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1Wall Of Omega Empty Wall Of Omega 06/02/15, 12:52 am

Azix Niraj

Azix Niraj

Play Video Before Reading

Here, inscribed in stone are those who have obtained the legendary Omega-Tier rank. These people have conquered challenges above and beyond that of normal man, Fanalis, Imuchakk.

1 ) Lagi El Nagi: Lagi Vs Decimus

2 ) Garret: "Crim" vs Decimus

3 ) Ayero: Ayero vs Decimus

4 ) Azix: Like Father, Like Son

5 ) Ariella: Proving Oneself: First Kodor Test

6 ) Tenma: Twilight of Magic: The Fourth Battle

7 ) Noir: A Master Made by Magic

8 ) Merrze: Two Sides of a Coin Clash

9 ) Hyperion: The Secret within these Four Walls

Congratulations on your victories and know that your name will go down in history.


2Wall Of Omega Empty Paths to Omega 30/03/21, 02:27 am

Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

Crime Lord- Another possible route to reach Omega in is through a life of crime. At A-tier a person must have a faction with at least 5 threads of activity and then an omega tier job to commit some form of a grand scheme (assassination, theft, undermining of an economy, etc) made with staff input.

Great Explorer- With the world having unexplored areas one of the ways to reach omega is to map a new location the map in a special Dm'd quest. You need a reasonable plot to start this, at least 5 threads.

Legendary Defender: With danger all around in the world, those who stand up against great injustice mark history. Once A-tier and at the proper xp a person may take on a special dm'd guest to defend themselves or a group of people from an Omega-Tier threat solo.

Master of Trade: While fighting may save the day, money makes the world go round, those who do it are well known. Whether it be through trade or some other profession the user must have at least 5 threads involving a profession or faction to the go a dm'd mission in order to spread their trade globally.

Magnificent Slayer:Dangerous killers often become such for fame. Those who reach Omega-Tier xp can become well known through killing an Omega Tier player or two A-tier players in combat.

Living Legend: A custom plot for omega, requested and determined if viable by staff, should revolve around your characters previous plot developments.

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