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A New Adventure Led by Fate [Travel-Reim/Private/Plot]

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Vavantine, or rather Vantine if you asked her parents, stood at the docks looking at the ship that would take her to Reim. Her uncle was last in Reim according to his letters, but it was also the closest country to Imuchakk, excluding Magnostadt. This would be the first time she would be leaving home, and it wasn’t anything like she had expected. She had no family in Imuchakk anymore; her parents would spread the word of her betrayal, telling the entire Sapphire Templar. The departure was not one of relief but heavy foreboding. How would she be able to make it up to her parents?

The announcement that her ship would be departing shook Vavantine from the worrisome thought. Soon, she’d be sailing away from Imuchakk, her home. She would have no place where she would belong. Vavantine closed her eyes to calm herself and looked back one last time at her snow-covered country. Reim would be so different, so foreign. The Imuchakk girl stifled a sob a she placed her mask on her face and boarded the ship.

A new adventure awaited her as she was led by the guiding hand of fate. There was nowhere to look but forward.
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A New Adventure Led by Fate [Travel-Reim/Private/Plot] 0WmUfDe

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