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Leaving the scorching land for a while [Travel to Reim/Solo]

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Mikazuki Tenma

Mikazuki Tenma
After his searching in Heliohapt didn’t give him any kind of new lead about his sister, Tenma felt that he needed to go back to his hometown for a while. The swordsman might get some new information that would be useful for him and he could relax a little bit while enjoying the drink in his favorite tavern in Reim. The heat in Heliohapt could almost affect his insanity it seems, the weather was getting hotter and hotter every day and he didn’t really know if he could survive. Well, he did survive and actually he could survive, but he missed a cooler weather and felt the need to inhale fresh breeze somewhere. That being said, Reim was probably the best option. The swordsman didn’t plan to leave Heliohapt just like that, but he still needed a vacation to ease his mind for a while. He would still go back to the land of sand but it would be later on after he was satisfied with his self-cooling vacation in Reim.

He got two options for the travelling method, one was to use boat and crossed the sea; another one was to travel through the land. Tenma sighed, it was pretty obvious to what he would want to choose. Being in the land which never showed him the beautiful deep blue color of the ocean made him chose to travel with ship. It would be a one month journey where he could get a plenty blue scene being implanted in his mind to replace the sandy brown scene of Heliohapt that by just imagining it, the one eyed man could imagine how hot it was in the middle of the dessert. His body was almost burned by the scorching heat when he was training himself there, was it a foolish choice? No, he didn’t think so… but he knew for sure that it was an insane training method. He sighed and closed his eyed once he climbed on the ship, resting his chin on his palm while waiting for the ship to start sailing.

It must be the beauty of the nature for the swordsman, the kind fresh breeze caressed his face and it felt like the breeze was giving him a welcoming kiss. He smiled, pleased by the travel since it started so smoothly and hoped that the rest of one month on the ship would still as pleasant as well since things might not be fun in Reim… perhaps…

WC : 411/400


Leaving the scorching land for a while [Travel to Reim/Solo] XNsy1xt

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