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The Dual Circle [Job/Solo]

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Lance Knighthunter

Lance Knighthunter
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Reim
Job Rewards: 100 XP, 7,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: The Duel Ring, a bustling center for sparring and fighting in Reim, has put up an invitation for local fighters. They offer a fair reward for anyone that is able to defeat one of their duelers in a fair match within the allotted time given. Accept and clear this challenge to obtain your reward.

Enemy Name: Dueler
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: B
The dueler runs at a speed of 10 m/s
The dueler's sword deals C-Tier damage

Quick Jab: The dueler jabs their front fist forward dealing D-Tier damage.

Splitter: The dueler slices down vertically to deal C-Tier damage.

Lance awoke from his bed that was in the church that he had in Reim. The church was honestly just a big warehouse that he found abandoned in the middle of town. In this church there were kids running around all over the place either working, playing, fighting or doing something else. Lance had saved all these kids from living the lives of Orphans or a homeless child. He had converted them all to regret their past. He lied to them and made them think he was a god. They believed him as well and that was the way it should be. This church was their home.

Lance stretched and stood up with a yawn "Another day... I wonder what will happen." he said with a chuckle as he walked outside of his room to see the kids running all over the place. There were a few of them that ran up to him and hugged him, telling him "Good morning" and stuff like that. He pat them all on the head and smiled "Morning guys." he said with a smile as he walked up the stairs and sat in his throne that they had made him and Pestis laid at his feet.

Lance and Pestis overlooked the children who were all getting along quite nicely. It seemed it was just going to be another day of this until a red haired girl came running up the stairs. This girl was one of his disciples and was in charge of watching over the church when he was out doing business. This girl was Rose, a girl he saved from people beating her for being Fanalis. He smiled at her "Any news Rose?" he asked with a hint of darkness in his voice. Rose nodded and bowed "My lord, there is a place in Reim that thinks that they have a fighter stronger than anyone and is giving a reward out for whoever beats him. I saw this person myself and he looked pretty easy." she said as she stood up and nodded "May I recommended that you go fight him sir?" she turned and headed back down the stairs to go take care of the children.

The white haired boy stood up from his throne "You heard her Pestis it looks like we have someone to beat up." he laughed and proceeded down the stairs with a nod and walked out the door of the church, followed by Pestis. They walked down the street for a while before they were far from their church "OH crap... I didn't get directions from her..." he shrugged "I will find it with luck I guess..." he muttered before hopping on Pestis and traveled through town. He hoped they would find it soon as he was wishing for a fight to happen. He yearned to ruin someones day because the look on their face when they see defeat would be the greatest thing that he would see all day long. He laughed a bit to himself and blushed just thinking about it.

It took a while of walking but they finally walked passed a giant building. It looked worn down and old so they dismissed it until a boy came out "Would you like to challenge our champion?" the boy asked. Lance pet his giant foxes head and smirked evilly "Looks like we found it..." he whispered to it as he turned his head towards the boy and smiled politically "Yes I would." The boy looked up at him "Thats a big fox!" he said looking up at the five meter tall fox. Lance laughed and pet its head before climbing down off of its back and hitting the ground with his feet "His names Pestis." Pestis responded to his name by nudging Lance with its head. The boy opened the door for them and they were met with a big arena like room.

A blonde haired guy in golden like armor was standing in the arena with a grin that only a person who is too proud of themselves makes. He was staring at Lance like this "Is this my new challenger?" he said with a laugh as Lance stepped into the ring and nodded "Yeah. I am." he said as he grabbed his staff and got ready to attack. The blonde haired champion scoffed "You don't look that tough but I guess I will take you on. You in a hurry or something?" the man asked with a smirk. Lance nodded "Yeah I have better things to do than to fight people with fake gold armor." he said with a grimace and an evil glare in his eyes. Lance took this time to start charging a spell of his.

The dueler decided to take their hit first and drew his sword which also looked like it was made of fake gold. He aimed it at Lance before laughing "Start!" he said as he lunged forward and jumped up into the air, trying to slice down onto him and attempting a splitter. Lance simply stepped back but did not expect the man to punch him in the nose. The Quick jab of this person hurt a bit but he would not let that deter him from winning this. The champion would then make the biggest mistake of their life and take a few steps back from him when he saw the staff glowing red.

Lance had been gathering Magoi from the area around him into his staff so he could release a strike of flames. Lance then slammed the butt of his staff hard into the ground and "Flame strike." he calmly said as a crescent of flames that was 1.5 meters long came out of his staff and headed towards the guy at a speed of 15 m/s. The man was caught off guard by the magic and got hit straight on. The man took damage from the spell and had a second degree burn created on his cheek. He touched his cheek and freaked out "What?! You never said you had magic!" he said as Lance grinned evilly "I wasn't asked." he said as the man looked at the boy who invited him in "You never said magic was allowed in the rules!" the boy shrugged "Well no magic was not stated in the rules so it is fair." he grinned a bit in excitement as the man had a bit of fear in his eyes.

His eyes soon turned to anger however as he lunged forward and gave Lance a cut in his arm. Lance stared at the blood "This is annoying..." He muttered as he took his staff and started charging up his magic again. The champion took this time to quick jab him a few more times before he was done charging it.

Lance closed his eyes and charged his magic while the man was punching him. He felt his magic becoming stronger each second as he finally thought to himself "This man is annoying..." he muttered as his staff glowed red again "Sunny Day." Lance said as a ball of fire started to form from it. The man took a step back again in fer "What the hell?!" he said and the ball was shot at the man, burning his entire face up. The man face was blackened as he shakily stood up "Your a monster... I give up..." he said as he fell to the ground. Lance nodded towards the man and turned back towards the boy "Now time to face the champion?" he asked as the boy looked at him with weird eyes "T-That was the champion..." Lance looked back at the man and shook his head "So much for your Champion... he was weak..." he muttered as he hopped off the area and walked to the boy, collected the reward and walked out with Pestis.

On their way back to the church Lance was lying on Pestis's back "That was boring..." he muttered as they neared the church "There is always tomorrow..." he said as he hopped off Pestis's back and followed him into the church.

Word count [1382/1000]
Health: [85%]
Magoi: [140/180]

Spells used :

[b]Name:[/b] Flame Slice
[b]Tier:[/b] C
[b]Cost:[/b] 20 Magoi/ 10 Sustained
[b]Element:[/b] Heat
[b]Class:[/b] Offensive
[b]Range:[/b] 20 meters
[b]Duration:[/b] Sustained
[b]Cool-Down:[/b] 3 posts or sustain+1
[b]Description:[/b] By slamming his staff into the ground, Lance creates a crescent of flames 1.5 meters wide and 10 meters long and 1 meter tall that forms at 15 m/s in a direction of his choosing, capable of inflicting C-tier damage and second-degree burns to any opponent it touches.
[b]Name:[/b] Sunny Day
[b]Tier:[/b] C
[b]Cost:[/b] 20 Magoi
[b]Element:[/b] Heat
[b]Class:[/b] Offensive
[b]Range:[/b] 20 meters
[b]Duration:[/b] 1 post
[b]Cool-Down:[/b] 2 posts
[b]Description:[/b] A sphere, between 5 and 10 meters in diameter, absorbs all heat within it, dealing C-tier damage via dehydration. The sphere is formed and moves at 15 m/s and can be freely moved by the user within 20 meters of himself.


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