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Two Sides of a Coin Clash, in Origins & Trials [Plot/Merrze]

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy
Clops of hooves would sound through the air as the muscle bound marauders neared the peaceful village. A dark moon hung in the sky, with no light to illuminate the night that was to unfold. In the past months, rumors had begun spreading of two rising parties of people making settlements where plainsfolk resided and lived peaceful. One such party was by the name of Meridia, a fletchling country by some people not from the plains. It definitely caused some controversy among plainsfolk but being non hostile people, they would not take much offense to the people who now resided in the plains as well. Some could not help but feel their homelands were being tread upon by the very likes of people from Reim, outsiders who knew little of the way of the land. It was a great rising topic of interest for some plainsfolk who did not want to become like what occurred to the plainsfolk to the east of the Jade Dragon Mountains.

Crickets sounded through the night before the arrival of the sounds of horses stampeeding through the lush green plain hills. Trees dotted portions of the grassy rolling plains. Another party had begun laying claim to land of plainsfolk, with more ferocity but one with the weight of politics behind it. You see now, with the arrival of Meridia and a new presence in the plains, some feared they would be next similar to what occurred east of the Jade Dragon region. Kou had invaded, trekked upon lands already inhabited, laying claim to the land with force. People were driven out of their lands, forced to flee elsewhere. Tribes of Jade Dragon's mountains watched in fear, hoping Kou did not seize more. Their only hope was Kou's lack of desire of funding a campaign seizing Jade Dragon's mountains. It would surely be costly. However, such an invasion none the less was possible. Tribes of Jade Dragon mountains would begin uniting as Kou fought violently. Under a new kingdom but a fletchling nation, were people of the mountains all serving the Queen.

In the morning, a sun would meet the land to shine its light upon a burning and pillaged village. A clash of powers would occur a week from now. It was up  to the Queen of Meridia to decide how to react to this new threat, caused by her own desire to begin a nation in the plains. Dohna, a revered and cruel figure of the mountains who rose from a great sense of pride of her and her people's heritage, finding herself in command of an army of strong men within the past two years. She was a very new leader, but one who would devote her being to ensuring her homeland was not next. She would hear whispers of this other fletchling nation that was named Meridia, and her people would rile her ravenous spirit up to go confront this woman and her nation. If her people sought to survive, they would believe they had to subdue others around them, and grow for they were not the next victims of this expansion of foreign powers into the plains and mountains of the mythical Jade Dragon.

???: "Continue forth, Queen Dohna, for you must fulfill your great right of laying claim to these lands and ensure the survival of your people! Hmhmhm! Let your people rise, for you are Dohna, protector of the plains!"

Queen Dohna: "Daring to settle upon our lands.. Meridia!?"

Plains Tribe Chief: "Together, my Queen, they shall fall before our feet, and feel hell! For it is you who shall be the Queen of these lands! Now forth, for all who stand with Meridia and surrender my homeland of the plains shall die by my blade!"

Two Sides of a Coin Clash, in Origins & Trials [Plot/Merrze] Latest?cb=20140316151207

Vehemently roared the three horsemen of the apocalypse. Dohna gripped her blade tightly, staring with intense eyes into the shadowy abyss of the night as fire lit up the sky behind her and her armada. This spelled danger for Meridia, a nation who had dealt with little resistance on settling in inhabited lands up until now. However, real evil was about to fall upon lands of plainsfolk now. Meridia was but a candle to the violent fire that was Dohna's great fleet.

News were to reach the ears of Meridia one fateful sunrise as a panting villager of a plains village would arrive in the settlement of Meridia on a horse. His straight black silky hair wet as he would sweat and pant heavily, getting off his horse with a note from a large plains village somewhat far but not too far from Meridia. He would ask for Meridia's leader, giving the leader the note which was a desperate plea for help and assistance.

Upon reading the note, it would read as following: "Dear, Merrze, I, Pachifo, am deeply sorry to be the one to write you this horrid news. However, it is to my worst nightmare that a Plains' chief unrelated to my own tribe has begun a violent campaign trying to recruit other tribes by force in the name of driving you and your people out of these lands. They have already began burning and pillaging villages who do not join the coalition and I fear my great village may be next in the path of this madman's evil spree. I seek to only live in peace with you and other tribes, I beg you, Merrze of the Meridian people, protect my village for we do not have the warriors to protect ourselves from an invasion. I have already begun to receive reports from plain nomads that the are on the path to my people's village and will be here in two week's time from when you receive this request. I do not have much to offer but I will pledge my village's loyalty and fealty to the crown of Meridia. Other tribes I have talked to do not wish to join in this marauding campaign neither, so please and thank you, Pachiko." A mere plains tribe member with a horse, the messenger would tremble, having done what his chief asked him to do but nervous on if Meridia would come to the help of his tribe. He was a shy and nervous young man, but one who was urgent to respond to the chief's call for someone who can ride all night and day to the Meridia settlements, a very beginning of a nation. If Merrze so happened to ask for his name, he would respond "Hopeko" in a nervous tone, looking down at his feet while rubbing his hands.


Comotion was the first thing to rise in the morning. Before the sun had the chance to finish peaking over the horizon news raced towards the leader of Meridia. Merrze the leader of a nation in the making, without even a title for herself would be awoken in a flurry from the sound of distress. Her mane once again long, down past her shoulders and folly poofed out in a bedhead, would flutter as she rushed. Pitter-patter her feet would quickly rush out of the city center door where she lived. Only covered with cloth wrap and harem pants she would set out to meet the visitor of Meridia. She felt the heat of worry creep up as she tried to keep a stern, and asserted face upon reaching the guest.

Quickly her face would turn to worry, her harsh expression turning to one of a gentle mother. She could see the sweat and distress painting his face. She would rush over to the man, helping him off of his horse.

AWHOOOOOOOWHITTTTTTTTTTT cracked her whistled slicing through the air as she tried to garner a guards attention."Someone get this horse, and this man some water!"

Before she could ask anything of him or even try to calm him a paper would be thrust into her grasp. Quickly her hands would unfurl the parchment, the crackle of the paper revealing it secrets. Plenty of the guards watched, while a few took his horse and another handful fetching water. There weren't too many out on patrol right now, but the ones there watched with sharp intent as the Lioness' face change with the reading of the letter.

A mother would always have her fears, a leader would always have their woes and a fanalis would always have their anger. Within the short span of time, it took for the letter to be read all of this would lit aflame in the flame of Merrze's heart. The white that made up the tips of her mane was a reminder of what all those things brought. Now a threat, the likes of one she's never had to face on her own was rushing to destroy the peace she built here. A horde of conquered tribes, to a place where Merrze united not only tribes but slaves, liberated peoples. It was a burgeoning community of people trying to make a better land. She used her djinn to help make this land more sustainable, she employed her knowledge and military work to built organized streets and sections formed around a town hall in which all roads let too.

They had just set up the farms leading to the back distract and were working towards getting stone settlements put in place. This would mean nothing if they were wiped out. That wasn't a possibility for Merrze, her breath would be sacrificed to protect these people. They trusted her, a foreign woman who actually worked, fighting for their lands, their freedoms. Uniting under her strength, this was why people back her. She needed to become that figurehead she acted as, more than just that sword. She had a banner, she had a name, now it was time to become the Queen people were making her out to be.

"Thank you young man, rest you've done a great service bringing this to me. I will help your chief and your people, I appreciate the loyalty he offers but your peace and freedom is what I hope to offer back. Now what's your name, so I may properly thank you again? Her voice would flood out, warmth basking over the boy.

Hopeko.. he would whimper out softly. She would give him a gentle hug, hoping to bring him some peace. Young or old this was the image Merrze was working towards for herself. She was strong, she was ferocious but she was also loving.

After the moment had passed she would look towards her guards, they had to act quickly she had to mobilize with ferocity. Her face would once again steel up as her scarlet eyes would cut through towards the first people she could rally. The Meridian Guard would have to gather and mobilize. They'd have to be careful with mounts as Merrze's whale would bring a potential storm along with it.

"Move out, gather the tribe leaders and immigrant representatives, pass read them the contest of this letter and tell them rally and the mouth of the city, we'll mobilize in one hour we've no time to lose." The fire in her voice would spur forth the young guard that heard her words. AS he would race around the camp in early morning Meridia was preparing to do what it promised, what existed for.

Her feet would hurry, quickly towards the hall, where her whale rested behind, the slumbering beast would need to be awakened for a battle. The storm of warm was going to come with her might. Certainly, weapons would be needed but there was quite a bit up the Lioness' sleeve or rather lack thereof. Her bracelet glinted in the light, and her right hand gently graced the seal on her forehead, its gem-like a fake eye and now a great source of her power. The fanalis would know what to do, however it didn't matter, she would come prepared either way.

Items for the thread:

Two Sides of a Coin Clash, in Origins & Trials [Plot/Merrze] UIPK0w6
Name: Regia Fengir
Tier: A
Type: Sword
Magic Type: Life
Appearance:The hilt of the blade is 20cm long and 7cm in circumference. The blade is 91 centimeters long and is 7cm wide. The gemstone is placed on the guard which is 14cm wide. The overall length off the blade is 111 centimeters.

  • Vampric Thorn - Feeding magoi into this sword will cause a thorny vine to crawl down the sword and up the users forearm. This will cover the entire blade with very sharp thorns that will cause each succesful attack to do an additional C-TIer damage. The thorns that traveled up the user's forearm will dig into their skin slightly, dealing D-Tier damage to the user. However, the thorns are fueled by blood, and each successful cut they make on their enemy will heal them for C-Tier damage. This additional healing effect cannot surpass a total of 2 times healed in a post. 10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.

Two Sides of a Coin Clash, in Origins & Trials [Plot/Merrze] 94S3c3b
Name: Pride
Tier: A-Tier
Type: Magic Weapon - Caestus
Magic Type: Holy [ Light + Life ]
Appearance: A large caestus made from a lion-like beasts paw, it radiating sanctified energy as its fur makes one feel at peace before the might of the weapon puts them to peace. Heavy, it works great as a weapon and the inside fits perfectly to the users hand, it having an ornate brace to help keep it affixed.

  • Catalicious Armor - By feeding magoi into the caestus, the magic circle placed on-top will begin to shine with a bright golden light, imbuing the entire tool with holy magic. The user's body will then become entirely coated in a golden protective glow, sporting cat-like ears on top of their head. If the user takes any damage while in this state, a 1-meter holy cat paw will strike back at the enemy for B-Tier damage. 10 magoi to cast | 5 to sustain

  • Catastic Scratch - By feeding magoi into the caestus, the magic circle placed on-top will begin to shine with a bright golden light, imbuing the entire tool with holy magic. Two 1-meter holy cat paws will then manifest on-top of the user's hands, each one capable of mimicking their hand and arm movements perfectly up to 5-meters away. If a paw is used in an offensive manner and manages to strike an enemy directly, it will deal C-Tier damage. 10 magoi to cast | 5 to sustain

Two Sides of a Coin Clash, in Origins & Trials [Plot/Merrze] OInvyNa
Name: Fist of the Giant
Tier: A
Type: Glove
Magic Type: Strength
Appearance: A 75 cm long metallic arm with a 22 cm fist at one end. The fist can be controlled by the user sliding their arm up to their elbow, up the sleeve and using their fingers to pull a series of strings and pulleys.

  • Handy - This tool can be used to perform actions that an arm and fist normally could.

  • Suffocating Fear - Feeding magoi into this glove allows the user to create an 8m chain out of sand and various other particles, which the user is then able to use as a weapon that deals B-Tier damage and has C-Tier durability. Each lash of the chain that successfully strikes the enemy will place a mark of gravitation on them, causing their body to feel slightly heavier. This mark can stack up to 3 times, eventually causing the enemies body to feel considerably heavier. Gravitation marks caused by this will only last for 2 posts, and the moment one gravitation mark disappears, they all disappear. 10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.

Two Sides of a Coin Clash, in Origins & Trials [Plot/Merrze] Whale__large
Name: Erydyn
Tier: A-tier
Type: Legend Beast
Species: Skywhale
Appearance: It's a massive flying whale that measures 30m in length and a total of 5m wide. The massive flying beast has a large wing span and is capable of hovering high in the air.
Beast Traits:

Trait Name: Blessing of the Sky Deity
Trait Tier: Ω
Trait Requirement: Legend Beast | Sky Whale
Trait Description: Stories of gods and greater beings have been around since the dawn of man, some of these tales are even believed even to this date, while others faded away with history. One of these famous legends were of a winged goliath who lived in the sky, showering the dry lands below with it's generosity in the form of a great storm.
Trait Effect: With a simple bat of it's tail fin, it can create or disperse storms. The land of the surrounding 500m is effected with the skies turning dark as lightning rumbles across the sky endlessly. A deluge of rain falls sideways against gale force winds.

Trait Name: Massive Blubber Body
Trait Tier: A
Trait Requirement: Legend Beast | Sky Whale
Trait Description: This beast has a massive body, and lots of fat, muscle surrounding it allowing it to take more damage.
Trait Effect: Once per thread, this beast will be able to take a single instance of A-Tier damage before actually being wounded.

Trait Name: Exceptional Speed
Trait Tier: A
Trait Requirement: Legend Beast | Sky Whale
Trait Description: This massive flying beast has large wings
Trait Effect: This beast is able to fly at incredible speeds covering even great distances within a short amount of time. However, due to the beast's massive size, its turn radius is very bad and quite slow.

Trait Name: Temperature Water System
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: Legend Beast | Sky Whale
Trait Description: This beast has a gland capable of changing temperatures which holds water and water vapor.
Trait Effect: This beast is able to register water vapor based abilities.

Trait Name: Intense Lungs
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: Legend Beast | Sky Whale
Trait Description: With this beasts large size its organs like its lungs are also massive.
Trait Effect: This beast is able to register wind based abilities.

Trait Name: Static Skin
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: Legend Beast | Sky Whale
Trait Description: This beasts skin is able to release a powerful electric charge.
Trait Effect: This beast is able to register static based abilities.

Trait Name: Resting Mouth
Trait Tier: A
Trait Requirement: Legend Beast | Sky Whale
Trait Description: This beast has a large mouth with healing saliva in it.
Trait Effect: After being out of combat for one post, Merrze's Sky Whale will allow anyone near it to enter its mouth to enhance their resting capabilities, granting them additional healing per post rested.
Enhanced A-Tier Resting: 50 stamina recovered per post + A-Tier Healing.

Two Sides of a Coin Clash, in Origins & Trials [Plot/Merrze] 2015-hot-sale-new-bangle-middle-eastern-women
Djinn: Buer
Theme: Life
Type: Bracelet
Appearance: The bracelet is made out of silver with beautiful markings on them of Balbadd origin. The width of the bracket is 5 centimeters and the circumference of it is 17 centimeters.


Two Sides of a Coin Clash, in Origins & Trials [Plot/Merrze] BB2kzwq
Two Sides of a Coin Clash, in Origins & Trials [Plot/Merrze] TXTx1qB
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