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The Movement(Travel to Helio)

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1The Movement(Travel to Helio) Empty The Movement(Travel to Helio) on 28/08/16, 11:22 pm


Dante let out a sigh as he arrived at Riems imperial port, it was a beautiful view, the ships docked perfectly as Dante slowly walked down the steps to the lower port.He slowly moved to the ship from Riem to Heliohapt as he runs his fingers across the wood he gulps.Thinking to himself slowly 'I...Need to become stronger, and the only way to do that is to adventure and fight stronger and stronger enemies...There is no option I need to leave Riem" Dante said coldly clenching his hands his metal gauntlet shining in the light as Dante steps onto the ship the man greets him with the utmost curtsy.Dante only boarded a small room for a small amount of Huang, the room located in the back of the ship with a hammach as the sleeping arangement never the less Dante was simply happy to see the boat.

Dante never before had seen a boat, this was his first time being on one as he lets his feet rest on the hard wood floor his shoes and socks off as he continues to tilt with the boat "[color=black]well this is irritatingte says as the ship continues its rocking.

one Month into it Dante began to lose his mind pacing around the small room so much he left feet print muttering unexplainable curses "[color=gold]HOW COULD THE EMPIRE LET ME GO ON THIS HELL HOLE OF A SHIP!
" Dante screams as he stands up moving to the deck on the ship he sees nothing but sea 'great now there is nowhere to get off at' Dante thought as he began to go back to his cabin tilting again with the ship no control over which way he would tilt cause Dante to move like he was drunk through the halls of the ship until getting to his room.

After a very very very long two months Dante hears the words "LAND HOOOOOO!" as he jumps up running to the top of the ship right onto the deck as he saw the sandy plains of Heliohapt "So this is the land of poison huh.....Good guess it's going to be fun playing here for a little bit" Dante says with a admiring grin at the plains knowing that the empire was roughly smaller than Riem, however Dante didn't care about the size, however he did know the country was however very strong.
400 wc Arrival at Riem)


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