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Wall Of Omega

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1Wall Of Omega Empty Wall Of Omega on 06/02/15, 12:52 am

Azix Niraj

Azix Niraj
Play Video Before Reading

Here, inscribed in stone are those who have obtained the legendary Omega-Tier rank. These people have conquered challenges above and beyond that of normal man, Fanalis, Imuchakk.

1) Lagi El Nagi: Lagi Vs Decimus

2) Garret: "Crim" vs Decimus

3) Ayero: Ayero vs Decimus

4) Azix: Like Father, Like Son

5) Ariella: Proving Oneself: First Kodor Test

6) Tenma: Twilight of Magic: The Fourth Battle

7) Noir: A Master Made by Magic

Congratulations on your victories and know that your name will go down in history.


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