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Specialization training D-c "Rashid- Body manipulation

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Concerning the fact that Rashid is continuing his training involving the fact that he wanted to increase his abilities in body manipulation, so Rashid ended up visiting the elder in order to find some things out concerning his skills as a body manipulator, so Rashid went off to visit the man who taught him how to use body manipulation in the first place, the wise elder. Going off to the hidden cave off the coast of balbad, the wise elder resided in the shore line that not many people stayed. He was a muscular old man who spent most of his time meditating an looking into he fire concerning the destines of others, and the way of rukh. Once Rashid arrived, the wise elder stroked his beard. “hmm, you have arrived young Tamir, is your heart still full of hate?” As a showing of respect to the man who saved his life, Rashid bowed. He was also Rashid;s master, and wwas desperately trying to appeal to the good in him. Rashir respected that, but felt it would led to no avail.
“I have retuned once more, master … for more of your teaching in the ways of body manipulation. “ The man sighed, he promised to teach Rashid, but he only hoped that the man would one day turn over a new leaf from the darkness in his heart. “Very well, it seems as if you war able to focus on one body part at a time, but how about two?”
Rashid knew of the act, the elder did it many times before. However, this was something that Rashid lacked the information or ability to do so. “ How do I go about it, wise elder?” Then began the training camp that involved Rashid being stretched from his body, basically pulled apart by the elder, the first thing that the elder did was start to move back while pulling on rashid’s wrist, “The only way to stop your wrist from being completely ripped off is to extend your arms with mine, we will extend up to both of them for 3 meters. “ Rashid had done so, the pain of the stretching of his arm was excruciating, but it was tolerable. It actually hurts less when you know of the basics of body manipulation. The next set of limbs that rashid had to work on was both of his legs. He had to do lunging squats, but he had to extend his legs up to 3 meters or more each time he done so.
It was the basics of natural exercises that Rashid had to master, but the good thing about the was the fact that natural exercises didn’t have to be adjusted too much in order to cater to the natural body manipulation aspect. After training at the cave for a week, eating the way that the elder did and providing good meditation, he was actually amongst the next step of body manipulation. “Very good, we now seem to be getting somewhere.


C rank body manipulation

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