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Practice Between Breaks (Solo/Specialization training D --> C)

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It didn't take long for Lestacia to realize that she was out of shape. Yes her frequent jobs around the city of Heliohapt help keep her fit but once those ended, she had slacked off a bit and started to get lazy. The purple magician would be damned if she slacked on her magic so she decided it would be best for her to get straight to work. She sat in her room the first day and meditated. That was it, she just meditated. She burned a cinnamon smelling incense in the room. It grew smokey as the scent of cinnamon filled her stinging nostrils. Lestacia took in deep breaths from her nose and breathed out with her mouth. She was getting in touch with the Rukh, giving it minor orders, such as growing flowers where she sat, or to bring back life to the dead cactus that sat at her desk. She opened her eye's for the first time to find herself sitting upon a couple flowers. Their colors varied as the circle of flowers stayed around her. She left the flowers there as she got up but... they died. She looked over to the dead Cactus on her table. It looked worse than it originally did, and the purple magician didn't think that it was possible for something to get more dead, than it already was.  The magician sighed staring out into the night sky, looking to the stars for guidance. Sooner or later around that time Lestacia fell asleep.

She awoke with a start the next morning, with her staff in hand she awoke. The smell of Cinnamon had now faded away, and the sun had shone bright enough to temporarily blind her. It was already mid day. Had the girl really been up that late? Lestaci sighed and rubbed her eyes. She had a couple more days to spare until she was to work her next job in the city. Lestacia had worked hard for the past week casting spells and aiming them toward targets, trying to increase her accuracy. After days of trying she finally accomplished what she had been training for. She felt a bit stronger somehow, A bit more, mature if you will. Her spells themselves had the same effect but didn't seem to exhaust her as fast as they had once before, and she even learned new ones over the time she left. The necromancy from that old woman. Speaking of her, Lestacia needed to find her sister so she could continue her Necromancy training while she was down in Heliohapt for the time being. Lestacia decided to commemorate her sucessful training with a trip to the bar. There she spent money on food and drinks, she then slinked off home a bit tired from her own little celebration. Lestacia opened the door and crawled into her feathery bed and went to sleep. As she dreamt, she thought of places she has seen and places where she had heard of within the bar. They all sounded so fascinating.

WC: 506/500

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Practice Between Breaks (Solo/Specialization training D --> C) 6ouumjD

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