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The Lay of the Land [Lagi/Solo/ D-Rank Mission]

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Job Name: Finding private vava
Job Rank: D-Rank
Job Location: Heliophapt
Job Rewards:50xp/3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites:
Job Overview: Hearing from a few spies that's located in Heliohapt, Lagi has heard that one of his apprentices, Vavantine, has been seen as a slave of some kind. Lagi has gone off to do some investigation of his own in order to find her.

Well, here I am in this godforsaken cesspool you call Heliohapt….” Lagi would say as he spat on the floor  around the side of the sand. It was pretty much a long journey for Lagi, ending up in a place that he didn’t see himself going to under these particular circumstances. However, even though he was miserable beyond belief, even though he felt as if he dishonored himself to the point of no return, he still owed it to someone. There was still someone that he had to do right by, even under this new life, new guise, persona that he would soon be known for. “Lieutenant…..” Vavatine, she   was a bit awkward to say the least, but Lagi couldn’t have asked for a better helper. Sending her on that mission in order to investigate the inner workings of the dark hand  was something that he didn’t expect her to fail.  As a matter of fact, it was careless of Lagi to put her in such a mission hat he had no clue she wasn’t ready for. “It was my fault, i…. ruin everything I touch…..” However, even if this man somehow ruined her dignity, Lagi was sure to cut open that slave owners genitals and wrap it as a present to Vava in an act of revenge. Killing was always easy for anyone who made it far, but making things personal was a step above the mindless violence. This was much more than that, it was a calculated vengeance.
However, saving Vavantine was probably something that he needed to do. She would still be useful to him in one way or another, and he would have hoped that her skills didn’t dull too often.  “Always the silent protector, even in my own personal hell. “ With everything he had and achieved, he didn’t know what he wanted In his life, not entirely. But right now, he wanted Vavantine, even if it was a stretch that she would side with him or not.

As Lagi traversed the city of heliohapt in a very discreet manner, he noticed a young man flipping a coin on the side of a building. Besides that man was a cup. “….. ahh… gold standard… care for a wager?” The young lad ‘s eyes twinkled as he caught the coin in mid air after Lagi spoke to him. “What’s your call?”

“Tails…. On the cup…..” The young man was a bit shocked, but had a devious smile nevertheless as he removed his glove, showing a dark hand tattoo with scars on it. “One of us?”  Lagi crouched down and flipped the cup over, which also revealed a dark hand insignia. “Of course, a finger… you know what that means right?”  Lagi then stood up. “Vavantine… I’ve come for her…...youre the scout that discovered that information..right?”  The mysterious man nodded as he kicked the wall he was leaning on, revealing a secret passage. “I’ll debrief you in the room……..” Lagi followed the man downstairs into a room, the small table inside of the room revealed a map. “ So… I got plenty of beggars on the street…. Here’s what I know.


D Rank Mission complete


The Lay of the Land [Lagi/Solo/ D-Rank Mission] CrChE3t

The Lay of the Land [Lagi/Solo/ D-Rank Mission] LBbFjDO

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