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Welcome to a Foreign Land [Travel/Private]

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Previously: A New Adventure Led by Fate

Vavantine awoke to the sound of feet thundering outside her door. She rubbed her tired eyes. For three months she had been at sea, doing nothing but think about what her life would be now that she was no longer home. She had no money, no idea what the layout of the country of Reim was, and no idea what she’d do. Still, judging by the sound of rushing feet, Vavantine could deduce that they had arrived at their location. She stood and gathered her possessions then left the ship.

Reim was so much different that her frostbitten home. Here the sun shined brightly down from the sky, and Vavantine’s skin felt so warm. Buildings were everywhere, yet there didn’t seem to be enough to fit all the people that were bustling about. A sign told her she was in Portsmouth, wherever that was, but the worry of leaving home was washed away by the excitement and wonder that bubbled within her.

Her uncle had mentioned Reim so much in his letters. He wrote to her about the battle between Kou and Reim, about King Lagi in Remano, a young ruler who was placed on the throne, the Coliseum where warriors and fighters from all over the world came to show their skills, and how the climate was different as well. Where would she even begin? The Coliseum? Remano to see the king if she could? So many options were open to her; all she needed to do was take the first step forward.
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Welcome to a Foreign Land [Travel/Private] 0WmUfDe

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