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Helping the Land [Job/Solo]

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Job Name: Environmental Studies
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Heliohapt
Job Rewards: 50 XP, 3,000 Huang
Job Overview: The local university is doing an environmental survey in the area and would like you to go out and gather notes on the wildlife and plant life. Take the provided journal and take notes for the university about what you find outside of the city. If you do a good job, you will be rewarded!

Ammon read his notes one more time. He wanted only quality work for the university. Anything less would be shameful to say the least. Enun sat as his heel as he leaned against the wall outside the university.

There was more plants and animals in the desert than one normally would think. With such a place being considered barren and mostly uninhabitable. Ammon had started close to the city and worked his way out noting the changes in the plants. As well as the animals that lived around them.

One of his most noted varieties was the tamarisk. They have long slender branches with small, gray-green, scalelike leaves. Clusters of small pink flowers give the plants a feathery appearance. Each flower has 4 or 5 petals, and from 4 to 10 stamens. He had stopped at every one just to make sure of his calculations. No doubt those with less petal had less due less water. As they were found farther out than the ones with five.

He had also noted a Sand Boa. It had taken up residence beneath one of the many plants he studied. He reached down feeling the satchel at his waist fingering it. The snake within moved making him smile. They were well noted for their rat hunting. He did not doubt the university would be glad to get one for study or use for ratting for free. Everything seemed to be in order.

Ammon headed inside staying to one side of the path. Enun walking in line behind him. His steps were sure as he headed for the environmental studies room. He had only been there once but he was sure in his memory. The walls were as clean as the floor. Only the best he supposed for the largest university. Which was why it was important that his notes be clean and precise. Suddenly he doubted himself again. He was no scholar. He was observant due to his nature of dealing with animals. However how could he put such things into words. What about the shape of the petals. Total length to each branch in general.

All in all though he was back from his trek and there was nothing he could do but present his findings and give him a snake. Hoping it would be more than enough to satisfy. Ammon rapped lightly on the door before heading in.

"Ahh, back with your notes are you. Should be. I was starting to think you were here just for a free journal," the Professor sneered.

"Yes sir, I kept it a day and a night. To record complete changes in plants and wildlife between the two," Ammon answered laying the journal on the table. He stepped away allowing the Professor to look at it silently. He stood there waiting for a reprimand or praise as he read.

"Well noted," the Professor said with a hum. He looked up at Ammon. Enun hidden from his sight as it sat behind him.

"It will do. Is there something else," the Professor said as he noted Ammon didn't leave.

"Uhh, yes sir," Ammon said unclasping the small bag. "I figured a live specimen or pet would go over well. It is a Sand Boa. They make excellent mousers and stay small," Ammon said laying it gently on the table. Watching the Professor raise an eyebrow.

"You'd do well in school. Licking boots as you do," the Professor scoffed. "No matter. You are dismissed. Someone shall drop off your reward once I have read this thoroughly." The Professor patted the book and waved him off.

Ammon nodded and left. He breathed a silent sigh of relief as he walked back down the halls for the gate. He had to say it had gone better than he had been hoping.



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Job Name: Lonely Orphans
Job Rank: D-Tier
Job Location: Heliohapt
Job Rewards: 50 XP, 3,000 Huang
Job Overview: Since the attack during the Festival of the Broken Sun, there has been an increase in the number of orphans. The children are sad and lonely. Visiting them and cheering them up by making them happy through laughter, singing and dancing, telling them stories, or other means, will be rewarded.

Ammon walked down the streets towards the orphanage. Enun at his heels. The sound of a faint laughter could be heard but most the children were quiet. Several avoided him for the tattoo on his arm. A sign of servitude to the temple of Anubis. The very place that buried all their parents.

He did not blame their wariness of him. Even those in good graces with the Temple of Anubis avoided him really. Than man who made a deal of life with a god. He hated the rumor. He had been sent here with the mundane task of assuring the Orphanage masters and the children that their parents were buried respectfully.

He stood in front of the cloth door and knocked on the frame. Hundreds of scrambling feet could be heard then silence as a woman peered out of the building. She was tall and white haired like many Heliohaptan. She gave her a small but polite bow which she returned with a larger one. Showing respect for the temple more than for him.

Enun sat outside as he walked into the medium sized building. The children lined the walls. Filthy for the most part and they looked at him with a faint fear in their eyes. He could only imagine their position. His father was a temple guard and was injured in the battle himself but was lucky not to have died.

"The burials are finished. I have come to assure you they were all buried with respect," Ammon said to the orphanage matron.

"Thank you," she said keeping her eyes avoided.

"Are the children well enough," Ammon said looking around.

"As well as orphans can be," she said sadly.

Ammon nodded and looked around at the children. He had a thought and motioned he was leaving. He came back out and motioned to Enun to follow. Which the dog did almost instinctively.

A few hours later Ammon returned. A small cart in tow. Yips and yaps came from it. The sounds of playfully happy pups ready to romp around. Something he didn't the children would be happy to help with. He found that pups listened more when they were tired and ready to eat. The promise of food making them obey.

Ammon sat the cart down smiling at the curious looks. The kids were more than a little interested in the noises coming from the cart. He pulled down the back hatch letting the puppies out. He could see the smiles on their faces as they ran out to meet the pups.

It did not take long for them all to crowd around playing and rolling with the pups. throwing sticks and being tackled and licked. The matron watching them all her gaze faintly curious as it drifted his way.

He simply nodded and watched them. The matron disappearing into the house to rest or prepare what food they had. Leaving him to watch over them all for the most part. The elder children had a faint sense of responsibility so he wasn't alone in keeping the children in line.

This continued for some time. The children growing a bit bolder around him. After all someone who brought pups to play couldn't be all bad. As the bell for dinner was rung he asked the children to help round up the pups. He shut the cart and counted making sure he had them all.

A hand tugged on his pant leg. He looked down at the child. She or he was rather small and dirty.

"Again," he child questioned.

"Of course. This helps me as well,"
Ammon said smiling slightly and watched the child flee for dinner.

He motioned to Enun and turned the cart around hauling the pups back home. The sounds of tired playing coming from the back and hungry yaps encouraging him to hurry.



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Job Name: Reliving Glory Days
Job Rank: D-Tier
Job Location: Heliohapt
Job Rewards: 50 XP, 3000 Huang
Chain Bonus: 50 XP, 3,000 Huang
Job Overview: An old soldier is drunk at the local tavern, telling bawdy stories of his better years. The customers are getting annoyed and the tavern keeper wants him out. Either escort the man home and listen to a story or put him out of his misery.

Ammon walked down the dust streets with a sigh. He had heard about a commotion in a local tavern. One that sounded very familiar. He hoped it wasn't who he thought it was but he knew better than that.

He approached the tavern earning a sneer from one of the drunk patrons outside. The guy didn't make a move to stand or block him however and he entered unhindered. He looked around at the boisterous crowd enjoying their drinks. Several glances shot his was but he paid them no mind.

He spotted the interruptive drunkard. The man refusing to move off the bar and holding onto it with an iron grip as two others tried prying him off. Laughter surrounded him.

Ammon approached with another sigh. He tapped the drunkards shoulder earning a cry of never letting go. This was just as embarrassing as it was annoying. His father needed to stop drinking on his days off.

Ammon Slammed his head into the table knocking him out cold. His grip released he was pulled to the floor. Ammon looked to the man that had been pulling him and he let go of his ankles.

Ammon picked the drunkard up swinging his lithe form over one shoulder and hooking his arms around him like he was hefting a large bag of dried meat for the dogs. He made his way out unhindered by anyone else. One even opening the door for him so long as he got the drunkard out of there.

Ammon made his way back down the streets to his parents home. His mother gave a polite but weary smile as he returned with his father in tow. She let him in and he sat his father on the bed.

"Drinking like a lark again I see," his mother chuckled.

"And clinging to the bar like a babe on a nipple," Ammon laughed as well.

"He is so troublesome sometimes," She said smiling.

"Well he should be out for a few hours at least," Ammon responded looking to his father.

"He was telling his old stories again i'm sure before they cut him off. He loved being a soldier before he got hurt and became a guard. Man would walk around proudly with other soldiers and race his head high before nobles only to laugh and joke out of sight," She sighed.

"Only to be injured by a thief. I was only what one at the time," Ammon said. He had heard the story hundreds of times. His mother always felt better after talking for a bit. So he encouraged her to say it again.

"Indeed, the thief nearly got away and he caught him. The child slit open the back of his leg but by then they were surrounded by others. The child was caught and his hand removed. Alas, your poor father couldn't walk right for a long time after that. Even now he limps slightly but refuses a cane. No he is much too prideful," she smiled and looked Ammon in the eyes with pride herself.

"He is strong and he knows it. I am just as strong....though in a different manner," Ammon responded smiling.

"Indeed, but I have kept you long enough. Thank you for bringing him home," Ammons mother smiled kissing his cheek and letting him leave. He took down the street once more for his own home.



Helping the Land [Job/Solo] 6yAJnMt

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