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A will to be stronger [Body Manipulation Spec Training D -> C]

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Lilithia Galavant

Lilithia Galavant

Weak… She knew she was very weak. It disgusted her knowing that she was that weak to the point she wanted to break herself, how she hated being weak… Lilithia refused it and didn’t want to end up like her cursed father, she knew that it was because of his own weakness that he got trapped inside the ice at the Tundra. However, she knew what to do, she just needed to make herself to be stronger. But what could she do, she had no exact measurement of how strong she should be as someone that she used to look up as a very strong person whom she swore to beat was now looking weak and helpless. She closed her sapphire-colored eyes while making her beautiful face frowned and gritted her teeth. She was frustrated, her weakness had driven her crazy and she needed to do something. It was necessary to let it all out or she would try to break herself up.

A punch was delivered towards the iceberg where her father resided inside, she could see her father’s eyes which looked cold as if he was scoffing her. “Don’t!” She delivered another punch with her knuckle, “Don’t look at me with those… Disgusting! Eyes!” Every word was accompanied by the loud banging sound of her punches. A wicked smile decorated her face, knowing that hatred could make her stronger. That pure hatred could be turned into her own strength, where she could deliver it in her punch. The scent of steel could be smelled after a while and it came from the woman’s bleeding knuckles, but it didn’t matter at all for her. Pain was just a small thing and there was no gain without pain, besides she could harden her own knuckle with crystal to make her feel no pain.

Days would pass quickly and before she realized, 10 days had passed. She spent the whole day to punch the ice as her physical training, practicing some hair manipulation move and also some body manipulation moves such as hardening her arms or hardening her hair. However, she knew her mind was all messed up and wondered that maybe she needed to meditate. At least it would help her to be calmer, regained her composure and also increasing her focus. Yet, the day passed not without danger at all, there was some wild animal that would approach her and looking for a fight which she was grateful to do. She didn’t go as far as killing them, but only to make them unconscious. That would be enough to teach them some lesson and wouldn’t dare to go back and disturb her training time, although there were some tame animals that would made her became a little bit refreshed by its loving nature and cuteness.

At her last day at the Tundra, she would look for a large iceberg and grew her arms to pull the ice berg closer to her. It was not as large or as thick as what had entrapped her father, but at least it was worth to try to see if her strength’s level after spending some training. She would harden her entire right arm before pulling back her arm and engaging it to deliver a thrust towards the ice berg. A sigh escaped her rosy lips as she closed her eyes and stretched her body a little bit before turning her back, leaving the suddenly collapsed iceberg that had been destroyed into small pieces. “I still have long way to go…” The Imuchakk murmured to herself, knowing that her strength still not enough but this would do for a while for now…

WC : 608/500
Body Manipulation Spec Training D -> C


A will to be stronger [Body Manipulation Spec Training D -> C] MzH8gu

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