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Return of a man(Travel)

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Dante's breath was filled with heat as his movement through a freshly laid layer of snow crunched with every step "So...Winter has come..." Dante would say as his hair draped down as his movement grew ever so faster, now he was in a full sprint towards the dock 'How long has it been?' Dante thought his body forcing itself to move faster 'don't slow down' Dante thought as he came into the sight of a beautiful dock "HOW LONG HAS IT BEEN!" Dante would scream before slowly walking towards his traveling vehicle, the wood would then be pressed by Dante's fingertips, the boat moving with the waves as his body finally landed in front of the ramp to the ship.

A larger man would greet him "Welcome child come aboard" the man would say as Dante's movement would be quick 'No time to dwindle anywhere...I need to get home...' Dante would think as he would now be standing by the ships captain "Sir.....I need to get to Reim post haste please!" Dante would say now letting his crimson eyes look deep into the captains "That's where we are heading, we shall take the open seas...However there may be a problem...They have said that pirates inherit the open sea now a days" the man said to Dante causing Dante to smirk "You have my word on the safety of the crew" Dante would say finally fully moving onto the boat.

The boat's anchor began to raise and the waters began to take the boat to sea, it wasn't tragically moving like the last time Dante had entered a boat, it was more smooth, then again the last boat looked like it would have fallen apart with a single punch Dante didn't mind as the crew seemed irritated with Dante refusing to speak with him, the first night wasn't too bad except Dante wasn't able to eat due to the residue of spit in his food, must have been because of his choice in route.Dante would stand on the wobbling boat, he hadn't done much training as his body pushed him to the deck of the ship.

It was pitch black out, darkness seemed to eat everything in the background, it wasn't the worst thing to witness except one thing Dante heard, whispering from the sea as his eyes woulds zoom every which way in anticipation waiting for something to happen as he would see, a boat with a black flag, the ship was painted white "Odd look for pirates" Dante would say as the crew would begin to panic moving below deck for the cannons, Dante would sigh moving to the right hand side moving the cannon to the front of the ship.'Hmm the alignment seems just right...But what of the wind?" Dante would think to himself as a arrow would zoom past his face sticking into the deck behind him '...Air conditions are a go...' Dante would think nearly scared out of his wits as he would pull the cord sending a cannon ball at the opposite ship, the cannon ball would smash into the other ship's main sail, causing the sail to fall on the men and crew of the pirates, Dante would scream "GO AROUND NOW!" as the captain of his ship would move around the now disabled pirates with mostly peace, Dante couldn't help but feel bad for the shipwrecked pirates, and with a sigh he would slowly move down to the room he was given.This room had most of everything he had desired, a warm straw bed and a newly cook pot of soup, Requested by Dante as Soup when boiled kills all germs, making spit useless.

After a warm meal Dante's body would press against the straw bed he had been given "Reim...Have you been waiting for me?" Dante said clenching his fist in front of his face "I've missed the battles... But this was all worth it.... I feel empowered....I wont lose again, this time when I fight that she beast...I will win and murder her without any problem...Then I will pray for her soul to reach the afterlife" Dante would say as the boat would stop, Dante would dart to the deck to find in front of him, his beautiful home town of Reim in all of it's glory and gleam.

(WC:700 Traveling from Balbadd to Reim through open seas)


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