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Heading for Helio (Travel/Heliohapt)

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Endolf hated traveling by sea. The rocking motions of the boats always upset his stomach and made the railing his best friend when he did. He hated that this was supposed to be the faster way to get to his destination, but taking the long way and walking would have taken too long for him. And he was in a serious hurry. Word had begun to spread through Reim of how this giant glass structure had rose up in Heliohapt. That itself was something to want to see, but that wasn’t the reason he was in such a hurry to get there. No, from what it sounded like this glass tower was fitting in with the previous rumors of these things called “Dungeon”. According to people all around Reim a “Dungeon” was someplace full of danger, but if someone was able to make it through the dungeon they would be rich beyond their wildest dreams. Some rumors even claimed that a person that made their entire way through the dungeon and “captured” it would walk out with both riches and incredible powers.
THAT rumor sparked Endolf’s drive more than anything. Of course the money and adventure was seductive to him but the chance to become more powerful. THAT was what he wanted more than anything. It sparked a fire in his heart, fueling his drive for revenge that seemed all but lost. That drive to beat Merreze and make her regret having wronged him. If he could get the power from a dungeon there was a chance he’d be able to make that dream a reality. At least, that was what he thought. For a moment, that thought relaxed the Fanalis, calming him and helping him forget about his past four weeks on the boat and the waves rocking it the whole while.

It was short lived however as he soon found himself emptying his stomach over the side of the railing into those very waters that made him ill. He was more than overly thankful that they were supposed to be docking in Heliohapt within the hour. He was more than ready to get off and back onto solid ground. As if an answer to his prayers he bolted up right with the sight of the Heliohapt harbor coming into sight. All it took was about twenty minutes for the ship to dock and Endolf to go rushing off.

Travel WC: 400/400


Heading for Helio (Travel/Heliohapt) QtRTjIE

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