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Asha v Panty Raiders! [Job ; Solo]

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1Asha v Panty Raiders! [Job ; Solo] Empty Asha v Panty Raiders! [Job ; Solo] on 29/05/15, 04:43 pm


Job Details:

Job Name: Chasing the Maniacs
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Magnostadt
Job Rewards: 100 XP / 7,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: Female students of Magnostadt have lost their uniforms and underwear over the course of several days. Find the thief, or thieves, and teach them a lesson. The school will give you reward for catching the culprit(s).

Enemy Name: Thieves (x4)
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: C
Description: Thieves can sprint at 7m/s  and use dagger
Invisible hand – The thief will blow a quick punch at 10m/s to the target and will deal C-Tier damage
Slash – Thief will use his knife to deal a slash at 10m/s to the target and will deal C-Tier damage

Waking up from a very deep slumber, Asha rolled out of the bed, taking the covers with her as she dragged herself around her room to get changed. She left her comforter and sheets strewn about the room, and her pillows strangely located at the foot of the bed and on the floor, nowhere near the comforter and sheets. She was always a...different, to say the least, sleeper, and had odd sleeping habits that she never quite shook. She did what she usually did in the morning on the weekends, which was to check out the bulletin board outside her room for any information on jobs she could take up for the extra cash. There were the odd ones, like "dress up in a red wig and dance for me" or "hop like a rabbit for me and tell me I'm beautiful," that Asha usually ignored, but always glossed over them for a good chuckle. When it was clear that, apart from the really creepy ones, there was nothing there for her, she returned to her room, preparing the bath so that she can beautify herself instead of looking like the crazed, rabies-infested animal she usually did when she woke up. She drew her bath, waited until the water became hot enough, and dipped in, instantly relaxing as the hot water soothed her skin. The whole ordeal took about a half-hour to do, and after finding herself clean and refreshed, walked over to her drawer to put clothes on for the day. When she opened her top drawer, she noticed it was suspiciously light--her underwear was MISSING. She checked all the other drawers too, and found that one of her uniforms was taken, along with, and this shocked Asha, a pair of socks she usually wore with her boots? Either the thief whoever stole her clothes was really in need of some hosiery and outfits for class, or they had some sick fantasy they wanted to role-play out and was going to use her clothes for...unspeakable things. She managed to put together a full outfit, before walking outside the hall and to the professor's office to report this theft, when she noticed the slew of other girls in there for the same reason. The conversations between them all said the same things--"somebody stole my underwear" or "somebody stole my uniform!" Infuriated and inspired by these acts of injustice, Asha stood up on a table outside the professor's office on her floor, and got everyone's attention.

"FELLOW GIRLS OF MAGNOSTADT! ARE WE GOING TO SIT IDLY BY WHILE SOME DERANGED PERVERT RUMMAGES THROUGH OUR DRAWERS?" Asha yelled, stirring up a battle spirit in these girls. Whatever Asha said, they always answered her question--she felt powerful. "ARE WE GOING TO TAKE THIS INJUSTICE? ARE WE GOING TO LET DIRTY MEN STEAL OUR GARMENTS AND USE THEM FOR THEIR SICK FANTASIES? NO! WE WILL RISE UP! WE WILL MUTINY! WE WILL TAKE BACK OUR PANTIES!" The audience cheered and boomed with battle cries, thirsting for the blood of the criminals who invaded into their rooms and stole their precious clothing. The professors only walked outside of the room, shocked and fearful of the large mob, and decided it was best that the situation sort itself out. Asha organized large search parties to interrogate and spy on the men of Magnostadt, seeing if they were up to suspicious behavior. Asha took it upon herself to lead the search against maintenance staff, and she, and two other girls, went into their office to interrogate them and make them confess for being gross pervy men.

"ADMIT IT! YOU STOLE THE PANTIES!" She yelled, scaring the small, kind man at the front desk of the maintenance office.

"I-I-I-I-I d-d-d-d-din't steal anything! I'm just work at this desk! I don-I don't even th-th-think about that!" He mumbled out meekly. Asha was satisfied that he was not the culprit, so she let him go, rushing past him and barging into the main office of the maintenance center. When she walked in, she could smell the depravity on these people--their wild fantasies, their dirty minds...she knew their kind. After accusing just about everyone and realizing the maintenance staff was too busy to do these horrible deeds, she spotted a group of men avoiding contact with Asha and her group. Rushing into the fray, Asha chased after them, and chase them she did as she followed them right into the main courtyard where they stopped fleeing and instead turned around, pulling out their knives and unmasking their costume.

"Oy! Can you stop followin' us? We're gonna leave alright?" One of the men said, asserting his dominance in the situation. It didn't intimidate Asha one bit, and stopped too, puffed out her chest (much to the men's enjoyment) and huffed.

"I WILL NOT REST UNTIL YOU ARE SOUNDLY DEFEATED AND THROWN IN JAIL. REMEMBER MY FACE WELL, RUFFIANS--I AM ASHA SAMARA, DEFENDER OF PANTIES--I mean, no, that came out wrong, I mean I like defend women's underwear, like in a sense I don't want them stolen not like I guard a whole sta--WHY AM I EVEN EXPLAINING MYSELF TO YOU. GET READY, ...HOOLIGANS!" Asha mused, making one motion of her staff and observing the battleground. The thieves readied their knives, and all simultaneously charged Asha at once, getting ready to uniformly stab her and run away, just like the filthy men they were. Asha took one step backward, evading three of the knives, but being sliced by one on her right arm. Wincing in pain, she was still able to see one of the thieves recoil faster than she expected and bring his fist around, attempting to punch her in the ribs. She activated her Borg which shattered on the fist's impact, and in the confusion of the Borg being broken, decided it was the most opportune time to release a favorite spell of hers:

"Alright you confounded, filthy, filthy, IMPS--TAKE THIS! QUAH ALSIF KRMAH!" The attack was devastating as it whipped around and, with the full force of both vines, smacked a thief running toward her into the ground, leaving him unconscious and eating the earth. Stunned, the three thieves rushed her again. This time, Asha left no room to be injured, and decided to send one more spell down their way.

"Get away from me you PERVERTS! RKUD ALDM!" The spell released four vines from the ground: two of them grabbing one assailant by the legs and dropped him to the ground, keeping him immobile, and another pair of vines grabbing one assailant's arms, also dropping him to the ground and keeping him immobile. The last thief was rushing toward Asha still, and sliced down with his knife, but she managed to block it with her staff, but wasn't able to strafe away and block the thief's punch right to her chest. She felt the wind leave her body for a moment, and was knocked to the ground. The thief went to bring his knife down on her, but in an act of desperation, Asha summoned a life construct at point blank range, releasing Lamia onto the thief and coiling around him and until he passed out from being suffocated by her body.

With the remaining two assailants still immobile by the vines, she rushed over to one of them, hammering on his back until he passed out from the sheer blunt force of two swings of her staff before marinating her time with the last assailant.

"Not so fun, eh? That's what you get when you mess with ASHA SAMARA: QUEEN OF THE--you know what, forget it, I'm bored," She said, interrupting her own diatribe with Quah Alsif Zxrah, sending the thorny branches right into the man's legs, hurting him greatly. After having caught all of the bandits, and the professors seeing the carnage that ensued from Asha's crazed rampage, the culprits were brought into questioning by the judiciary organization here in Magnostadt, and served swift and righteous justice.

WC: 1339/1000
Magoi: 110/200

Abilities Used:

Name: Quah Alsif Krmah
Tier: C
Cost: 20 | 10
Element: Life
Class: Offensive
Range: 15 meters
Cool-Down: 3 posts or sustain+1
Two 30cm vines, 10 meters in length, emerges from Asha's staff at 15 m/s to coil around or strike an opponent for C-Tier damage. Each vine deals D-tier damage.

Name: Quah Alsif Zxrah
Tier: C
Cost: 20 | 10
Element: Life
Class: Offensive
Range: 20 meters
Cool-Down: 3 posts or sustain+1
Description: Two 3m long branches (they are 15cm thick) covered in small 3cm thorns shoots from the ground at 15 m/s to inflict C-tier damage to an opponent within 15 meters. Each branch does D-tier damage.

Name: Lamia
Tier: C
Cost: 20 | 10
Element: Life
Class: Offensive
Range: 15m
Cool-Down: 3 posts
Description: Asha creates a life construct in the shape of woman with large fangs with a snake body that is 7m large by combining the plant-life around her into one single entity. It travels at 15m/s in a straight path to coil around or bite the enemy for C-tier damage.

Name: Rkud Aldm
Tier: B
Cost: 30 | 15
Element: Supplementary
Class: Life
Range: 20m
Cool-Down: 5 posts
Description: Asha brings forth 4 vines to immobilize 4 limbs. The vines move at 15m/s and are approximately 10m in length and 60cm in thickness. Each vine does D-tier immobilization on one limb.


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