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Ivris's Primary Specialization Training [DOM/Solo]

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It'd been a long two days, but after dropping Tenma back at his residence, Ivris was finally back home. A lot had happened in these last two days; more than she'd like to admit, actually. For starters, she'd been poisoned, and all that had come with that. She'd died, and then later come back to life after an experience she'd never forget. But most important of all, she'd lost her magical ability. It was weird... all she wanted to do now, after dying, was get some sleep. So she walked to her room, but it was only once she arrived there that she realized that the snake was still there. She remembered something about how Osiris, the god of the underworld, a cultist god, had told her she'd be able to raise this serpent. So without any fear of her life, she checked the egg where the snake had hatched from. And there it was, the black cobra sleeping as though nothing had happened. Taking a deep breath, she lay her head down to sleep, and hoped for the best.

The next morning, Ivris woke up with a start, half-expecting for the horrible pain to be back with a vengeance, her arm turning purple once more. But instead, all she found was that the snake, still left unnamed, had curled up around her arm, probably looking for warmth.

"What am I going to do with you?" she said, smiling. The vibrations seemed to wake the serpent, who was readily alert. However, there were no signs of fear or attack; the beast was calm and quiet, its small eyes looking back into Ivris's own.

"Well then, I guess it's about time I named you little one, isn't it?" Ivris mumbled. "Hmm... Arbok? No, that won't do. Maybe... Onyx? Too plain. Well, why not something a little bit more Heliohaptan..."

The thought came to her in an instant, and stuck inside her brain, quickly becoming the only choice.

"Yes, that's it. The god of the underworld and of death, Osiris. Osiris shall be your name, my little serpent," Ivris said, looking at the snake. It simply looked back, not understanding anything, but the vibrations her voice made seemed to make it interested in her.

"Now then, you won't be poisoning me anymore. It's time to turn you into a suitable companion, don't you think? Now that my magic is gone, you will be my sword and my shield. I hope you're ready, for this won't be an easy process. But I know you have it in you; the serpent that gave birth to you was a fearsome creature indeed, and I intend to raise you to near that extent. It's going to take some doing, however."
Osiris simply fell back asleep, content to be warm.

The next day, Ivris taught Osiris how to cling around her neck and waist, and they began to form a real bond. There was still one thing missing, however; sooner or later, Ivris would have to know why he'd poisoned her.

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Ivris's Primary Specialization Training [DOM/Solo] 2014-09-06-korra

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