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C is for Chimera. [C Manipulation Training]

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Farid Issah

Farid Issah
The sky was practically indigo in hue, almost as if it were a painting and the last bits of orange began to fade away from the dusky scenery. It was a perfect night where it would be difficult for anyone to catch a glance at her in her monstrous form, something she was quite intent on keeping hidden for as long as possible or during training with her slaves. The moon was blending into the night sky, almost invisible to the human eye. Besides all of that, the night had a certain feel to it. The soon-to-arrive new moon meant she would have a few days to practice her body manipulation.

She spent the following morning meditating by her lonesome, clearing her pesky thoughts out of the way for the night to follow. It was a sort of preparation she managed to do through out the morning and the rest of the day. This sort of mental cleaning was important to help her on her path because in her case, mental stability was key in refining her technique, which was why she was still so weak.

Later that night, she had made her way back to the training ground she had decided upon the night before. Unlike most times where she had used her skills, she would deliberately take her time amidst her transformations, feeling every fiber of her being transform to focus and hone those methods down, it was almost meditative to her, as her arm slowly became detailed as if it were snake skin. She carefully memorized the subtleties of her muscles and other factors as she continued this process throughout the night, until she passed out.

She had awoken and continued on with her day, now training her physical body without the use of her manipulation abilities. Chimera went to observe a martial arts school for the day to give herself a creative headstart for her new styles of transformations, perhaps simply having animalistic transformations weren't enough. Her abilities needed more refinement, more efficiency, more focus. The raw power of her transformations were great, but if they could be channeled a bit better... the thoughts intrigued her as she continued to observe the class seeing the movements of the students and how their bodies worked to be efficient, and how they manipulated their enemies with locks and throws, and using their own joints in unison to create more power and speed.

Once again she had gone out under the new moon to do her training in the outskirts of Helio. The sky was essentially pitch black. No more mental exercises based on how she felt, now it was time to take her raw vigor and stamina and channel it into strength, condensing it into a truly devastating form. She now changed her arms form to that of a lions, as she struck through the air with all her might. Her ears picked up the sound of the vacuum following her arm-slashes. She kept up the pace in her training, combining more of her abilities into the mix, definitely feeling more comfortable with her strength, perhaps something she had always had within herself, finally unleashed.

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