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XP Reward Section Tutorial

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1XP Reward Section Tutorial Empty XP Reward Section Tutorial on 11/01/15, 02:51 am

Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy
The XP Reward Section is how you obtain your Experience Points for completing jobs or assignments. Once you have completed a job or assignment of any given tier for the first time, you will create a topic in the corresponding sub-forum (D, C, B, A and Ω).

Each post, including the beginning post made by starting a topic, will net you the appropriate tier of XP reward. The experience will then automatically be added to your account by the forum.

D: 50
C: 100
B: 200
A: 500
Ω: 1000

Every post in the topic, including the first post, must contain the link to the approval of your xp reward.

*Note: Don't know how to link to a specific post for the approval? Click here.

*Make sure you name all XP Reward Topics using this format: "[Character Name's] [_-Tier XP Rewards]". So if I was to make a topic in the D-Tier XP Reward section, it would be called "Solomon's Proxy's D-Tier XP Rewards".

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