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Enter Asha, The Extremely Lucky Magician~ [Plot;Solo]

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"ALL APPLICANTS. PLEASE WAIT IN LINE AS WE DETERMINE YOUR ABILITY TO ENTER MAGNOSTADT. THERE ARE THREE LINES--MAKE YOUR WAY TO ONE OF THEM AND PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF THE RUKH STAY IN THEM" A voice boomed so loud that Asha, the back of a very long line of people, could hear it just as if the voice was shouting right into her earlobe. Admittedly, Asha was unaware it would be this much of a process, or happening place to be, when she managed to actually find her way here. The line seemed like it would take forever and Asha didn't quite have the guts to cheat her way to a better spot so she could get on with the training and the magic. While in line, she decided to think back on her life--she thought of Balbadd, she thought of her parents' bar, she thought of her father...the thoughts started to end there. She clutched the stolen staff in her hand and examined it, never really having looked at it or gave it much thought since she 'rescued' it from the Slumbering Sage.

"Hmm, it's so...firm?" She said to herself, unable to come up with any adjectives as to describe it besides ones that were blatantly obvious to any observer. Asha clutched the staff in her hand, and waved it up and down, testing the weight of the object. As she began to wave it more, the action degraded into her flailing the thing around, pretending she was raising structures or burning down the landscape with the flick of her wrists. The students around her all seemed to abandon where they were, so she was left alone, still at the end of the line, but at least it was much shorter now that she's scared a few people off.

"Geez is everyone such a scaredy-cat they can't take a little waving of the staffs? Pfft." She thought to herself, condescendingly referring to just about everyone else. When it finally came to her turn, the "application" to Magnostadt confused her just a tad. There was a very large man, a very short man with a mustache, and her in front of the gate.

"Borg." The large man said, pointing to Asha as if she understood what the heck language he was speaking.

"Borg? What the he--" Asha retorted before the large man swung his very large halberd down onto her body. Before Asha could cry and scream for her life and curse the very existence of this entire journey and the way the stupid, large man said one word and swung at her with an axe-thing, she was enveloped in some golden orb that blocked the axe from hitting her. Stunned, she stood there as the large man lifted his halberd off the glowing orb as the short, mustachioed man walked over to her.

"Excellent! You have passed. Please proceed to the sorting examination center where we will determine the accurate level of your abilities thus far as a magician. Welcome to Magnostadt!" He said as he handed her a scroll with his tiny little hands. She took the scroll and shrugged off her shock.

"Borg to you to, sir," She hissed at the large man, walking confidently by as if she had just defeated some mythical beast capable of laying waste to landscapes in the flick of a finger. As she walked through the gates into the academy proper, she found herself at the "sorting examination site" as the little gremlin man described it. There were hundreds of students there, all performing magic, as many more men who looked almost identical to the short, mustachioed man were telling students to go to different "hodors" as she heard it. So, she waited in line, again.


As the people were placed into their respective...whatever, Asha waited impatiently until it was finally her turn to be thrust into the magical world of Magnostadt! Stepping up to the podium, the mustachioed man glanced her up and down, and then proceeded along with the examination.

"You may begin," The man said, immediately looking down at his papers. Asha stood confused for a minute, and looked around. It seemed like everyone else was casting a magic spell, so with her trusty staff in hand, decided to try her best at concentrating a magic spell, despite having no knowledge of this at all. She clutched the staff in her hand and focused, she felt the wind around her oscillate between thinning out so much she could barely breathe, to it being so dense it was too thick to breathe, until finally the words came to her as if she had always known these spells before--

"Alsif Krmah!" She shouted, bringing her staff around her body in the motion of cracking a whip. There! She had done magic, and without any help from professors or fancy items. Asha was so proud, so valiant, so mighty that--

"3rd Kodor." The mustachioed man chimed. He scribbled some notes onto a piece of paper and handed it to Asha, as he shooed her away to her next destination, "Your room assignment and roommate will already be there. Remember to be nice, courteous, dutiful, and studious." The little man seemed especially curt to Asha. She was so confused as to why he was so rude, and dismissive until...

"WHAT. THAT'S WHAT I DID?" Asha said with disbelief. Although she had felt she put so much effort into her magic, all she managed to muster was a tiny little bit of grass to come out of the ground and wiggle around in the wind. She knelt down and hissed at the little piece of plant life. She stood up, hung her head down, and walked up to her room, following the instructions on her student handbook and moving on toward the rest of her day here. What a drag--Asha was so confident and so ready in her abilities that she forgot to realize she knew absolutely nothing about magic aside from what her mother told her, and even then, it was just frivolous stories of way more talented, way more successful people. As she came to her room, she plopped down on the bed and sighed--at least she's still going to learn magic, and who knows, maybe she'll make a friend!

The world was finally at her fingertips, albeit she didn't have such a great start as she wanted, but at least she's somewhere.

Failing the Test:
Name: Alsif Krmah
Tier: D
Cost: 10 | 5
Element: Life
Class: Offensive
Range: 5 meters
Cool-Down: 2 posts or sustain+1
A 10 cm vine, 5 meters in length, emerges from Asha's staff at 10 m/s to coil around or strike an opponent for D-Tier damage.

Magoi: 140/150

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