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Odd jobs part 3: Reliving Glory Days Cyrus Job/Solo

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Cyrus Argentum

Cyrus Argentum

Bored of waiting around the city Centre of Heliohapt, Cyrus decided to drop into one of the many taverns. Feeling antsy about going home in less than a weeks time he figured a drink or two would calm him down there.  We went to his favorite place the eye of Horus. Though he kept to himself, he knew the bartenders pretty well and had a good rapport with all of them. He sat down and had his usual jug of wine when he eyed an attractive lady sitting a few tables over from him. He was not prepared for this whatsoever. He stared at her for a few seconds before turning away looking at the table and downed his jug. He asked the bartender, Narmes, who she was “that’s Neferini one of the most beautiful girls in Helihapt” he whispered, “are you going to ask her out?” “I really shouldn’t I’m leaving back home the Reim in a few days its proably not worth it.”  He replied meekly. “If you’re not going to someone else will in a second, I guarantee it.“ “I guess you’re right, I should say something.” Even if it would only be for a few days, a beautiful girl like is something that He couldn’t pass up. He just lacked the fortitude. He ordered another jug of wine. As he was finishing up his second jug, in walked a man who, despite being past his prime was still quite muscular and in shape, he was clad in golden armour and was clearly already drunk as he stumbled in. he sat next to Nerferini and began talking to her in a very loud and frankly obnoxious manner.  

After a while many of the patrons, the ones who haven’t left yet, were getting viably annoyed with this apparent former solider even Neferini, who was polite with him seemed to become very agitated by him. Cyrus knew that this would be his chance to prove himself to her. He got up and moved slowly to him. The soldier was gabbing about how he was one of the best soldiers in his unit bragging about how he could take on the Fanlis cops when we was younger. Cyrus got up his courage and asked him “Hi, how are you? What interesting stories you have I would love to hear them.” He lied through gritted teeth. The man lit up with delight “That great” he said “would it be possible for us to go someplace quieter so that I can better hear you, its quite loud here” “Of course!”, he exclaimed. “I live not too far from here we can have tea and I can share my wisdom and experience with you!” “oh goodie” he whispered sarcastically. The left together Cyrus dragging his feet as they left.

After what felt like 5 thousand years (when in fact it had been about a half an hour), he left and hurried to The Eye of Horus to see if Neferini was still there, she was not. Narmes she left just after Cyrus did. Narmes did say that she was interested in that orange haired knight that saved me from that horrible man. “She hopes she’ll see you again” he reassured “well at least I did something good for you and for her I you don’t mind I’m going home” he said I’m going back to Riem soon and I want to get some more stuff done in the morning.” “Good luck in Riem,” Narmes said, “don’t forget about us when you’re back in that cold wasteland of yours” he joked “please,” Cyrus scoffed playfully his eyes fully open with delight, “compared to Heliohapt everything’s a frozen wasteland,” he walked out breathing the cool desert air as he made his way back home.


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