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Helping a Merchant[Solo Job]

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Job Name: A Merchant in Need is a Friend Indeed
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Any countries
Job Rewards: 50xp / 3,000 Huang
Job Overview:
A traveling merchant that is crossing your countries lands has asked for the assistance of some of the braver men and women of this land to help him out. It seems that there are several bandits that have been after his treasures. The man needs you to help him cross this countries lands safely and in return will give you a nice little reward. The bandits are a group of 5 men that are cladded in all black and white attire and wield short swords. You need to take them down while making sure that the merchant nor his goods are harmed or you will not gain any huang in the reward!
Enemies and abilities:

Enemy Name: Bandits x5
Rank: D
Needed damage to take down: D rank damage each
Abilities: Each own a small dagger that will deal D rank damage

Aulus had woken up, not at his home but in his favorite brothel. Any other person who fell asleep and hand to money left would probably be thrown out. But Aulus was different, maybe because he was Fanalis and they didn't want to risk being hurt. But the min reason is because of all the money Aulus spent there, he was a regular and always spent almost everything he had there. And it would be bad for business to kick out there most valuable customer. When he awoke he told the owner he would return with the money he owed, he first needed to find a job.

A merchant was asking around for protection while he went  to the docks, so he could go to Balbadd. His job seemed easy enough, Aulus could easy handle a few thugs. approaching the guy Aulus would begin to talk to him in a respectful and calm tone." I am Aulus, and I would be happy if you let me escort you to where every you want to go." A man watched the two as they talked and made his way to the docks, the guy was wearing a black and white attire.

The man happy with someone willing to escort him smiled and nod his head, and then the were of. The merchant wanted to hurry and get to the docks, being attacked a few times already in the city when heading to the docks. The man stood next to Aulus as the walked, he didn't want his treasures taken. He had a wagon with him as they walked, all his precious treasurers he had on it. For some reason the straight path to the docks, from the gate of the city was blocked. The two having to take a detour." This is strange." Aulus says as the two have to make through a alley, the perfect place for a ambush. The two finally can see the docks in the distance, it seemed they where almost there. But before they could get out of the alley three men, wearing a black and white outfit, stood there. And when Aulus looked back two guys, wearing the same outfit, stood behind them. The made Aulus and the merchant have to take the detour through the alley to they could take them out and get the merchant's goods. For bandits they seemed some what organized.

"If you don't want to get hurt. I advise you to them this guy alone and leave." Aulus spot in a calm and respectful tone to the bandits. He truthfully didn't want to hurt them, he wanted to get this merchant to the docks so he can leave to his next destination.

The guy who seemed to be the higher up out of the bandits signaled the two behind Aulus and the merchant to grab Aulus, but that would prove to be a bad idea. The made their way to Aulus and when the attempted to grab him, Aulus reached out and slammed their heads together. Aulus chose not to use enough force to kill them guys, but simply knock them out. "You bastard! Lets get him boys!" The guy in the middle of the three said as the rushed at Aulus, running at 5 m/s, swords drawn. With a sigh Aulus, the distance between them gave Aulus a larger amount of time to react.  He dodges the swings of the guys short swords and delivering a kick to each of them, breaking their arms that held the swords."Now this is your last chance!" Aulus looks at them as the three men hold their arms, they didn't have the will to fight anymore.Take your friends and leave! And when I mean leave! I mean leave Reim completely!"

When Aulus spoke those words the guys dragged their knocked out companions away from Aulus and the merchant. Hurrying to the docks themselves and getting on a boat that was heading out. Aulus then turned to the merchant,"Let get going."He says with a gentle smile. After about ten minutes Aulus was waving good bye to the merchant who had loaded his good onto a ship heading for Balbadd, gave Aulus his reward.

699/500 Job complete


Used to dodge the attacks
Name: Fanalis Perception
Tier: D
Cost: 10 Magoi
Class: Supplementary
Range: 10 M
Duration: Instant
Cool-Down: 2 Post
Description: The user faces the opponent and if an attack is coming of the rank of D or less, the User will move at 15 m/s quickly dodging the attack as long as they have a minimum of .175 seconds to react.


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