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Return to the Land of Magic [Travel | Reim-Magnostadt]

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Adrastos Thanatos

Adrastos Thanatos

Previously: Setting Sail

The ship landed at a port when Adrastos was sleeping soundly. Though the sun was just beginning to rise, painting the sky with a flamingo pink and light blue hues, only the hustle and bustle of the ship's crew unloading was enough to jostle the young mage from his slumber. He groaned, at first angry that he had been disturbed, but remembered that he was no longer in the comfy inn back in Reim. He let loose a sigh before standing. Magnostadt shouldn't be that far away now, he thought.

Adrastos walked off the ship, completely unnoticed by the crew of both the ship and the docks who were too busy with their chores. He only stopped to ask a worker where Magnostadt was located. He had to be sure the ship didn't land too far off course. The man looked him up and down for a bit before responding. "Magnostadt? It's northwest of here." Adrastos managed a smile, which looked almost like a vague, twisted  grin, and thanked the man before heading off to meet with his master.

Adrastos walked until his feet burned and bled from the rocks and twigs that continuously cut into his bare feet. He stopped to take a break and bandage his feet when a carriage slowed down to a halt beside him. An old couple, both hunched over and tiny with balding gray hair, looked down at him with wide eyes. "Dear boy, are you trying to walk all the way to Magnostadt on your bare feet?" Adrastos responded with a grunt as he finished tying a black piece of cloth around his right foot. "Yes, I am," he said, standing and leaning against his staff.

His silver eyes looked up at the elderly couple. He wanted to take a ride with them, but knew that if he had accepted help from a couple of ancients, he would despise himself for being so dependent on others. Adrastos wouldn't allow himself to be put through that. He turned and continued on his way until the old man called out to him from behind.

"Wait! We can take you to Magnostadt. We're currently on our way to see our daughter there. It wouldn't be any trouble to us." Adrastos looked back at them, half glaring and half thankful that they suggested the idea, and opened his mouth to respond. His words never made it past his lips when the woman stopped him in his tracks. "We won't take no for an answer, either."

The travel with the elderly couple was a nuisance. They prattled on about their daughter as if Adrastos was family friend who needed to be caught up in her affairs. All he wanted to do was silence them, but he continued his caring facade until they parted ways. The blue magician was glad to be rid of them, even more happy to gaze upon the only place that made his feel free and alive: Magnostadt.

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