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Facing Demons, Pt I [Travel, Reim to Magnostadt]

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Ariella Negri

Ariella Negri
Ari stretched her legs as she heard the Captain shouting orders to the sailors as they approached the dock, gripping one of the wooden beams as the anchor was dropped and the boat jerked suddenly. The magicians had not done much to ease the motion of the boat, but she supposed they were worn out. They had spent much of their time manipulating the wind and waves, eager to arrive home as quickly as possible. Cassandra, a wind mage, stuck her head through the door with an excited smile, practically prancing as she confirmed the ship was docked and they could exit. Ari gave her a tired smile and nod, gathering her bag before leaving the hold of the ship.

Magicians milled around the docks, organizing who would be flying with who on the trip back, the magicians preferring to travel in groups. Ari’s head whipped around as she heard a familiar whistle from above her and she raised a hand to squint against the setting sun. On a large cloth, Adius looked over the edge at her with a grin and she laughed to see another head peek over, Vin gripping the carpet with a death grip. Ari moved away from the crowd so Adius could lower the carpet and land. She rushed over, her brother twirling her in a hug before Vin came to cling to her legs with a happy grin. She reached down to ruffle his hair, listening to the excited chatter from the half-Fanalis boy as she climbed onto the carpet with her bag, tugging the boy to sit on her lap before Adius lifted them back into the air, turning it immediately on a quick path for the Negri Estate.

Ari looked around in appreciation of her childhood home. It was always nice to see a touch of home once in a while. She shared stories with Vin and Adius on the flight before happily landing in front of the large manor, eager to see Nilexa.

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Facing Demons, Pt I [Travel, Reim to Magnostadt] Ari%20Sigs_zpsn7c2bhju

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