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Magic Tool System

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Magic Tools

Magic Tools are powerful objects that can produce preset spells by applying your magoi. Anyone can use a magic tool and they generally allow you to do more for less magoi making them much more efficient than a magician's spell cast through a staff or a wand.

There are two types of Magic Tools. Magic Weapons and Magic Items:

Magic Weapons:
These are class specific weapons that have magic tools inscribed on them. This allows them to produce a preset magic spell known as its "Magic Function" for a very small amount of magoi. Through training, a character can create their own unique spells based off the magic function.

D-tier | May possess a minor magic function and can train 1 spell

C-tier | May possess a simple magic function and can train 2 spells

B-tier | May possess an average magic function and can train 3 spells

A-tier | May possess an advanced magic function and can train 4 spells

Ω-tier | May possess an overwhelming magic function and can train 5 spells

Magic Functions
These are very low cost magical spells that each magic weapon possesses. They are set by staff and are not player created. Examples of a low tier magic function could be producing a small stream of flames or creating a bubble of water around a target for transportation or trapping. A high tier magic function could be unleashing a miasma of acidic mist or causing a localized earthquake.

Training Spells
The requirements to train a spell are simple. These spells do not count against your total ability count as they are attached to the item. However, they must be based on the magic function of the tool. You must keep track of how many spells you've already learned for the magic tool as they will be what determines your training requirements.

First spell - 1000 words
Second spell - 2000 words
Third Spell - 3000 words
Fourth Spell - 4000 words
Fifth Spell - 5000 words

The tier of the spell is limited by the magic tool's tier. Even an A-tier magician is unable to coax an A-tier spell out of a D-tier magic weapon. However, you could make a B-tier tool produce a C-tier ability.

NOTE: Magic Tool ability tiers must not exceed your character tier. C-tier characters can only make C-tier abilities for magic tools regardless of how they can make B-tier abilities for their class. They would need to reach B-tier in order to train a B-tier magic tool ability.

Equipping Magic Weapons:

  • Magic weapons can be used by anyone regardless of their class. But if the user's class does not match the weapon, basic attacks with the weapon will be limited to dealing D-tier damage.
  • Bows and throwing daggers will not come with basic ammunition if the user is not a Ranger/Assassin OR if it is a gun-based weapon.
  • Weapons that don't match your class can't be used skillfully. You are limited to basic simple attacks and blocks. No skillful parrys or advanced techniques.
  • You may not register abilities to a magic weapon, aside from the magic spells you can train, if it does not match your class.

Magic Items:
These are utility items that possess preset spells capable of assisting the user in some way. These are rarely offensive spells and almost never deal direct damage to opponents. However, they can change the battlefield in your favor, heal wounds, or otherwise support your character. These do not gain spells over time and only possess magic functions. But they can sometimes possess multiple magic functions. If they possess multiple functions it splits across equaling the total of the item's tier. The Tier of a magic item only changes its durability which can be found in the Items Systems Page.

Magic Tool Costs:

  • Magic Tool Functions cost 10 magoi to cast and 5 to sustain.
  • Magic Weapon spells cost half the magoi of a normal spell of their tier. The cost does not get cut in half again when sustaining them.

Magic Artifacts: These are powerful, or more design specific magic tools. What separates these items is their more unique and powerful functions with these items which have a strong impact on combat or plot. These items can have two to three functions equal to their tier because of the higher costs and possible requirements.

  • Magic Artifacts cost 20 Magoi to Activate | 10 Magoi to sustain

  • If three functioned the design should generally cutback with a cooldown of 4 posts or potential player item damage.

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