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Setting Sail [Travel | Reim - Magnostadt]

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Adrastos Thanatos

Adrastos Thanatos
The sun, casting its warm orange glow across the horizon as a final testament that it would never be smothered, was setting once more, signaling the end of yet another day in Reim with night fast approaching. The waves of ocean slapped against the hull of a ship and rocked it back and forth, like a mother would do to a small babe as she comforted it to sleep. The salty sea air was alcohol to one man who stood at the edge of the floating vessel, gazing out to sea with a set jaw and his eyes gleaming with determination. He wore all black, but this time in the fashion of Magnostadt. His long silver hair was whipped around by the coastal breeze. His name was Adrastos Thanatos, a blue magician, and he was going back to the land of magic.

Adrastos had done so much in Reim, more than he thought he would have done when he first arrived, but also, less than he had hoped. After all, he could not help Kou in the rebellion. The odds would be stacked against him and he would only get in the way of the Kou forces. So, he had decided to travel and meet his masters in order to get stronger, to be of some use to his country. The first master he would meet would be an old man in Magnostadt. Adrastos wondered if the old man would be alive. It's only been a few months, he thought. I doubt he's keeled over yet.

"Anchors away!" The anchor was hoisted, creaking and clanking all the while, and the ship shoved off gently from the port. The blue magician's eyes never left the sea. His training would be harsh, nothing like what he had been through when training with Azix, an orange magician who was apart of the rebellion forces. Adrastos nodded. He was mentally prepared and hopefully physically capable of handling his master's lessons. "Yes," he said to himself as the Reim inched farther and farther away. "I am ready."
[WC: 342/400]
[To be Continued: Return to the Land of Magic]


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