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Kara And the Merchant [Solo/Misson/D]

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Kára Fox

Kára Fox
A Merchant in need is a Friend indeed

After Visiting the Colosseum on request and successfully training a few knew abilities which she learned and taught herself while fighting other fighters along with the odd beast in the process though their strength were either equal or lower than her own and was't really much of a test of skills just a learning exercise.

Once she had finish at the Colosseum she had decided to head home and her and Stephanie decided to sing a song as they walked in the attempt to create Kara a theme song as they walked. "Take a moment to Raid of Ice, so my intention are known, I have a story book of my own……I am the pride, Shepard of fire, I promise u paradise no need to be on your knees……won’t tell you who not to not to be….. through the ages of time, I been known as hate, bringer of simple choices aiding the weaking, I am your guilt , your law, your lust , and you know it’s right

after this they would be about to enter the tavern when a merchant would ask anyone in the area to help him which Kara would go to help though Stephanie would go inside due being tired and needing to get up early. Kara would be told by the merchant he just needs to be escorted to the border of Reim due to their is a group of bandits after him and due to it being late he figured they would make their move as soon as he left the city area.

After traveling for an hour and nearly reaching the border with no incidents the two of them would be surrounded by 5 bandits each holding a simple small dagger which simply made Kara laugh and feel insulted that they felt they could take her with such pathetic weapons. Kara would jump down from the kart giving them 1 warning to run away or die. The bandits would charge at Kara at which point she would use her Quick Draw ability killing the one in front of her followed by using her Back Dash Swing taking out 1 that was directly behind her and another behind him charging her 5m away. This caused the final 2 to get a bit scared as Kara turned to face them with a grin on her face making them think she was a monster though instead of killing them she used her adrenaline Rush to boost her sped and simply sucker punched them in the face knocking them out so the merchant could be on his way.
After escorting the merchant the completely way requested she would take her payment and rush back meanwhile the 2 bandits she knocked out were recovering she decided to closeline them both running between them on her way to where she was staying whispering in their ears as she made contact "get a new job".....She would then return to her room get ready for bed have dinner and get some sleep.

512/500 word count

Used : Adrrenaline Rush, Quick Draw and Back Dash Swing
Using a total of 40 stamina
60/100 stamina
Abilities :
Name: Back Dash Swing
Tier: D
Cost: 10 stamina
Weapon Type: Kata
Class: Offensive
Range: 10m Behind
Duration: instantly
Cool-Down: 2 posts
Description:This technique consists of two attacks total and the user moves 15m/s while performing it. The wielder first turns around while slashing and enters an iaido stance before rushing in a straight line towards a target within 10m. If the target is within range, the user will then perform a second slash. The two slashes cut a few inches into flesh

Name: Adrenaline Rush
Tier: D
Cost: 10 stamina [5 stamina sustain]
Weapon Type: n/a
Class: Speed Buffs
Range: n/a
Duration:Deactivated or can't be sustained
Cool-Down: 2
Description: Caster blood starts pumping faster , causing them to get a bit of a rush inside there body
Allows Caster to move at 15m/s

Name:Quick Draw
Tier: C
Cost: 20 Stamina
Weapon Type: Katana
Class: Offensive
Range: 20 Meters
Duration: Instant
Cool-Down: 3 Posts
Description: A sword-based technique, Quick is initiated with the user putting her hand on the hilt of the sheathed weapon. In one swift motions he unsheathes the blade, moving forward in a straight line at a speed of 20m/s.[race boost] The user appears as if she's a Red blur, leaving behind a streak of the same color behind her. Upon reaching a target the blade is fully unsheathed and attempts to strike any given part of the target, dealing C-Tier damage if contact is made. [cutting half way through muscle]

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