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Item/Equipment Systems

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Weapons are tools used in combat and in most cases their primary function is to deal damage to the enemy. They can be created and purchased through Hakim's Smithy or The Old Wizards Arcane Shop for staffs/wands.

Class Weapon Limitations

Warriors - A warrior is limited to the use of melee weapons and equipment. Swords, knuckles, spears, and shields are common weapons seen in the hands of warriors.

Rangers - A ranger is limited to the use of long ranged weapons and equipment. Bows, slings, boomerangs, and even catapults fall into this category. A ranger may also possess a single combat knife for self defense.

Assassins - An assassin has access to a wide variety of weapons ranging from melee to mid range.This could include short swords, throwing knives, and wires. They are the only class allowed to possess gimmick weapons such as a hidden cane sword, a combat umbrella that can fire a projectile, or a flexible sword that can move like paper or cloth.

Beast Tamers - A tamer is limited to the use of beasts. Living creatures with natural traits making them deadly foes or helpful allies. A tamer may also possess a single combat knife for self defense.

Manipulators - A manipulator is unable to purchase and wield mundane weapons.

Magicians - A magician is limited to the use of staffs or wands. The material of the staff or wand could potentially be used as the basis for spells. However, without help from a spell or ability, a staff will always do D-tier damage. If a wand or staff is broken they may no longer cast spells. So using one as a weapon is a risky choice.

The price for purchasing any weapon, beast, or staff/wand:

D-Tier: 10,000 Huang
C-Tier: 20,000 Huang
B-Tier: 60,000 Huang
A-Tier: 120,000 Huang

The price for upgrading any item/weapon/beast is the difference between the price of its current tier and the next tier. You may only upgrade by one tier at a time. You are UNABLE to upgrade a magic tool.

Magic Tools

Magic tools are powerful objects that began to flow into the world from conquered dungeons. However, in recent times, magicians have begun to understand them and now create magic tools of their own. That being said, they are still a rare commodity in the world as only a handful of people seem to understand how to construct them. Sometimes they are sold through the forum shop. But you may also obtain them through events and plot threads.

Magic Weapons VS Magic Items

Magic Weapons: These are like normal weapons for each class, but they possess magic circles which grant them the ability to perform magic spells. With training, a user can learn and master new spells through each magic weapon.

Magic Items: These are like mundane items, but they possess magic circles which grant them the ability to perform magic spells. These items might possess more than one spell from the start, however they do not grant you more through training.

  • You may use up to 3 magic weapons and up to 5 magic items in a single thread.
  • You can possess an unlimited number of magic tools in your vault.
  • All classes have access to magic tools.

For more information about Magic Tools see the Systems Page


These may be purchased in the Resting Shop to increase the limit of mundane items, weapons, and magic tools able to be brought into a thread. However, you may only use these items if you swap the items you want to use out of the backpack with an equivalent number of items you have on hand.

For example, if you bring 3 magic weapons into a thread but have a D Tier backpack with 1 magic weapon stored in it, you must swap out 1 of the 3 magic weapons with the stored weapon during a resting period to be able to use it.


Only Beast Tamers may have actual combative beasts. Anyone may purchase and register a pet. Pets cannot deal damage, nor can they shield anyone from damage. They are simply for show and for communication.  All pets can be created and/or purchased in Ivan's Animal Emporium.

All custom pets cost 30,000 Huang.

Mundane Items

These are mundane items and equipment that are not magical in nature while also not being directly related to combat. These are things such as a gourd of wine, a cloth bandage, or a bag of seeds. While these items might be mundane, they can be useful in combat as well as social situations.

Mundane items are half the price of a mundane weapon:

D-Tier: 5,000 Huang
C-Tier: 10,000 Huang
B-Tier: 30,000 Huang
A-Tier: 60,000 Huang

Destruction and Repairing

All Weapons, Beasts, Staffs and Magic Tools can be destroyed. When two attacks of the same potency clash, no damage is dealt to the weapon. For example, two basic attacks from the same tier weapons or two abilities of the same tier clashing directly. However, when one weapon or item is weaker than the attack it has clashed with, the following chart is used:

*NOTE: Wands and Staffs have 0 offensive power, but otherwise follow the chart for weapons and items.*

*NOTE: If a player is using their physical strength to deal damage through a weapon and their strength is higher tier than the weapon, then the weapon will take additional damage based on the difference between its tier and the tier strength of the user.*

Weapon/Item Offensive Power || Defensive Power

10 || 50
C-Tier: 20 || 100
B-Tier: 40 || 200
A-Tier: 80 || 400
Omega-Tier: 100 || 800

Shield’s Offensive Power || Defensive Power

0 || 75
C-Tier: 0 || 150
B-Tier: 0 || 300
A-Tier: 0 || 600
Omega-Tier: 0 || 1000

Ability Offensive Power

D-Tier || 25
C-Tier || 50
B-Tier || 100
A-Tier || 200
Omega Tier || 400

When a weapon is destroyed it may be repaired by Hakim at his smithy. The Old Man at his shop can fix staffs using his magic, and Beasts can be revived thanks to Ivan at his Animal Emporium.

Repairing items is a lot like training and traveling. You write up a certain amount of words in order to repair a weapon to a certain tier:

D-Tier: 500 Words
C-Tier: 1,000 Words
B-Tier: 1,500 Words
A-Tier: 2,000 Words

The costs for repairing Magic Tools are as follows:

D-Tier: 1,000 Words
C-Tier: 1,500 Words
B-Tier: 2,000 Words
A-Tier: 2,500 Words

Instead of repairing an item to the tier it was at when it broke, you may choose to repair it up to a lower tier and then pay for it to be upgraded later. Ex.: If your C-Tier sword broke, but you choose to repair it to D-Tier, you may at a later point in time pay the Huang to upgrade it back to C tier.

Buying Dungeon Items

There are only a limited number of items that are released from the dungeon. With fairness in mind, each member of the forum is only able to purchase 1 of these items from each dungeon. This includes the mount.

Selling Items

All items, with the exception of Metal Vessels and Household Vessels, can be sold off to other players if you no longer want them. Items can be sold at any price, however while the item is being sold in the marketplace it cannot be used.

All you have to do is make a topic in The Marketplace, putting up your item for sale.

If no players are buying your item or you simply wish to get rid of it quickly, you may sell it directly to the marketplace. However, the market will only buy items for a fraction of their market worth.

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