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Surveying the land (Job)

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Finally a job Lestacia knew from her heart. She was to find wild life and plants indeginous to the desert area. Obviously there were cacti, but she was looking for other different kinds of flowers. She was looking for flowers that had different properties to be more specific. There was a legend that dated back long ago, where a bountiful field of flowers was found hidden in the desert. She Picked up a couple Desert Poppies and Ghost Flowers as she looked through the shrubs of grass as she examined them closer Lest took out a ruler and began measuring each of the flowers. She recorded what she had learned into the book

"The Desert Poppies: Stem is greyish/ bluish color which is produced by the presence of a fine bloom or fine white powder of wax. Grows on High cliffs. Can grow up to 120 Cm.

Ghost Flowers:  Translucent, cream-colored to yellowish flowers, has pink-to-purple dots on the inside surface. Can grow up to 5-10 Cm"

Lestacia had been looking for another shrub when she spotted an abandoned town or a ghost time. Old wooden buildings became dilapidated over time as civilization evolved with it's people. Obviously she was quite curious about this place and went to go investigate. When she finally made it to the entrance, she stopped. A gust of wind suddently blew through the town pushin a tumbleweed from one side of the road to the other. Moss and other variations of foliage had covered the wooden buildings. She walked further into the town however to spot Datura. growing in the bar. It was an extremely poisonous plant that usually grew in higher elevations. 'How did it end up growing down here?' Lestacia wrote down the flowers name and a bit about it in the journal and moved on. Suddenly there were foot steps. She could hear two men talking to each other. Lestacia stopped in her tracks and ran into the bar or...was it a saloon. Regardless she ran up the stairs and hid in one of the rooms. She could hear the creaking of the swinging doors open furiously. Lestacia wanted to avoid a fight at all costs.

'Hey bro I think she went in here.'

'Well do you see her you dolt?'

'Well... uh... no.'

'Then she's not in here you idiot.' Lestacia heard one man smack the other against his head.

'Ow! That hurt.'

'It was supposed to hurt stupid. You got me looking for some imaginary girl who walked out in the middle of the desert alone.'

'But she looked like she had something valuable big bro. She was carrying a messanger bag.'

Lestacia looked down at her bag and into the room. She had been huddled by the door this entire time that she didn't notice an iguanna staring her down. Lestacia's eye's grew wide. It was so... adorable. She wrote down what the iguanna did as she hid out from the people who folowed her. As she fed it, it seemed to let her pet it. With increased trust the iguanna climbed up onto Lestacia's head and fell asleep there. Lestacia checked outside once again to find that the two bandits had left and in a rush she left the town to go back to Heliohapt and return her records of the wildlife and plantlife she had seen.

Words: 560


Surveying the land (Job) 6ouumjD

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