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Jobs tutorial

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

Job Tutorial

Jobs are the forum’s main source of earning experience and Huang. They are also a great way to meet other players, explore your character and develop your character’s plot! Jobs can be done alone or with other players. To learn about different job types and how to successfully complete a job thread, read this tutorial.

Job Ranks

Jobs are divided into 5 ranks according to their difficultly level. These ranks are listed below, along with the job rewards and required word counts:

Word Count Requirement
XP Reward
Huang Reward
500 words
50 XP
3,000 Huang
1,000 words
100 XP
7,000 Huang
1,500 words
200 XP
15,000 Huang
2,000 words
500 XP
30,000 Huang
2,500 words
1000 XP
70,000 Huang

Profession Ranks

Word Count Requirement
Huang Reward
500 words
7,000 Huang
1,000 words
14,000 Huang
1,500 words
30,000 Huang

A player can only take a job if their character rank is of the same tier or higher than the job rank. This means that D-Tier characters can only go on D-Tier jobs by themselves. However, it is encouraged for players to team up and take on jobs together. By combining their ranks, players can complete jobs higher than their character tier! For example, two D-Tier players can go on a C-Tier job together and both earn C-Tier rewards. In the same vein, two C-Tier players can go on a B-Tier job together and earn B-Tier rewards. The combined ranks of the players taking the job must meet or exceed that of the job tier.

* A-Tier and Ω-Tier jobs are typically only created under special circumstances. As they are handed out by a country’s high command, they can only be accepted by a player affiliated with that country. Non-country members may join as part of said member’s group. These jobs are extremely dangerous and usually require several people to complete successfully. Death is very common, and all of these jobs must be NPCed by a member of staff. This means that staff will be controlling the enemies during the job, not the players. Whenever you wish to take these jobs, you MUST post in the job overview topic beforehand and be approved to actually partake in it.

Choosing a Job

So now that you know a little bit more about jobs, it’s time to choose one! All available jobs can be found on the country’s job board:

Find the job board the country that you are currently in, and take a few moments to check out the jobs listed. You may notice three types of jobs listed—Repeatable, Reserved/Private and Chain.

  • Repeatable jobs are normal tasks that can be taken by multiple people. This means that any player/players can complete this job, provided that their character/characters are at the appropriate tier.

  • Reserved/Private jobs are custom made jobs by players. These jobs can only be taken by the players listed in the job description, or with permission of the job creator.

  • Chain jobs are a line of jobs that must be done in order, but at the end, a special prize or bonus will be made available, whether it be bonus Huang, bonus experience, or a special prize. The bonus will depend on the length and difficulty of the job chain. Some of these will be repeatable, while others may be offered on a "first come, first serve" basis.

If you do not find any jobs that appeal to you, you are welcome to create a custom job of your own. Visit the Job System page to learn more about how to create a custom job.

Starting the Job

Now that you’ve decided on a job, it’s time to start writing! Here are a few steps to help you:

  • Copy and paste the job description into a spoiler in your first post. This is so that players and staff grading the job can refer to the job description. In order to put the description into a spoiler, use the spoiler code:

    [spoiler]YOUR TEXT HERE[/spoiler]

    Alternatively, you can create spoilers by using the spoiler button Jobs tutorial Pp25siq in the post editor. Simply highlight the text you want to put into the spoiler, click the spoiler button, enter a title if you wish and then click “insert”.

  • You do not need to complete the job’s word count in a single post. All roleplaying posts must be 100 words minimum. If multiple players are going on a job, all players must meet the word count for that job separately.

  • You are welcome to train abilities during jobs. However, job word counts and ability word counts cannot be merged. If you plan to train a C-tier ability in a C-tier job, you must type the 1,000 word count minimum for the job and the 500 word count minimum for the ability training separately.

  • Any items taken into the job (such as magic tools or potions) need to be listed in the first post.

Beating the Baddies

  • When engaging enemies, it is recommended that you allow the enemy to use at least half of their abilities before defeating them. This does not always have to be the case, but it’s considered poor form to continually stomp through enemies of the same/higher rank without giving them a chance to attack.

  • All abilities used must be bolded! This includes both your abilities and enemy abilities. Bolding attacks help staff keep track of the damage dealt in posts. Basic attacks should be bolded as well, as they cause damage. Basic attacks are non-ability attacks, such as punching/kicking someone to cause damage or hitting someone with a weapon without using an ability.

    Here is an example:

    “X lunges forward with his Fanalis speed and aims a Bursting Strike at Y. The incoming attack pulls Y from her surprise and back into the battle, raising her arms in a Simple Block to defend herself. Exhaling sharply, the young woman raises her left leg just as she begins to lower her arms. Attempting to catch X off guard, Y delivers a sweeping kick to the man’s side in an effort to use her own Fanalis strength against him.”

    In the above sample three attacks were used, two ability attacks and one non-ability attack. Bursting Strike and Simple Block are both bolded as they are player abilities. However, the kick that Y uses is not an ability. Regardless, the action of the kick needs to bolded for it to be included in X’s damage count.

Ending the Job

At the end of each job post, three things need to be listed:

  • The total word count done so far listed out of the total word count requirement. (Example: 450/1500)

  • The player’s remaining stamina/magoi should be listed out of their total max stamina/magoi. (Example: Magoi 250/300)

  • All abilities used in that post should be listed in a spoiler at the very end of that post.

A typical job post should look similar to this:

Here is my job post, I did stuff and things. I used a basic attack and ability 12. Now my job is complete.

[Word Count: 25/25]
[Magoi 40/50]
abilities used:

Wrapping Up

Now that you’re done with the job, it’s time to post it up for approval. Post the link to your completed job thread into that specific job’s thread on the job board where you found it. A staff member should respond with a post either approving your job or notifying you who the job cannot be approved at this time.

Once your job has been approved, a staff member will automatically add the Huang reward to your account. In order to claim your XP reward, you must post a link to your job under your appropriate XP reward thread. A tutorial concerning XP reward threads can be found here.[/center]

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