planned to do would be something that could prove to be a great help to the reconstruction of the temple. As she neared it, passing by slaves who were slowly and painfully working on the building, she saw what needed to be done. Heavy gold blocks, about 30 kg each, needed to be moved from where they were laying onto the structure itself. Once there, the slaves could easily finish off the process of making sure that the gold blocks stayed together, but the process of moving them over was lots of work; moving one gold block took about an hour, and it took five or more slaves to carry it over, which was very inefficient. What Ivris had in mind would speed up the construction an enormous amount, but only if she could pull it off. Her wand steady, she cast Water Arm, but she wasn't done yet. Water Arm was definitely a strong spell, but to balance the gold blocks that she would be transporting. She cast another Water Arm. Thankfully the gold blocks were only 10 meters away, otherwise this would've taken a lot more energy on her part, and she knew that this would almost completely exhaust her no doubt. She sent the two Water Arms to grab a block, the two abilities working in perfect unison to balance the gold block. They moved towards the construction and set the gold block into place, working effectively as the slaves stared in awe, stopped in their tracks. Ivris continued, moving gold blocks towards the pyramid, sustaining the magic with all her might. Gold block after gold block, her magic carried the huge chunks of metal over to where they were set into place before returning back to collect more as she sustained the spell. She could feel the effect of having sustained it for so long draining her magoi, and soon enough for was forced to sit down on the ground, but she would not give up. Not now, when Heliohapt needed her help to rebuild. She wouldn't let her people down, no matter what. She kept going, until at last she had nearly completely exhausted herself. Falling down onto her back, she stared up at the clear sky, panting hard. Even though she'd barely lifted a finger, she felt very drained, and would probably need a few minutes to recover before she could walk again. But at the very least she'd given it her all: at last, the palace would soon enough be rebuilt, and all the work, time, and energy everyone had put in would finally come to fruition.



Rebuilding a Great Nation: The Golden Pyramid [Solo Job] IsisWand
Name: Nephthys
Material: The wand itself is made of silver, and embedded into the top is a large white pearl.
Appearance: The wand is a silver rod with markings etched into it spiraling upwards around it, and a large pearl is set at the top, held in place by two curved extensions which reach above the pearl and outwards. The symbol of the goddess of magic, the Knot of Isis, otherwise known as the tyet, can be found inscribed on all four sides of the section of the wand just below the pearl. The pearl represents the beauty of the ocean, relating to the goddess Tefnut who rules over water. The pearl is also reminiscent of a full moon, which relates to the tides of the ocean. The wand is 45 centimeters long and 2.5 centimeters in diameter.

Social Abilities:
Name: Water Arm
Tier: D-Tier
Cost: N/A
Element: Water
Class: Social
Range: 10 meters
Duration: Varies
Cool-Down: 2 posts or sustained +1
Description: Caster is able to create a stream of water that has a length of 5 meters with a radius of .3 meters. The water is capable of grabbing things and moving them to wherever the caster desires in a 10 meter area at 10 m/s.


Rebuilding a Great Nation: The Golden Pyramid [Solo Job] 2014-09-06-korra

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