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The Returned.

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Eve Will

Eve Will

Job Name: The Return part 1
Job Rank: B
Job Location: Imuchakk
Job Rewards: 200 XP 15,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: Someone you think you have lost has returned, but trouble arrives shortly afterwards.
Job Overview:
You lost someone or a group of people and they tell you about their story but, this is cut short when suddenly a group of bandits appear thinking you are a group of push overs. Defeat them: Feel free to recruit, kill, or anything.

Enemy Name: Strong Bandits x 4
Rank: B
Needed damage to take down: B
Description: Completely covered up in animal hides gear head to toe, can't tell if male or female. They can move at up to 9 m/s, and hold B-Tier weapons.
General basic sword skills, though these will count as abilities when clashing.
Copy Cat - Once an Ability has been introduced into the topic, a Bandit can use it freely.

The Returned.  36_oerba_dia_vanille_anime

A slightly less cold day, within the Imuchakk Vilalge and Eve is simply sitting alone outside the nearby tribe out of sight, out of smell and out of any other way the village could possibly notice her. Without a clue in what to do with herself, wearing her light military uniform like clothes, with blue leather or similar loose material for the most part, supported with Steel plates, grieves, boots, small shoulder pads, and steel golden belt. The Armour has been stained a cold blue from her battles with ice monsters in recent days, not to mention the general a warmth being applied by her steed giving it a nice glaze.  Though as each day passes and the void within her self of losing so many people close to herself grows her eyes grow ever so darker, with glimmers of red sneaking in.

Though today she would be Smacked right in the, stomach as a dear friend returns from the Dead. Rebecca the Young fanalis from the boat who was filled with life. Rebecca has changed drastically though since their last meeting. From a really lively girl to a Military traction going by the Name Rebecca Wilson.

The Returned.  1703559-bigthumbnail

She now wears, Reim like full Armour covering herself from neck to toe. The Armour is strong but allows her to still move at her full ability. Her hair has grown into a darker read, fitting to her new Dark Red Armour with golden tints. Her hair reaches her shoulders and is quite straight and flowing free. Her weaponry of choice is a perfectly round shield and Sharp steel longsword.

Rebecca would be jogging across the snowy strokes of Imuchakk her goal was to speak to an elder about Hunting Sea beasts for them. Since Rebecca believed Eve Will to be dead in the belly of a Sea monster and had her soul set on giving Eve a decent burial. When suddenly travelling on her odd path of travel in the corner of her eye a flame catches her eye, the flame from Eve steed, which would illuminate Eve sitting on her own clearly in a depressive state.

Rebeccas rapidly stops herself thrusting her feet into the ground as if applying a hand brake to her speed. Her eyes widening in surprise as far as they could go...leaning towards the direction of Eve ..."it ..ti cou coulldn\t be...oomng it is" *Rebecca rubs her eyes twice, pinches herself and punches her self, to make sure she isn't dreaming. Then suddenly dashes towards Eve with speed.
Eve hears the brushing of the snow, leaves shake as Rebecca charges towards her, she grabs her sword handle and goes on red alert though staying silent as she prepares to ambush her attacker. Though seconds before contact Rebecca loses all her seriousness of the last few months and shouts in a really lovey way "EEVEEE!!!!!!!!!! YOUR ALIVE".

All of Eves body lifts with positivist as she knows the voice instantly though before surprise could settle in, Rebecca dives towards taking her to the ground hugging her. "Your alive, hugs her tighter". Eve puts one hand on Rebecca's back and pats it " So are you...but but how".

Rebecca and Eve start having a really long chat with each other about how each other survived the fight with the deadlly sea beast all them drowning nights ago though a key detail being that their a strong chance if both of them survied more of the crew did as well, though their was no way of knowing one way or the other. Though before they could start just enjoying each others company from a nearby tree line sereval bandits come out “HOOOOOOOOOOOO well ait it Rebecca Wilson the Taction..Theirs a nice price on your head!”..”Friends of yours Becs?”..”Not really though we can take them”. Rebbeca and Eve go back to back as the 8 thugs start closing in on them Completely covered up in animal hides gear head to toe with basic swords. Within moments the group have surrounded Both Rebecca and Eve and a momment of silance would take place before the leading bandit would spaek “Surrender Rebbeca or die...your heads dead or alive.. and Miss in blue just get out of my face…” Before Rebbeca could reply, Eve spits in the leaders face. KILL THEM BOTH NOW CHARGE.

All 8 with move in on the two woman, who would draw their blades and move back to back preparing the fights. Rebecca would make the first effective strike, using her blade like a repearer rapidlly pokeing two bandits in the center of their skull, slightlly above the nose and eyes, dead center instantly causing them to faint to the ground, Rebecca would block the next incoming attack with her blade, and use pure strength to push two of her attacks back and engaged them both. This would leave Eve and four targets though she was not familar with this type of fighting style.
The first two badnits copy the actions of Rebecca and, go for rapid pokes for the peak of Eves Skull. [Rebecca] “DUCK”. Eve trusts Rebeccas words and Ducks, and moves between the two quickly and spins her blade horizantally 360 degress cutting everything in its parth in this case, the torsos of the two bandits. Taking them out of the fight. Queen.

The two remaining bandits copy eves attack and spining in closing her from both sides, leaving no where for eve to go, she tigheters her body position to minimise the damage , and simply gets cut from both sides, across the back and front of he stomach, which starts flowing out blood. This fight would need to end now or Eve would be done fore. One of the Bandits uses an simple sword strike to disarm Eve. Rebecca starts to charge for the same target, but is cut of as one bandits repeats Eve spinning move to keep Rebecca at bay, meanwhile Eve grabs the bandit closer to her and Hugs him exstremmly tight, immobilizing him and inflicting C teir damamge [Bear Hug]. The free bandit copies this bear hugging both Even and the first badit inflicting C teir damage to both Eve and The first badnit.

Both Eve and the bandit she was hugging fall to the ground, with the only difference being, Eve is still in the fight while the other bandit is out for the count. Eve is exhausted wouldn’t and pretty sure, one of her ribs has broken though as the Bandit once gain comes in for a spinning attack, Eve uses he rshield and clashes with it Queen vs King blocking the attack completely and at the same time, disarming the Bandit. Swords Eve is thrown into her hand by the smart Rebecca who had worked her to reach Eves sword.. Eve stairs at the Bandit with a engraged stair of pure anger and shouts. “Ravengeling Strike” Inflicting massive damage to everything it passes through, being the neck of the Bandit removing it clean off his shoulders killing him instantly.

After inflicting the final blow to the Bandit, killing him eve falls to the gorund and passes out from all the damamge she has caused. Though lucklly for Eve she had her trusted friend Rebecca to look after her, and a streed nearby to carry her. Rebecca would mount Eve up on her horse, and slap its butt causing it to start galloping towrads the nearby town; on arrival eve would get the medical help she would need, along with a reward in her pocket from Rebecca as she turns her attention to the surviving Bandits. She decideds to torture a few for infomation and is able ot recruit 2 of them under Eves name. as Rebecca had decided she would support eve in becoming someone great remembering what she told her on the boat about Big plans.

At which point Rebecca would make her way to the nearby town, to check on Eve and her condition which with the aid of a magicaian healer who just happened to be in town would be fine, within a few hours of his magic. Rebecca would feel a strong sense of releive and happyness as she had found her long lost friend after all this time, as if a ghost had sparked to life. Rebecca would touch Eves hand holding it to let her know she was their and whispers “ I thought happyness started with a H, but why does mine start with you.

Several house would pass before Eve would regain her strength, and just as suddonlly as she went down, she was up and on her feet, with doctors telling her she needed to stay in bed she just slaped them away “I slept long enough. Rebecca would smile as Eve exiting the tent she was currentlyl in. The two would hug each other as Rebecca would invite Eve to come with her to, her ship. Eve was suprised Rebecca was still sailing after the issue though Rebecca had told her everything apart from she spent a llot of time, hunting the beast she thought had ate Eve.

Rebecca has returned and even unknowingly has two followers within Imuackk, set to spread good tails of Eve.
Abbilties used:

Name: Queen
Tier: B
Cost: 30/15
Weapon Type: Sword
Class: Offensive
Range: Close
Cool-Down: 5 posts
Description:Eve spins 360 degrees at 20 m/s with her sword extended out horizontally, inflicting B tier Damage to everything in path.

Name: King
Tier: B
Cost: 30/15
Weapon Type: Shield
Class: Defensive/Supplementary
Range: Close
Cool-Down: 5 posts
Description: Eve thrusts her shield at 20 m/s into an attack, blocking up to B damage. If the attacked blocked is from a melee weapon attack [Sword, Shield, similar], the opponent is disarmed, the weapon flying at 20m/s 10 to 15 meters away.

Name: Bear Hug
Tier: B
Cost: 30/15
Weapon Type: Arms
Class: Offensive/supplementary
Range: Close
Cool-Down: 5 posts
Description: Grabs a target with both arms hugging them extremely tight at 20m/s and inflicts C rank damage while Immobilizing 2 limbs for 3 posts.

Name: Ravaging Strike
Tier: A
Weapon Type: Sword
Class: Offensive
Range: Close
Cool-Down: 7
Description: Swings blade once at 25m/s to [Ateir] inflict massive damage to anything it passes through. User will move with the sword at 25m/s towards target.

Magoi = 70/200


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